Many people want the BBC to die – because they do not realise what will follow

Earlier today (Christmas Eve) This Writer posted the following short film by campaigners 38 Degrees on the Vox Political Facebook page:

To say it received a mixed reaction is probably a huge underestimation.

Here are some of the comments:

“You havin a laugh, the bbc is a biased thieving bullying nepotism riddled pea do protecting empire , f””” k off.”

“The BBC is now a totally corrupt government and corporate mouthpiece. It’s reputation in tatters. Let it die.”

“Who cares if the bbc fails? Let it happen.”

“The licence system is out of date, a compulsory tax to watch tv? the dinosaurs need to be killed off and compete on a level playing field with other stations/broadcasters.”

“ill protect it when it starts holding govenment to account rather than being its mouthpiece.”

It seems very clear that these are people who haven’t thought this through.

As a publicly-funded entity, it is possible to pull the BBC back from the right-wing viewpoint that it currently puts forward, most particularly in its news and current affairs output.

If you allow the Conservative Government to attack the BBC, with a view to its eventual death, perhaps you haven’t considered what will rush in to fill the gap:

You’ll get a lot of commercial channels – some funded by adverts, some fund by subscription, and some funded by both. All will be owned by private concerns and therefore all of them will be entirely devoted to the interests of those private concerns.

In other words, if you think BBC bias is bad, you’ll be facing a rude awakening when it is gone!

I don’t want TV (and/or radio) that caters for the extremely rich, promotes the interests and ideology of the extremely rich, and charges the poor huge amounts to receive it, but that is what will happen.

Those of you who have written against the BBC are actively campaigning for an utterly biased, right-wing media dictatorship.

I wonder why you want that.

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37 thoughts on “Many people want the BBC to die – because they do not realise what will follow

  1. Robert Hastie

    The BBC should be made to cover there costs as others do instead of everyone having to pay a compulsory licence fee for one company when we already have to pay for the likes of Sky tv and other channels,
    Why should we have to fund the BBC as well, when many don’t watch it in the first place

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Without the BBC, you would have to pay even more for your television entertainment. Haven’t you realised even that much yet?

      1. malcolm

        Yes but then it gives me the kick up the backside to turn it all off,and actually do something constructive with my life.If the bomb drops it will be just a momentarily “Oh F**k instead of a prolonged period of worry & confusion.Also there is very little input of new material these days as if its run its course,just like printed media.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        There is a huge amount of new material all the time. The BBC is incredible value for money.

  2. che

    The BBC also produces acclaimed cinema films and has a technical side too.
    I believe they developed nicam tv sound. Now all tvs have it.

    1. wildswimmerpete

      NICAM was a component of the PAL analogue TV system. The analogue system was switched off several years ago. If using an analogue TV with a freeview box the sound and video are furnished separately via the SCART socket.

      1. che

        Fair point, but what I was trying to put over was that the BBC dont just produce tv and radio but have a technical side, and all tvs carry a stereo signal now….. they didnt before nicam was introduced.

  3. creatorsnotconsumers

    Odd that people resent the BBC licence fee and yet willingly pay the corporate media to inundate them with advertising and the self serving interests of capitalism. Rupert Murdoch wants the BBC shut down, as does the government, no prizes for guessing why.

  4. Joyce Roll

    Well I for one want the BBC to remain more or less as it is .It has a long history of reporting fact accurately leaving you to form your own opinions .In addition , Radio 4 and other channels are the constant companion to many who live alone giving informative and enjoyable programmes .

  5. Martin Barratt

    If the BBC wants people to enter to save it, it has to show that it’s worth saving, in practice, not just in theory.

    I already can’t rely on them for my news, so I don’t. I get it from other sources.

    I don’t listen to the radio, if the BBC goes I won’t use the TV, I already get my news and content elsewhere because the BBC doesn’t do a good job.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      So you only use the BBC for TV news?
      Don’t watch or listen to any drama, documentaries, game shows, soaps, sit-coms or other comedy shows?
      How about in other formats? Are you seriously saying you don’t have any BBC output on DVD or CD, or downloaded onto your computer?
      I know it’s possible but I’m wondering if you’ve really considered the full magnitude of BBC output, or are determined to judge the BBC solely on its news content rather than its greater contribution to the culture of the UK.

      1. Thomas

        It may come as a surprise to you but millions of us do not need the BBC for anything. I would happily have their signal blocked today. Those who want the BBC should pay for the BBC.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        So you’re saying you have decided you don’t want BBC television. That’s fine.
        Why are you trying to force your choice on everybody else? Those who want the BBC do pay for it.
        Bear in mind that those who want subscription channels pay a lot more – and still get endless repeats.

      3. Martin Barratt

        I have the excellent Planet Earth series from a few years ago on dvd, and I believe that’s it.

        For me the “inform and entertain” purpose of the BBC starts with the inform, and their news no longer does that.
        In fact it does the opposite, it purposely misinforms on behalf of the govt.
        Putting the likes of Robinson and Neill in charge of flagship programs shows that they have no intention of playing straight.

        Their cultural documentaries are too often a vehicle for one of the same group of privileged bbc upper class insiders to get a nice trip somewhere rather than real content.

        Game shows aren’t my thing, that’s a matter of personal taste though.

        Dramas are often Co produced with companies like Netflix (Peaky Blinders etc.) And frankly Netflix’s own content is miles ahead of another period drama about our colour rent governments ancestors.
        (I realise Netflix’s tax affairs are problematic, and I believe they should be suitably punished for it).

        I’ve seen nothing that passes for comedy on the BBC in a few years that raises a smile, and it’s satire like HIGNFY is utterly toothless and often very pro establishment.

        I do start the day with the Today program on radio 4. (And a read through of non bbc news on my phone because I know they won’t cover many things )
        It would probably be better for my blood pressure if I didn’t though.

        In general I listen to podcasts rather than radio, and choose my own programming.

        I agree with the principle of the BBC, and its funding, even if I couldn’t care less about bake offs or pottery offs, or repeats of antiques roadshow.

        At this point, though, even ignoring the fact that the content isn’t for me, the bias, the misreporting, the failure to speak truth to power, and the acting as a governmental mouthpiece means it isn’t fit for purpose.

        I need to see some glimmers of hope from it before I’m willing to throw in with something that I believe has been actively damaging to the country in the last few years.

        If it goes, I’ll just disengage even more from broadcast TV.

        I’ve never had sky because it’s Murdoch, I won’t suddenly take out a subscription, I’ll just be done with broadcast TV, and radio.

        At school I had an art teacher who didn’t have a TV, we all thought this was strange.

        Now I find myself most of the way to his position without even realising it.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        So you disagree with its newsgathering (and broadcasting) policies, and have little interest in the rest, and that’s your reason for saying it isn’t fit for purpose.
        I agree that the news aspect isn’t fit for purpose – but you don’t repair a thing by destroying it, or handing it over to people who will worsen it.
        As for the rest – the cultural contribution of the BBC is enormous. While most of it might not be your cup of tea, can you guarantee that this would never be the case? Of course you can’t. Indeed, you have an example of its cultural contribution on your DVD shelf already.
        It seems to me that you would be much better off campaigning for reform of the BBC’s news department, and for a hugely diminished political involvement in the corporation.

      5. wildswimmerpete

        Mike, there are quite a few of us who don’t watch any TV at all – in my case I dont have any TV on which I can watch any TV programming. I put the the £145.50 I saved from having no TV Licence to much better purpose.

      6. Martin Oldridge

        if the BBC stopped cowering and started showing real news, and stopped showing repeated crap. If the BBC gave us what we want, you know because of the extortionate licence fee it takes from us whether we like it or not then maybe we would feel that it is worth saving. personally I don’t think it is worth my time, I see enough comedy and can read the sun if I want stupid fake news that is made up. It is give and take, remember this is England – we do nothing for nothing

      7. Mike Sivier Post author

        How many repeats do you have to suffer on the ITV channels? On Sky? Most of the other channels that are readily available offer nothing but repeats, yet you are arguing for their retention and the removal of the BBC, which provides many thousands of hours of new material every year at a stunningly low price. The licence fee isn’t extortionate – it offers the best value for money you can get.

  6. Jane Jacques

    BBC or more Murdoch and the like media. Know which I’d choose. The BBC produces great drama, news, Science, Arts, Radio and more. Does any other channel do all this at a cost of just over £12 per month. Great value, great output. Please leave it alone and don’t sell another asset off.

  7. roybeiley

    The anti BBC comments seem to reflect the situation that these people do not look at the consequences of what they are saying. This follows the recent episodes ie (1) Voting for a Tory Govt because the Tory right wing press aided and abetted by Farage ridiculed the idea of Milliband becoming PM (2) Wanting a Brexit egged on by the Tory right wing press again aided and abetted by Farage. Voting Tory is resulting in the dismantling of the Welfare State. Is that what those voters were expecting to happen? I think not. If Brexit happens then the UK is likely to break up with Scotland voting to be independent. Is this what the Eurosceptics were expecting to happen? If the BBC is destroyed what will take its place? BBC2 and BBC4 have some of the best factual programmes despite there being 100’s of commercial Channels to watch a lot if which are Amerucan CSI type cop series. Yawn! I agree that the BBC has toaded to the Tories since the Election in an attempt to save itself. But that is only on its News coverage. You risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you allow the BBC to be trashed. Be careful what you wish for.

  8. Thomas

    BBC Tv Licence revenue is nothing but legalised theft. Ok , have an independent news/ public information channel from public taxation, but as for the bloated BBC entertainment aspect, Then FOLK WHO WANT IT, SHOULD PAY IT!!! Leave people alone if they don’t wish to subsidise the BBC for the rubbish they air.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What a Conservative comment.
      So you would like a government-sponsored propaganda channel to remain, but would kill every contribution the BBC makes to British culture.
      The licence fee funds a service that offers the best value for money around.
      If you don’t want to pay it, there are now many ways of watching TV programmes that do not involve having a TV set or paying the fee, so your ‘theft’ statement falls.

  9. Thomas.

    Hey, thanks for removing my anti BBC comments. Very biased just like the BBC. You cant handle the truth and will remove and block anyone who shows the BBC and their supporters for what they are. Yep, typical fascists, pay your licence and don’t ask questions. Disgrace!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t know what you mean about removing previous comments, but I think your comment here makes a very clear case against you and anyone who holds a similar view. Do you honestly think your words appear reasonable?

  10. Nessie King

    Well said Mike. The thing that people rail about are a few select programmes – deliberately designed to promote the message that the Government wants us to receive. Yet they are ignoring the massively insightful and supportive programmes – both TV and Radio – and they need to wake up to the fact that they are falling for the Government propaganda. Oh, happy Christmas btw 🙂

  11. amnesiaclinic

    The problem is as you describe in that there has been no real debate on maintaining neutrality. There has been huge pressure as Mark Thompson reveals in your other post on secret deals and manipulation. Very, very worrying.
    The fact that Murdoch and this government want the BBC gone should be sending out red flags to everyone. I do not use or watch the BBC at all especially for news as the rot started in 2010.
    But exactly what would fill the gap as the pressure on the internet and independent reporting mounts relentlessly is most concerning.

  12. Martin Oldridge

    I don’t think anyone wants Cameron to succeed but the BBC haven’t informed us of any demonstration marches across London, the way Cameron has had arrests made on pensioners, even the church, and in general the BBC would have us believe Cameron is doing a great job, hey what a guy, but even when faced with the truth and proved to be talking utter rubbish he maintains his stance believing he is getting away with it. If the BBC want the people behind them they have to give some sort of incentive. treat us like we are children, we don’t understand and all we see is basically an extension of Cameron all supporting of the Tory slaughter mission and you are asking us to protect it? with Sky channels and free channels I think the people would survive and with the licence fee in there pocket they are better off for it, not to mention Cameron can once again I would support the BBC if what is being said was true but the BBC is no different to the comedy channels on Sky and I don’t want more comedy ty.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Despite your anti-Cameron rhetoric, you must be aware that you are supporting his, and the Conservative Party’s, attack on the UK’s second most-loved institution.
      Please provide evidence to support your claim that the BBC has been treating anybody like children over this issue.
      Sky channels are mostly repeats plus news that is more heavily right-wing than the BBC. The other free channels are almost entirely repeats of material made elsewhere.
      Why do you want to condemn the rest of us to that? How mean-spirited of you.

  13. Nikki Williams

    Well said, Mike. I fear the government IS leaning heavily on the BBC to get its own way and its own slant on politics at the expense of politics and democracy itself but the alternatives are even worse.

    I never cease to be amazed that people will pay Sky £30 a month for its piss-poor offerings whilst the Beeb offers very much more for a fraction of that amount.

    I cannot help but see the same thing this govt is doing to the NHS is identical to the BBC with the aim of destroying both to return us to the 1800s where everything has a price and if you cannot afford it, you can simply, forgive the bluntness – f*** off and die.

  14. Daniel Margrain

    I’m the first person to criticise the BBC News for it’s lack of impartiality, but all things considered I don’t want to go down the road of American broadcasting. I look to the BBC as a sanctuary against the onslaught of the commercial world.

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