Iain Duncan Smith wants to attack Russia because he is a bloody fool

Iain Duncan Smith should shut up about Aleppo: The closest he ever came to being bombed was when a bird left a message on his head.

Iain Duncan Smith should shut up about Aleppo; the closest he ever came to being bombed was when a bird left a message on his head.

It seems, having failed to commit genocide on UK citizens, Iain Duncan Smith is now determined to encourage it abroad.

He thinks it would be a jolly wheeze to sell arms to the people of Aleppo, so they can shoot down the Russian warplanes we’re told are pummeling the city into ash.

In an article on ConservativeHome, he says he argued for the arming of Bosnian Muslims in the 1990s, when they were being persecuted by Bosnian Serbs, because the argument of the then-government of the UK (Conservative) – that it would create a level killing field – was not better than allowing a one-sided massacre.

I know a thing or three about Bosnia. I was there, briefly, in the aftermath of the war. The fact that they won their country back, despite having had no weapons at all at the start, is a matter of extreme pride to them. Despite the death toll, my belief is that any intervention from the UK would only have got in the way.

So we come to Syria, and the facts are the same. Aleppo isn’t just a city full of innocent people being bombed by nasty Russians for no good reason. It harbours groups of terrorists (see previous VP articles). Does Mr Duncan Smith want to fund terror now?

Suppose his plan was successful and a UK-manufactured weapon was used to shoot down a Russian plane. Does he think Vladimir Putin will ignore the fact that the ordnance was supplied by the British? If so, he does not know the Russian leader.

It is far more likely he would both escalate Russian efforts in Syria and seek restitution from the UK.

Who knows what form that might take?

Iain Duncan Smith is a bloody idiot.

There was blood on his hands at the DWP and now he is trying to get them dirty on the international stage.

He deserves poetic justice – the swift and final kind.

On the news, hardly a day goes by but that the bombing of Aleppo features with more and more stories about the suffering of the Syrian civilians trapped in the city.

Despite all the public condemnation and International initiatives, despite the endless attempts by John Kerry to broker new ceasefires, the bombing goes on relentlessly. Russia is immune to all the rhetoric and refuses to explain or respond to the West’s verbal assaults, whether they are in the UN or on the media.

The only way that the bombing might stop is if the Russians and Syrians start losing some aircraft. Remember what happened when Turkey shot down a Russian jet after it crossed into Turkish airspace, (not the first to have done so) – all incursions stopped.

Providing the weaponry to give the people of Aleppo some defence could alter the balance and provide the impetus to get back to the peace table, though I accept it may yet be too late.

Source: Iain Duncan Smith: Aleppo’s suffering will only stop when someone shoots down a Russian plane | Conservative Home

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18 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith wants to attack Russia because he is a bloody fool

  1. Justin

    of you go Ian,be the first to travel to Syria, take some of your useless wca assessors with you as well, at least if they stick you in syria and you die you might avoid the misconduct in public office trial, you be sorely missed, this is one horribly obnoxious misguided minister he needs to be charged for misconduct for public safety, the russians were not to chuffed about a nato member state shooting down one of there jets, they be really happy if one of there jets got downed by a british missile system, lock this guy up he is a danger to himself let alone anyone else

  2. Sid

    It’s in their DNA
    Send our working class to War
    Buy a poppy, or two
    Whatever you do, don’t look after them. Let a Charity do that

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    Sadly, some people are destructive by nature and they can’t help themselves. As those responsible for electing them and or their governments is we who have the responsibility to be constructive by not allowing them to get to positions where they are able to indulge in their destruction which is nearly always associated with self gratification and greed.

  4. casalealex

    As for some countries’ concerns about Russia’s possible aggressive actions, I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO.

    I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia. They just want to play the role of front-line countries that should receive some supplementary military, economic, financial or some other aid.

    Therefore, it is pointless to support this idea; it is absolutely groundless. But some may be interested in fostering such fears. I can only make a conjecture.

For example, the Americans do not want Russia’s rapprochement with Europe. I am not asserting this, it is just a hypothesis.

    Let’s suppose that the United States would like to maintain its leadership in the Atlantic community. It needs an external threat, an external enemy to ensure this leadership. Iran is clearly not enough – this threat is not very scary or big enough. Who can be frightening?

    And then suddenly this crisis unfolds in Ukraine. Russia is forced to respond. Perhaps, it was engineered on purpose, I don’t know. But it was not our doing.

Let me tell you something – there is no need to fear Russia.

    The world has changed so drastically that people with some common sense cannot even imagine such a large-scale military conflict today. We have other things to think about, I assure you.
    Vladimir Putin

    ◦ 2015-06-06, Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

  5. jeffrey davies

    hmm rtu ids a failed ranker It seems, having failed to commit genocide on UK citizens, Iain Duncan failed i wouldnt call it that hes left many without the will to live christian ha aint but giving advice on russia when he couldnt even make it in the forces like his dwp he hasnt a clue

  6. yarmouthboy

    According to my brother-in-law who is in the Parachute Regiment, IDS was an Officer in the Scots Guards would you believe it! That possibly accounts for his gung-ho approach to diplomatic relations. Probably not much between them but rather have Fallon as MOD than IDS.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes, he was a Lieutenant and a bag-carrier for a higher-ranking officer. Never made it to Captain, if I recall correctly. That’s why This Blog used to refer to him as RTU (Returned To Unit – the designation of a soldier who has failed his officer training).

  7. mohandeer

    What a shame he couldn’t get ONE fact right in this hotch potch botch job. The bombs from the terrorists are still raining down among the Syrian people despite neither Russian nor Syrian missions over Aleppo in 11 days. Unlike the US, Assad has opened humanitarian corridors for both residents and any jihadis willing to surrender. It is the US and John Kerry who would not agree to aid the peace process.
    It really is time that something other than bird s**t landed on this lame brained fool’s head.

  8. Florence

    Given Mays taste for inappropriate appointments (thickie Truss in charge of the entire Justice system, Boris Johnson…in any capacity), I fully expect to see IDS now appointed to dept of trade to augment Javid in his ambitions to have UK weapons to be the primary source of slaughter in the East. And to start WWIII, of course.

  9. Justin

    hopefully someone will see the light and realise what a incompetent and totally useless mp he is and will do the correct thing and remove him from parliament, as if he had any life outside as a mp and tried to get another job the application form would have his name on it and would be taken straight to a shredder, I for one if i ever ran a business would not let this person near a paperclip, perhasp he ought to go in a stand in on the apprentice, he be fired within the first ten minutes and to set a record straight in case anyone asks no I don’t like him and never will

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He has been hugely popular in the Conservative Party and his constituency – Chingford – is hugely Conservative.
      What is Labour going to do about it?

    1. Justin

      lol good thought the gulag in siberia sounds a nice place, he could go there to sample life in there prison system permanently, i am sure he would not be missed

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