9 thoughts on “Government to give millions from dormant bank accounts to homelessness schemes – WHOSE accounts?

  1. joanna

    If any person can prove that the account that has been plundered comes forward with the right information, the bank Has to pay the person the account funds, in effect that will lead to banks losing money which they won’t like one bit! Also the money will not go to the homeless the government will keep it by coming up with some excuse, they are famous for doing exactly that!!!

  2. NMac

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the money won’t come from any of their accounts. Tories are serial liars, thieves and fraudsters.

  3. aunty1960

    Accessing money for private schemes and salaries to provide projects to the homeless, don’t touch your own money

    1. aunty1960

      As I have said in other places and in other blogs. This is not business or nation financial building – but Money Acquisition from what sources, pools and funds they can get. public money, money for poor, disabled, sick and children and elderly, funds from peoples personal bank accounts and funds. what next? church poor box?

  4. rotzeichen

    Classic Tories steal money from bank accounts, rather than trace the people the money belongs to.

    In truth, the government creates all the money in circulation and doesn’t even have to raise tax in order spend it on public expenditure, what they rely on though is peoples ignorance as to how money actually enters the economy.

    This short video tells you all you need to know:


  5. richard

    Be better to collect due tax from corporate evaders, scrap Trident, blue passports and the proposed new royal yacht than raid dormant bank accs.

  6. hugosmum70

    they are quite welcome to the only bank account i had thats not been used in over 30years. a joint one my ex and i had but he wouldnt be bothered about it any more than i am if he was still alive……. it was a business account. but we owed £60 the last i saw of it. so they can take that if they want it(assuming he never paid it.i certainly didnt..lol.)

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