Even Labour’s ‘page does not exist’ web notification scores a direct hit on the Tories

Is any further explanation necessary?

This is brutal – and brilliant.

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9 thoughts on “Even Labour’s ‘page does not exist’ web notification scores a direct hit on the Tories

  1. aunty1960

    Infantile, Juvenile. It is one of the things which greatly puts me off Labour and the left. We have important issues and real dangers with lives harmed and people and families destroyed. Got real issues. And I feel I am in a student union freshers week with all the student clubs wanting my attention and vote.

    Its a Boys Own Battle with no real interest in anyone else or anything else. Being clever for clevers sake and not really taking an interest in anything else, It shows at ralleys and Momentum and Labour meetings people really do not know their stuff or issues. just blind left/right politics and slogans and “HATE”

    Labour and socialists said they will teach me to HATE, BLOODY WILL NOT!


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What are you on about?
      It puts across an important fact in a humorous way that will stay with people who see it, and that’s important if the Tories are to lose the propaganda war.
      Yes, we have important issues and real dangers with lives harmed and people and families destroyed – by the Tories who don’t have a plan.
      No, you are not in a student union freshers’ week.
      No, it’s not being “clever for clever’s sake and not really taking an interest in anything else” – it’s making an important point in a memorable way.
      And I disagree. People on the left really do know their stuff and issues.
      If you want blind tribalism, slogans and hate – the Conservative Party is on the right.
      I don’t know who in the Labour Party or the socialist movement generally would have said they’d teach you to hate. Hate isn’t part of our temperament. Again, you want the Tories for that nonsense.
      And what makes you think the page was devised by a boy?

    2. Biff Crabbe

      Aunty1960 – I suspect that what greatly puts you off Labour and the left is that you’re an entrenched right-winger – nothing at all to do with the issues that you allude to. This is most right-wing UK government in living memory. It is intent on the systematic defunding and dismantling of the NHS as a public service, at whatever human cost; it has been excoriated by the UN for its wholesale trashing of people’s human rights, particularly the poor and the disabled; it is systematically compromising future generations by continuing to underfund and defund the education sector; it has overseen an unprecedented rise in child poverty and in in-work poverty. And it’s only the Labour Party that is intent on addressing the issues – the government either denies or sees no problems in any of these areas. It would not even accept the devastating judgements of the United Nations.

      I doubt very much that you’ve ever attended a Labour meeting. But if you were to do so, the only thing that you might learn to hate is social injustice – although I have my doubts….

  2. Ultraviolet

    Oh, that is good!

    Well, you can see how scared the Tories are this week by the desperate distractions they are trying to level:

    1. Attacking Labour for not condemning Iran – this after Michael Fallon last year argued that condemning Saudi Arabia for their brutal human rights abuses was “unhelpful” to our arms sales.
    2. Trying to tie Keir Starmer to the Warboys case, as if Warboys being jailed indefinitely was too lenient a sentence and Starmer (or poor Baroness Scotland who has also somehow been dragged into this) should have done something else.

    And then there is Blair’s and Chris Leslie’s deliberate attempts to sabotage Labour over Brexit.

    Corbyn’s having a great week.

  3. hugosmum70

    must admit i didnt get it .. must be tired or something. but just because i didnt “get it” does not mean i dont understand what labour stands for or have issues understanding why there are so many unemployed/homeless /ill/disabled having so many problems we all know were/are brought on by the conservatives and their austerity measures. all i see are people on the street sitting on a cold floor wrapped up best they can asking for money so they can feed themselves and any little ones they have who are also either homeless or in temporary accommodation. or who have been sanctioned and cant afford food and cant go to a food bank because they got food last week from there and they are only allowed 3 days supply and only once every 3 weeks.as if thats going to stop them starving.and when i say i dont understand.i mean i dont understand how human beings can pass laws/ policies etc that are so detrimental to so many.what i do understand is that if this govt are not overthrown in some way or another. i might be the next on the street or my son or daughter or my granddaughter and her 3 month old daughter.(already been chucked out of a room she rented 2 days after giving birth.. landlady magnanimously sed it would start from when she got out of hospital and she would have 2 weeks only to find alternative accommodation,, vulnerable adults put her in a hotel for a few days then into an upstairs flat miles away from family support. none of which have transport and most have to rely on taxis.THAT is what i understand and i know there are loads more in similar or worse situations.and you know what? i cant do a damned thing about it. except give a few coppers to someone on the street. or sign petitions because my own circumstances aren’t those of a rich person. its heart breaking.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Haven’t seen it yet. Busy days.
        And I have made it clear many times that queries on comments awaiting moderation are not a good idea. They clog up the comment inbox and tie up my time.

  4. rotzeichen

    Tory party membership in free-fall, even Tories are waking up that the Tory Party is just an organ of the corporate sector, their political antics highlight how much they care about this country and its people, and no one is being taken in any more.

    One thing I think we should all recognise, is that commentators on the left sometimes claim that once the Tories leave office, some of the changes they make will be irreversable, well I would just say, that a democratically elected government with a mandate, can and has the financial ability to do whatever it wants.

    In essence if companies can give workers 90 days notice to tear up their agreements, then a government can put those same companies on notice that the government will do the same to them. After all they set the precedent.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’re right, up to a point. No government can bind the hands of the next government.
      But commercial contracts are legally binding, it seems. That’s how the Tories hope to tie up any Labour government – by holding it to contracts with the private sector.
      My understanding, though, is that Labour could get out of those contracts simply by expressing a desire to vary them. If the private contractor disagrees, then they can always end the agreement.

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