Tory phone plan to build Labour support for air strikes was a dud

Reading between the lines, we can see that Tory attempts to get Labour MPs to back air strikes have failed miserably.

They only needed to win over a few right-wingers, but it seems clear that the vast majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party either hung up straight away or kept the Tories talking in the hope that they would run up a huge phone bill (this option supplied by our friends on the social networks).

In turn, this means that we can rule out any claims that a large number of the PLP are willing to rebel against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. They are waiting for a decision from the Party Leader and will abide by it, meaning the Tory media have blown up claims of a Blairite coup out of proportion and should be ignored.

So the way is clear for Mr Corbyn and the shadow cabinet to hammer out Labour’s response to the air strike proposal, free of any side-issues, helped by many thousands of comments from the Labour membership.

Vox Political is happy to have provided clarity amid all the propaganda.

The government does not yet have enough votes from MPs to back air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Syria, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said.

He told the BBC he had been in talks with Labour MPs but added: “We’ve got to keep building the case”.

He admitted it would be harder to get the support if Labour ordered its MPs to vote against air strikes in Syria.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who opposes air strikes, said he had not decided whether to offer them a free vote.

Source: Syria air strikes: Not enough votes yet, says Fallon – BBC News