New angle on an old lie: The return of ‘Jeremy the Jew-hater’

Michael Foster Is angry that his accusation of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn - and claim that the Labour leader's supporters are like Nazi stormtroopers - are evidence that he has not conducted himself in a calm, polite and respectful manner towards other members. He seems to think he should be above the rules that have been used to deny thousands of other party members their vote in the Labour leadership election. They say they have been treated falsely, too [Image: Reuters].

Michael Foster is angry that his accusation of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn – and claim that the Labour leader’s supporters are like Nazi stormtroopers – are evidence that he has not conducted himself in a calm, polite and respectful manner towards other members. He seems to think he should be above the rules that have been used to deny thousands of other party members their vote in the Labour leadership election (they say they have been treated falsely, too) [Image: Reuters].

Did any of you notice an opinion article on The Guardian‘s website, entitled Why Jews in Labour place little trust in Jeremy Corbyn?

I was mystified by its appearance as the author – a former Corbyn policy advisor named Joshua Simons – seemed to be simply regurgitating old claims about the Labour leader that have long-since been laid to rest.

The article deliberately confuses Judaism with Zionism with the political organisation that is the Israeli state, in order to create a false effect of anti-Semitism by Mr Corbyn: “In the eyes of the leaders of the British far left, Israel’s occupation – for some, even Israel’s existence – offers a firm moral basis for antipathy towards Jews in Israel or, more ambitiously, towards Jews everywhere.”

What a good thing Mr Corbyn isn’t a member of the British far left, then! (He’s centre-left.) People who are of that political persuasion may wish to take issue with Mr Simons.

The author resurrects the old story about Jews being bankers, financiers, money-lenders and usurers – apparently for no reason because it hasn’t been an issue in recent dialogues. It seems to me that the reason may soon become clear.

The article contradicts itself: “Antisemitism is not rife in the British Labour party, quite the opposite in fact,” it states – then continues: “We are left cold by a Labour leader who, some believe, seemed willing to trade a peerage for a favourable report into anti-Semitism.” Why would he have to do that? Mr Simons has admitted there isn’t rampant anti-Semitism in the Labour Party so there’s no reason to suggest Mr Corbyn paid off Shami Chakrabarti for a cover-up.

“It is only thought to be [anti-Semitic] because Labour is currently led by a team whose political identity is driven first and foremost by a visceral contempt for America and for Israel,” Mr Simons continues. But ill-feeling about Israel’s political decisions is not anti-Semitic, no matter how often or how loudly the more strident Zionists claim it is. Again he contradicts himself by adding: “It is not at all true that antisemitism exists because of the Jewish state” and “Young Jewish people in Britain should not give up their criticisms of Israel’s policies.”

More interesting, to me, was the fact that he is a former policy advisor. Why did he quit? Does he have an ulterior motive in resurrecting these claims?

Now look at this: Jeremy Corbyn reignites race row engulfing Labour as he launches vicious act of revenge and purges top Jewish donor who criticised his regime.

Yes, it’s in the Heil on Sunday, and even the headline is inaccurate. Jeremy Corbyn cannot purge anybody from the Labour Party. As still-sitting NEC member Johanna Baxter has told us, the NEC purges are carried out by three-member panels – and Mr Corbyn isn’t on any of them. I’m aware her reputation for truthfulness is in question after her behaviour in the run-up to the NEC meeting at which Mr Corbyn was allowed to defend his leadership without having to seek nominations from Labour MPs, but I believe she was telling the truth about this because it is verifiable.

Of course, the Heil won’t let facts like that get in the way of a good story, and this one is an old chestnut: Corbyn the anti-Semite. Jeremy the Jew-hater.

Mr Foster, although not in the financial sector (he’s a former showbusiness agent), has donated more than £400,000 to the Labour Party. Is that enough to justify a link with Mr Simons’s comments about Jews being financiers and money-lenders? If so, then the reason for the Guardian article may have become clearer.

The Heil article is full of anti-Semitism accusations against Mr Corbyn and, following Mr Simons’s piece, it seems possible that some kind of co-ordinated attack is going on.


Well, it seems a large number of left-wing Labour members are being purged from the party at the same time. These include Broxtowe CLP chairman Pete Radcliff among many others.

Is the removal of this high-profile right-winger being highlighted in order to hide the many low-profile left-wing purges?

If so, it has failed.

The left-wing purges were announced first – by the victims, on the social media. This Blog’s article was one mention among many. Sure, the Heil article is more high-profile but its thunder has been taken by the left-wing purges.

Note also the discrepancy of a Jewish man falsely accusing the Labour leader in the pages of a right-wing newspaper whose owner supported the Nazis in the run-up to World War II. That’s why we call it the Heil.

In any case, why would right-wing Labour want to obscure the purging of another large number of left-wingers? Is there a motive, beyond hiding that the left-wing is taking far more such hits than those on the right?

Yes, I think there is.

On Twitter, Eoin Clarke tells us: “A growing number of the people being purged are conference attendees who are delegated to vote in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals.”

That would leave the way clear for the right-wingers of Progress and Labour First to ‘fix’ the Labour conference.

Labour First has been contacting like-minded party members who will be delegates at the conference, in order to secure their support for anti-Corbyn resolutions.

With fewer pro-Corbyn delegates at the conference (purged members are forbidden to attend), the right-wing measures would be far more likely to gain approval and Mr Corbyn will have a much more difficult job than otherwise.

The intention would be either to push him out by making his job impossible, or to lay him open to criticism that would finally shame him into giving up – because Labour’s right wing now accepts that he’ll win the leadership election by a huge majority.

This is the real dichotomy in the Labour Party at the moment.

Mr Corbyn may be accused of the most vile behaviour – falsely. Meanwhile, just look at the underhand tactics employed against him.

It isn’t what This Writer calls democracy.


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16 thoughts on “New angle on an old lie: The return of ‘Jeremy the Jew-hater’

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      In fairness, he’s defending his position as party leader. The UB40 endorsement is part of that; visiting the Holocaust museum would not be.
      If he had gone, he would have been criticised as well.

    2. S TUCKER

      Why should Corbyn kowtow to somebody else’s agenda, especially when it will be twisted by the right-wing media into some pathetic attempt to shore up his credentials as not being anti-Semitic? Something he does not have to prove, except in the fevered minds of that anti-Corbyn lobby.

      1. Phil Woodford

        The ‘agenda’ is the agenda of the Israeli Labor Party – our sister party – who were so alarmed at the climate in the British Labour Party that they made the request. Not the MSM. Not Progress. Not any other of the mythical foes of the great Jez. And his response? He’s too busy. That speaks volumes to me.

  1. Robert Jones

    Yad Veshem, whatever else it might be, is not some photo-opp. Those suggesting Corbyn should have gone seem to think it is, and he did not: that says much for him, and not much for them.

  2. pj21516

    Has anyone got death tolls on Palestinian People who Died as a direct result of the Israel diversion of the River Jordan that turned a once arable land into an arid desert and also how many innocent Palestinian People have been Murdered by The State of Israel over the 71 years since they carried out their land grab in 1948. I would hazard a guess it is not far away from the Atrocity committed by the German Nation against an innocent European Jew Society only over a much longer period. I guess asking this question makes me anti-Semetic in the eyes of Israeli Denyers of the slow extermination of the Palestinian People this includes the criminality of turning a blind eye by every other Nation in the World. The UN stated never again after the Holocaust this horrible inhumane destruction of a race of people happened because the World of that time turned a blind eye while the German Master Race committed Genocide on an industrial scale. Well it has happened again and is still happening and the perpetrators of this long drawn out protracted act of Genocide is being carried out by a race of People who of all this Planets People’s should know better. Of course the race I write of is the Jews : Israelis how hypocritical of this race to carry out the invasion of another People’s land and Ethnic Cleanse the Land of Palestine with a ruthlessness equaling that of any murder squad of the Waffen SS Das Reich springs to mind or SS Adolph Hitler or the SS Liebstandarte. I ask another question do you the Jew believe you have the God Given Right to invade a People’s Land and Murder them for defending their Homes and Families well do you and you yes you America Britain and the Western Powers are you proud of your inaction in this blatant act of extermination. Anyone could write something similar about the Asian Muslims, Homosexuals, etc etc if it is the truth why did Corrupt Politicians all over the Western World paint this TRUTH AS Racist, Homophobic, Anti- Semetic etc etc because they know you will vote for any one of them so to get the vote of the Jew, LGBT, Asian Muslim etc etc the truth has to be bent and I and others are Branded as a Racist Homophobic Jew Hating Anti- Semetic Monster. When in fact nothing could be further from the truth I find it both irritating and hilarious that whenever you disagree with these Political Zealots or Global Warming Zealots, Religious Zealots, you become a Racist, a Heathen and a Global Warming Denyer Jeezus H Christ Zager and Evans were right.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Comparing Israel’s atrocities with those of the German Nazis would make you an anti-Semite, yes.
      I would certainly agree that Israel should know better than to behave in the way it does towards Palestinians, because of what Jewish people suffered under the Nazis. One doesn’t have to compare Israel’s behaviour to that of the Nazis to make this point forcefully, though.
      When you start referring to “you the Jew”, of course, that is another anti-Semitic stereotype – assuming that ALL Jews approve of the actions of the Israeli government in this regard.
      It’s a shame that you make it so easy for others to discredit you as otherwise you would be making worthwhile points.

  3. Of course the USA-Israel alliance is dangerous and out of control.

    The rise of America-like Israeli dirty politics meddling with British politics … “After six months working as a policy adviser for Jeremy Corbyn”, what does that mean?

    Six months as an intern while working on his PhD? Long enough to establish some by-line with which to launch the same old smear campaign by biting the hand that fed him?

    Joshua is 22 years old which, despite the Cambridge-Harvard education, does not spell depth of experience.

    What exactly was he “advising” on?

    I’m sure he’ll get his bag of silver, but it leaves me starting to wonder what the new regime at The Guardian are up to … especially how so many of the pro-Israel/”Labour anti-semitism” articles are censored for open discussion.

    In another article is Huffington, he gets it all wrong again portraying the context as “two sets of peoples, the Arab Palestinians and Israelis, have been at war, on and off, for over fifty years”.

    Kind of forgets the genocidal terrorism of the early Zionist state, the ethnic cleansing of the early to middle period, and the illegal occupation and disproportionate violence and agression of the current period, does not it?

  4. Roland Laycock

    If Jez bows and scraps to the Zionist he will be classed as a good lad if he backs the mass murder of palestinians then the media will like him he should tell them where to go the are some very good Jews I think would back me

  5. James

    As far as I know, Joshua Simons didn’t quit his role as policy adviser but rather was pushed out due to his constant leaking of information to the press and others.

      1. James

        This is why I find the following comment (from Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian) to be completely disingenuous:

        “Am sure this writer will be dismissed as a Blairite/Tory etc, but it’s tricky: he was a policy adviser to Corbyn’

        -as there is no mention of WHY Joshua Simons is no longer a policy adviser to Corbyn!

  6. Roy Beiley

    I just watched Emily Thornberry being “interviewed” by Dermot Whatshisname on SKY News. Brought up the old chestnut about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Whoa! Emily stood her ground brilliantly against such stupid questions. I have a lot of praise for her refusing to be drawn into a petty debate about in not knowing the name of the French Foreign Minister (they seem to change on a daily basis anyway!) or the name of the South Korean President! These clever dick Murdoch News people think they are oh so clever don’t they?:Does Monghan know the name of the Finnish Interior Minister? I love Emily for standing her ground!

  7. mohandeer

    It is the dishonest accusations by certain pro Israel and Zionism extremists that is irritating so many Brits who are now well and truly inured against the over worn sympathy card which has been played too many times to silence criticism of the disgusting Israeli apartheid regime. Unfortunately all Jews are being tarred with the same brush as these Zionist pro Israeli extremists which has resulted in a rise of Anti Jewish animosity especially as these radicalised extremists have attempted to conflate the two issues of anti apartheid with anti semitism. More and more people are becoming aware of the horrors Israel perpetuates daily against a defenceless (unlike Israel who was armed and trained by the British/US whilst Palestinians were denied an army or police force and murdered for carrying guns) peoples and it is angering them. For many years the sympathy card worked, but no more, it is actually working against them. We can hope that the Jewish societies in Britain will become more outspoken against these extremists in an attempt to deflect hatred of Jews before it becomes as prevalent as Islamaphobia – sooner rather than later. Bigotry whether it is Jews against the Goyim or any Brits against Jews, should have no place in a supposedly civilised country such as Britain.

  8. Krishna Welch

    May I recommend the documentary “Defamation” by Israeli film director Yoav Shamir. Foster and Simons wont like it.Oh and I’m Jewish and a semite.

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