Last poll results: Public are too easily influenced by rich media moguls

The poll revealed that 44 per cent of the public had faith in Hammond and May to run the economy [Image: Pool/Reuters].

The poll revealed that 44 per cent of the public had faith in Hammond and May to run the economy [Image: Pool/Reuters].

I saw a tweet today (Saturday) that said if the public take their opinions from the mainstream media, then they will vote according to the wishes of the owners of those media, and not in their own interests.

That is what this opinion poll shows.

The British public would be mad to trust Theresa May, Philip Hammond and the Conservative Party with the nation’s finances – all the Tories ever do is ruin us and enrich themselves.

Over the last 70 years, the Conservatives, in government, have borrowed more money – and repaid less – than Labour ever have.

In fact, George Osborne, in his six years as Chancellor, personally created more debt for the UK than every Labour chancellor there has ever been.

Mr Osborne missed every single fiscal target he ever set himself and Philip Hammond is set to do the same.

Oh, and the Conservative Party managed to lose the UK’s treasured AAA+ credit rating.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell would do what Labour has always done – regenerate the economy and put a proportion of the GDP that generates back into the Treasury.

Theresa May and Philip Hammond will do what the Tories have always done – run down the economy, privatise what they can and let the new owners of our national assets park their profits in offshore tax havens – while they work on turning the UK into a tax haven in its own right.

Of those two choices, it is clear that Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell, and Labour, are the only rational option for the good of the United Kingdom.

So the assertion in the headline must be correct, mustn’t it? People have to get their opinions from somewhere and if big business is the only beneficiary from Tory policies, then big business must be putting nonsense in everybody’s heads – right?

What are the alternatives?

More than twice as many people trust Theresa May and Philip Hammond to run the economy than Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, according to a new poll on the eve of the autumn statement.

Just 18% of voters would trust the Labour leadership to manage the public finances, the findings of the Opinium/Observer poll show, compared with 44% who have faith in the prime minister and chancellor.

The Conservatives’ lead comes despite claims that May’s government has no clear plan for Brexit and as business leaders and politicians across the political spectrum put pressure on the government to define its strategy.

May’s positive approval rating is down just one point since last month, with 43% backing her performance as prime minister and 25% disapproving. By contrast, 17% of voters believe Corbyn would make the best prime minister, compared with 45% for May.

Labour’s overall poll rating is down three points from last month at 29%, while the Conservatives are up one point at 41%. Ukip are on 12%, the Liberal Democrats on 7%, the Scottish National party on 6% and the Greens on 4%.

Source: Tories trusted on economy by twice as many voters as Labour – poll | Politics | The Guardian

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6 thoughts on “Last poll results: Public are too easily influenced by rich media moguls

  1. Claire

    As the last two election and Brexit polls over here, and the ones in the US have shown… Polls can be very wrong.

    Polls are not designd to inform, they are designed to influence in favour of vested interests.

  2. Barry Davies

    It seems that the man media do manage to fool some people and set their own agendas, for example there are people who one would regard as being intellectual who make statements like the government has no clear plan for Brexit, well there are two aspects to consider, the cameron government were stupid enough to think that between their witterings and the pro eu media there was no need for a plan, so May started for a zero position. b, it would be stupid to tell everyone what the plan is prior to the commencement of negotiations, as it would be the equivalent of laying your hand down then trying to play poker with someone who has their cards close to their chest, but then again the remains already complain that we are not spending the money that is still going to the eu on other items at the same time.

  3. rupertrlmitchell

    Mike, the real reason the Labour’s popularity has declined is simply because people are disappointed and disillusioned that the right-wing MPs, which are helping the Conservatives to gain have still been allowed to continue as members. Unless Jeremy takes action here I fear that we are on a losing journey as people are not comfortable with the divisiveness in the party. As for the polls, well we have seen how accurate they have been in recent times!

    As we have seen, the Conservatives are gradually but surely hoodwinking so many for the benefit of their own kind and we need much stronger condemnation of them from a true Labour party. We have the best leader for decades; one who is honourable and willing to fight for fairness for all but he does need to fight the right-wing in his own party in order to increase his support to be able to lead us into the next Parliament.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s not in Mr Corbyn’s power to remove a Labour MP from his seat or his position as the constituency party’s chosen candidate. Parliamentary candidates are always chosen by the constituency party, and become MPs according to the will of the electorate.
      But it seems likely that the offenders – or at least, the worst of them – are likely to be removed by exactly those people. I’ve seen an article about the possibility of Hilary Benn being deselected, and – if accurate – he won’t be the first.
      You’re right that Mr Corbyn needs to quiet the right-wing noise in the Parliamentary Labour Party. He is doing that, according to party rules.

  4. pj21516

    Opinion Polls Why T F would any sensible person even look at them all of them are absolute nonsense, when was the last time any opinion poll got the percentages right they are just another Tory brainwashing tool like the sun, the telegraph, the times, the luvvies at the guardian, the mail, the express, the London standard, the metro, BBC, sky, ITV, ch4, ch5, news channels, dumbleby and question time, marr, et al, this opinion poll is even more ludicrous than ones that came before “why” well because the result as they have it makes out the majority of us Britons a mighty people are “BRAIN DEAD MORONS” and I know and so do these shysters that is definitely UNTRUE.

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