Tories are unhappy about this graph being shared. Please share

Thanks to Rachael Swindon on Twitter for sharing this:


It’s worth reading the print at the bottom: The Trussell Trust supports four in 10 of the UK’s food banks.

That means the total in the graph is likely to be less than half of the total amount of food bank use in the UK in the years it covers.

And of course this is a country that allows young men to freeze to death in car parks rather than offer them a place to live and a useful position in society.

I wonder why the Tories, who are trying to fool you into thinking Britain is Great again, would be embarrassed about that?

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17 thoughts on “Tories are unhappy about this graph being shared. Please share

    1. Tony Dean

      I have to assume you are unaware that the Tories are in total denial that the massive rise in food banks is a direct result of their policies.
      They refuse to meet anyone from the Trussell Trust.
      They Tories are doing a Comical Ali on the subject of food banks.
      I am currently incensed that the situation is now so bad as a direct result of “welfare reform”, the Bedroom Tax, and benefit sanctions a food bank is looking for premises in the village where I live.

    2. mikey mikey

      You might be right, Neil. They may well be happy that millions of people are reduced to breadline poverty. After all, the late poet and Tory, Philip Larkin wrote “I want to see them starving,/The so-called working class,/Their wages yearly halving,/Their women stewing grass/When I go out each morning,/ In one of my new suits,/ I want to see them fawning / To clean my car and boots.”

  1. Barry Davies

    Well it ends with the 2013 to 2014 year given the acceleration in Immigration and that some of the people using food banks are in full time employment at the suppressed minimum wage one can only shudder at what it will be this year.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Immigration would have very little to do with it. People coming into the UK do so to work. The issues there are around the amount they are being paid by rogue (UK) employers.
      You will be aware that immigrants into the UK from foreign countries contribute more to the economy than they take from it, I hope.
      Your attitude borders on racism. Don’t think that using terms like “immigration” makes it acceptable.

  2. Roland Laycock

    How low do we have to sink before people stand up and say enought is enought, Where as the fight gone, we go further to the right each year with the Sun and Media fuelling it blame the muslims, blame the refugees, Blame the Old and there pensions and all are total lies

    1. Linda Ellis

      We now live in a I’m alright Jack society there was a time we cared for each other that’s well gone so long as some don’t have to worry about what or how much they have the truth is they don’t give a toss for anyone else, Welcome to Britain in the 21st century .

  3. Jeffrey Davies

    all part of their aktion t4 deny deny deny the truth you wont get off bbc channels 4and5 are all their mouth pieces yet the trussell trust isnt naive has it charges for its help but govs sanctions are another way to push you to suicide

  4. brian

    Disappointed with your fourth comment Mike, are you not propagating the very same use of the term immigration, as racist and then not being politically correct that stunts discussion of these matters. I do not see BD’s comment in the context of racism, does that make me a closet racist?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What, I’m propagating an improper use of a term by pointing out that that is what it is?
      No. Don’t try to turn it around on me.

  5. Russell Jones

    You cannot access foodbanks unless you are referred by some Agency. Children’s Services, Community Mental Health and so on and so forth. The Media portray Foodbanks as a walk in option for anyone is awful. The real figure for people who are desperate to put on the table a decent meal for their family and themselves is far higher. Only a small few actually have access to the relative safety net that Foodbanks provide. Besides, who on Earth would ring up any organisation and tell them you couldn’t put food on the table for your kids unless there was no other way to do it.
    When you have the misfortune of being sanctioned by an organisation that has policy owners who are psychopathic in design and zealots that do their bidding, I have to ask, who the fuck voted for this snbit?.

  6. brian

    No, I am not trying to turn it around at all. I am pointing out that every time the word immigration is used, does not imply it is used racially. To attach racism to it’s meaning prevents it’s use as a word of fact used in good conscience. Would you not be the first to object to say, unemployed being analogous with feckless.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      And how often do you see or hear references to “the feckless” in which “unemployed” is implied? I haven’t seen it. “Feckless” always has to be connected with “unemployed”.
      Context is, indeed, everything and in this case the context is clear – so I stand by my words.

  7. Robert Foster

    If you go to the data source…/latest…/end-year-stats/. The data that is presented is number of “3 day emergency food parcels given to people in crisis/financial year not number of people fed as stated in the graph . In addition the data source shows the last two years 2015/16, and doesn’t stop at 203/14. In the “about us”section it shows that the food bank was launched in 2004. The early data therefore shows a growing organisation not growing demand.

    The Trussell Trust – End of Year Stats
    Trussell Trust foodbank use remains at record high with over one million three-day emergency food supplies…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Three-day emergency food parcels are what the Trussell Trust provides – to individuals. There’s no attempt at subterfuge here.
      The early data does show an organisation that was growing – as demand grew. It would be dangerous to suggest there was more demand in those early years – unless you have cast-iron facts?

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