The ‘grubby little idea’ that will tarnish Theresa May

Theresa May. At present, all under-16s have the right to a school place, even if their parents entered the country illegally [Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA].

Theresa May. At present, all under-16s have the right to a school place, even if their parents entered the country illegally [Image: Stefan Rousseau/PA].

We can all agree that illegal immigrants should be rooted out, wherever they have hidden themselves, before being made to face justice and punished accordingly.

But Theresa May’s idea had nothing to do with any of that.

She wanted to punish children for the sins of their parents.

Perhaps she allowed herself to be guided by her religion in this, as she says she is over Brexit. But “visiting the sins of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation” is an Old Testament punishment (Exodus 34:7) and This Writer thought she said she was a Christian.

Either way, her plan to push the children of illegal immigrants to the back of the queue for school places is unacceptable according to the law of this land: Children aged under 16 have a right to an education, regardless of their parents’ actions.

And the plan to turn teachers into border guards, demanding to see pupils’ passports, is beyond the pale.

Teachers are already overworked. They don’t have time for an extra burden, passed onto them because Mrs May simply wasn’t capable of doing her job and protecting our borders when she was Home Secretary.

In addition, This Writer did not have a passport until long after leaving school. In fact I was in my early 20s when I left the UK for the first time, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. What was planned for people like me? It is a hare-brained idea.

Even the language used is worrying. Apparently Mrs May wanted every Whitehall department to be involved in mitigating her failure to reduce immigration – both legal and illegal.

Or, as the BBC suggests it was put, they were all to have their hands “dipped in blood”.

That doesn’t seem very Christian of Mrs May.

“Satanic” would be a better word.

Claims that Theresa May wanted to put the children of illegal migrants to the back of the queue for school places show the “nasty party never really went away”, Angela Rayner has said today.

Rayner spoke out after the BBC published part of a leaked memo which suggested the Home Office wanted schools to withdraw offers of school places for children whose parents had been found living in Britain illegally.

The shadow education secretary joined a chorus of teachers and education leaders who criticised the measure as draconian. Local authorities have an obligation to provide education to children regardless of the status of their parents.

May was “trying to offload the failings of her department”, which failed to meet a net migration target, Rayner told the BBC.

She said May, the former home secretary, sought to blame “innocent children” and “bring our teachers into border control”, a measure Rayner describes as “impractical”. Rayner described the now prime minister’s actions as running contrary to British values.

By law, children under the age of 16 have a right to an education, regardless of their parent’s circumstances.

Source: Rayner: May’s plan to put children of illegal immigrants at bottom of school places list shows nasty party is back | LabourList

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7 thoughts on “The ‘grubby little idea’ that will tarnish Theresa May

  1. tom

    She is true to herself, not so long ago she responded by saying she will nuke 100 000 of innocent men, women and children if she had to.
    We know what she is capable to do.

  2. Barry Davies

    Sounds like BS to me there is no back of the queue for education it isn’t a choice of parents it is a legal requirement for children to go to school or receive home schooling. If the parents are here illegally then so are their children. The claim that it is turning teachers into border guards is risible, it would be a one off check probably by someone in the school office, no teachers will be harmed. The shadow education secretary has just made herself look like she, in line with the tories minister of state for health as no clue whatsoever about the portfolio they hold.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Children who are here because their parents brought them in illegally aren’t exempt from the law that they must be provided with an education.
      Nobody is saying teachers could be harmed because they check potential pupils’ citizenship or immigration status – the point is that it isn’t in their job description and should not be.
      Your claim about the Shadow Education Secretary is, of course, nonsense.

  3. Sanjit

    This site has written many words on immigration, little if any I could contest, I do however have a problem with the figures and seemingly contradictory ramblings of this government. Today’s announcement of immigration cites over 600,000 new arrivals, adjusted for emigration.
    If this is the case, where do the jobs come from to support these claims, when we are also told the un-employment figures are also dropping. Could it be that all of a sudden, the UK has magically invented over a million jobs in the last 12 months? Or are there factors that elude me.

  4. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    If the system was being run properly, there would no need for any queues. However assuming that there might be delays then I find Mrs. May’s views in this regard most unchristian according to the teachings of the bible. I will admit that I am an atheist and, although I find many of the biblical quotations both logical and kind, there are also some which seem rather harsh for a religion which supposedly preaches love and kindness.

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