‘Remainer treason’ plan shows the UK is falling further towards fascism

fascismposterI don’t think the petition to ban support for EU membership is “just a foolish demand”. It is another step on the wide and well-paved road to fascism.

Look at the image, above. “Early warning signs of fascism” – and the top two items are “powerful and continuing nationalism” together with “disdain for human rights”.

Nationalism such as a refusal to countenance your country being part of a larger union? Disdain for human rights such as denial of the right to freedom of speech?

I voted to Remain in the European Union.

What a tragedy that I should live to see myself accused of treason, simply for voicing an opinion.

On the face of it, it is just a foolish demand from an unknown councillor. Christian Holliday, a Conservative representing Burpham on Guildford Borough Council, set up an online petition this weekend demanding anyone still supporting EU membership after Brexit is charged with treason.

“Amend the Treason Felony Act to make supporting UK membership of the EU a crime,” it reads. The Act would apparently be amended to include the phrases: “To imagine, devise, promote, work, or encourage others, to support UK becoming a member of the European Union” and “to conspire with foreign powers to make the UK, or part of the UK, become a member of the EU”.

It’s easy to laugh. Sometimes laughter is the only thing that keeps you in a tolerable mood when your country seems to be having a protracted emotional breakdown. And yes, we have always had overexcited, foolish councillors around us. But Holliday’s totalitarian petition should not be viewed in isolation. It stems from a history of eurosceptic thinking which has always viewed the lending or giving up of sovereignty as intrinsically unpatriotic. For some reason they do not feel the same way about bilateral treaties, or WTO membership, which also often involve giving up some sovereignty. But regardless of their consistency, this is a standard form of thought on the eurosceptic right.

Source: ‘Remainer treason’ plan shows Brexiters are losing the plot
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12 thoughts on “‘Remainer treason’ plan shows the UK is falling further towards fascism

  1. Christine Cullen

    When I first read about this petition, I couldn’t take it seriously.
    I came to my senses while visiting the reader responses on the Daily Mail site which I visit occasionally just for a laugh and to wind a few would-be nazis up.
    Soon brought me back to earth.

  2. Ian Holland

    I am so sick of the petty tribalism of the human race ffs we should be striving towards unity of all people for the betterment of all…then money comes into the equation…

  3. NMac

    Also worrying is the fact that Theresa May didn’t condemn this cretin and his stupid idea outright.

  4. philippajanebrown777

    Mike, this is what I found also. The only reason some of my ‘acquaintances’ voted for Brexit was because of the immigrants and ‘others’-I cannot type the words. I explained exhaustively that Brexit would not change the immigration process or plough £350 into the NHS but they were so ignorant. On asking what they had against immigrants and others I received horrific replies. When told that the Country depended on them the ‘acquaintances’ were dismissive. And when asked what they had against immigrants and others-again I cannot type it. Trump epitomises this flow of hate. It’s very frightening

  5. Barry Davies

    I haven’t seen this petition on any of the anti eu sites, I frequent, and believe it is more likely a pro eu person who posted it. After all it is those who support the corruption ridden democratically deficient eu who try to claim those opposed to it are Nazi’s or Fascists.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He wasn’t claiming people opposed to it are Nazis or Fascists, though; he was claiming those who support it are treasonous.

  6. Zippi

    “What a tragedy that I should live to see myself accused of treason, simply for voicing an opinion.” Sadly, this attitude has been in existence here for years.

  7. roybeiley

    Does anyone take this seriously. How on earth are they going to charge half the population with treason. Fiddling whilst Rome burns springs to mind.

  8. Pat Sheehan

    Fascism was never, ever beaten. Fascism never, ever died out. Fascism never, ever went away. Fascism is alive and kicking and here with us now. That much has been pretty obvious for some years now to any who have watched the Conservative Government in action: either with or without Liberal Democrat support: and with much of the Labour party either in full support or watching meekly from the sidelines. Enlightenment, as part of the human condition, remains some way off. It may be beyond our reach: unless we can ‘wake-up’ from our deep sleep!

  9. mohandeer

    I thought it was some kind of satire until you posted it here. I really don’t see any funny side to this nut job’s claim against people who don’t think the same way he does.
    Tito and Mussolini got nothing on this guy – what a scary mindset this guy Christian Holliday has.

  10. mohandeer

    Nah. Mike, I think this has got to be some sort of wind up to make fools out of those who take it seriously – you have checked it out, for real?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think it’s more likely to make the Leave camp look foolish and small-minded, whether real or not.

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