Tory Brexit drama is a DISTRACTION. They want you to forget that you will get NOTHING

Theresa May in the Commons: She’s talking about Brexit so she is lying through her teeth.

In case you haven’t noticed, the so-called ‘Brexit dividend’ was a lie; there will be no money coming to the UK to create a post-Brexit golden age.

The claim that businesses would move into the UK to create a post-Brexit golden age was another lie. They all know it will be more expensive to stay in the UK after the country leaves the European Union and the only reason they would possibly do so is a massive government incentive – funded by working-class people, of course.

In the absence of such incentives, firms are moving out. Car manufacturers like Jaguar Landrover are refocusing their operations away from the UK and even banking giants like Barclays, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are moving specific roles away from the Square Mile in order to maintain profitability.

That is a significant point. Banks are saying the UK will not be profitable after Brexit, and other corporates will follow their lead.

The UK’s Tory government cannot even guarantee it will be able to secure the UK’s borders. Nobody mentioned the Irish question in the run-up to the EU referendum; we must conclude that the main players in that fiasco either had no idea it was important – which is irresponsible in the extreme – or they knew, and hid the importance from us in order to get what they wanted – which should be criminal.

In Parliament on Monday (July 2), Theresa May said the EU Withdrawal Act’s provision that it is illegal to do anything that would introduce a hard border in Ireland, did not make a no-deal Brexit illegal because the UK could decide for itself what it did with the border. This was at best a lie; at worst, she was making it up as she went because a no-deal Brexit means the UK goes to World Trade Organisation rules and all the borders close, including those in Ireland.

I could go on and on.

At every step of the Brexit process, the people of the UK have lost.

But Mrs May is dragging her Cabinet to Chequers in order to iron out the dramas and differences between their demands about the conditions in which we leave the EU.

Has it not occurred to anybody to ask who, exactly, these talks will benefit? They won’t help us!

It seems to This Writer that all the drama in the Conservative government is nothing but a distraction – they want to divert our attention away from the fact that Brexit will take from us far more than we even knew we had.

I have an inkling that they are probably all rejigging their personal investment portfolios like crazy, moving their money out of the empty shell they are making of the UK.

None of this is being reported – possibly because the news media don’t want us all to wake up and ask why our government is shafting us all so badly.

Instead The Guardian, for example, has gone with a personality drama about Boris Johnson siding with Jacob Rees-Mogg to demand the most extreme form of Brexit from Theresa May – a matter that makes very little difference to ordinary people; we lose everything anyway.

It’s time we stopped paying attention to this drivel.

It’s time we started asking the relevant questions.

We could start with: Why is our government distracting us with irrelevances and when will it consider ways of safeguarding our prosperity?

Will it be soon?

Will it ever happen at all?

I think we know the answer to that one already. So why are people still supporting this self-destructive stupidity?

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17 thoughts on “Tory Brexit drama is a DISTRACTION. They want you to forget that you will get NOTHING

  1. Colin Clarke

    Is anyone really surprised? Us old “Re-moaners” can well remember the vote for “Yes” or “No” as to whether or not we would join the EEC. Of course, the young enthusiastic wannabes poor scorn on those of us who might not want to leave, But, we have experienced the right wing for a little longer.
    Of course, at the last bend before we voted, the Tories decided against the referendum because they “Could not be sure” we would vote to join.
    But, the ever know everything about nothing know exactly what is going on at this moment, despite the fact that border control is now looking unlikely to happen. That could be point one in the racists reason for Brexit going “Down the chute.”
    What a mob. Is this government now going to join Trumps war cry of “Making the poor poorer?” even after eight years of austerity? People should read about the “South Sea Bubble” and the real reason for the huge “Investment” and how frightened the Trough huggers were of a revolution happening here.! Some said they could feel the sharpness of Madam Guillotine on the back of their necks already!

    1. Barry Davies

      Well clearly you were not there, no one remembers a vote on whether to join the common market because there never was one. Heath signed us up to join what we were told was a trade deal with the common market in 1972, we joined in 1973 and the referendum after we had dumped trade agreements outside the common market, which was part of the terms on which we joined, we had a vote in 1975 on whether to stay in. Following that vote what the remainers of the time voted for really struck in as we lost entire industries and others were severely curtailed, because Heath had agreed for them to go because the industries had been allocated to other nations. No one remembers the vote to join the eec.

      We were taken into Maastricht without a vote, and the referendum we were promised on the constitution by Blair was denied because they took out references to the flag and the anthem, both of which are still used, renamed it the Lisbon treaty and Blair claimed it wasn’t the constitution.

      Border control is back in the Schengen zone because the Germans last night decided to deport migrants back to the nations they first registered in, Italy Austria and Greece are not happy. The whole claim that the U.K. voted out was based solely on what bigots call racism. Is obscene, when you consider those who voted remain voted to keep allowing the mainly white citizens of only 27 nations to have rights denied to the largely black and coloured citizens of 164 nations.

      For the last 45 years the poor have become poorer jobs have been lost completely, the lower end of the jobs market has been flooded, Farmers have struggled to make a living, whilst food imports have skyrocketed. We know that politicians have done well out of the EU, but generally speaking the populace has not, Greenland left early, we just took longer to come to our senses.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        As ever with Barry’s claims, I advise everyone to do their own research. He attributes to the EU changes that were forced on us by Conservative governments for their own reasons.

    2. NMac

      Sorry Colin, but the 1975 referendum was not about whether we would join the EEC. Britain joined the EEC in 1973, and had already been a member State for two years; it was about whether we remain a member of the EEC. Harold Wilson had his head screwed on and he didn’t allow that referendum to be dominated by thoroughly dishonest fascists like Farage, Gove, Davis, Duncan-Smith, Johnson et al.

      1. Zippi

        Is it not so that “Project Fear” was on the £eft, at that time? I don’t know which way you voted this time, or last, if you were able but all of those who I know who voted last time, voted to stay but this time, they voted to leave. They’re not racist but feel that they weren’t told the whole truth, which they weren’t and that what we have isn’t what they voted for. There is nothing wrong with being afraid but do we allow ourselves to be mastered by it?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Project Fear does not exist. It is a term invented to negate reasonable concerns that a person such as a Leave supporter does not want to address.

    3. Barry Davies (@Barrybritish)

      Well you can’t remember a yes no to join because that never happened. Heath signed us up in 1972, we joined 1/1/73 and the referendum was in 1975 whether to remain or leave.

      At the time the last true socialist Labour leader Wilson opposed membership, as he saw it as a far right construct.

      We were told we would have a vote on Maastricht, it never happened, we were told we would have a vote on the constitution, it was renamed the Lisbon treaty, it never happened.

      Eventually after 44 years hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, Heath signed them away as the industries were shared out amongst the other members, a large part of the Winter of discontent as the miners took up the fight not only for their jobs but other workers as well, we said enough is enough, we are fed up of imposed legislation from an unelected committee we can’t get rid of. We are fed up of supply and demand driving down our ;remuneration for working, we have had enough of our workers rights being diluted. The EU has made the poor poorer.

      We also voted leave to end the bigotry of the mainly white citizens of 27 nations having rights the largely black and coloured citizens of 164 non EU nations citizens.

      You are right about the trough huggers they voted remain.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        A word of caution to readers: Do your own research on the claims made above. Some of it is disinformation, like the claims about our industries being shared out among other member states as a result of joining the then-EEC. We lost our industries because Margaret Thatcher wanted to destroy them, in order to push the working class back into poverty and stop us all from being so damned uppity with our lords and masters (as she saw things).

    1. Maryanne

      Now you know that isn’t even going to happen we are far too compliant which is why the sadistic Tories have managed to get away with so much they know full well that they can do absolutely anything and that we will still carry on paying for ourselves to be abused on a grand scale Just look at how many thousands of vulnerable people have been wiped out and no one did anything in reality the police should of investigated and made arrests but no nothing its all been premeditated and the system in place is very efficient for the Tories and of course very lucrative. Its no wonder we as a people are the laughing stock of the world.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        This is why people laugh at you, Barry: Everything you don’t want to think about is labelled “Project Fear” and then you try to ignore it. Be honest – that’s one pathetic attitude and everyone who has it needs to grow up, fast.

      2. Zippi

        Don’t knock it, if the fear is real. Do we allow fear to master us, or do we take control? I’m not sure what is going on in Government but Theresa May needs to listen to some dead old ladies; you can’t please all of the people!

  2. Thomas

    With this government, we’ll end up with the hardest possible Brexit and having to get a visa to go to France.

    1. Zippi

      Surely, that’s up to the French and you need a visa to go to lots of places; is it really so bad?

  3. rotzeichen

    “In the absence of such incentives, firms are moving out. Car manufacturers like Jaguar Landrover are refocusing their operations away from the UK and even banking giants like Barclays, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are moving specific roles away from the Square Mile in order to maintain profitability”.

    Most of this is scaremongering, a pro European businessman on question time said that even if they do move their headqurters to Brussells, it will only be a paper excersise. People also forget that the falling value of the pound will make it easier to trade. I would welcome those Banks moving out of London although again that is just a bluff. The City of London and these Banks cost us a fortune in bailing out their debt, and debt levels today are in excess of the time when the last crash took place, if there is such a thing as funny money they are at the forefront of it.

    I do find it odd that the real statistics that relate to trade are ignored by the remainers, this is the here and now and paints a picture which shows just how unbalanced trade within the EU is and that sticking plaster solutions only mask the reality. Germany is the main beneficiary of trade and we will suffer in long run, if we stay in Europe

  4. Zippi

    My understanding is that the £and Rover move was of one product that would be replaced by a newer model, not that it would cease production here, altogether. WE know and were told that initially, at last, there would be no money, even Jeremy Hunt said so, on the Andrew Marr show, last weekend so, I’m not sure that you can call it a lie. Again, we don’t know how the economy will be affected, or for how long, we can only speculate. I don’t believe that anybody imagined that as soon as we leave, money will start pouring down from the sky. We all know that corporate entities will always do what suits them and them alone. Must we be beholden to them? Aye, we want their investment but on whose terms? The transition isn’t going to be a bed of roses, the question is, can we make a success of it? The Irish question was for EVERY member of Parliament and the fact that nobody mentioned it until now speaks volumes. If our M.P.s and £ords really thought seriously about it, it would have been a condition of the Referendum but no. I have said it before but i believe it to be a gross dereliction of duty on the part of EVERY member of BOTH Houses. You cannot lay the blame for that solely at the feet of those who wish for us to leave the E.U.
    As woeful as this government is, I cannot even lay of of the blame for this fiasco upon it. The E.U.s intransigence and insistence in poking its nose into affairs that really should be none of its concern brought us here. I am pretty sure that, for the most part, people were happy with what we had, they just didn’t like the way that the E.U. operates. Had the organisation been willing to change, things would have been very different, in my opinion, for what it’s worth. Had the people been taken along with the project, rather than having it done to them, there would be none of this but alas, our politicians didn’t even see fit to involve us.

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