Grassroots Labour leads the way again – this time on rebellious MP Kate Hoey

It’s good to see grassroots members of the Labour Party once again showing their Parliamentarians where their moral compass should be pointing.

Kate Hoey, John Mann, Frank Field and Graham Stringer disgraced themselves and Labour when they supported the Conservative Trade Bill and propped up Theresa May’s rotten-to-the-core government.

Now Ms Hoey’s local Labour Party has reacted in the only reasonable way – expressing no confidence in her, calling for the Labour whip to be removed from her, and demanding that she be banned from re-selection as a Labour Parliamentary candidate.

As with many right-wing Labour MPs, it seems likely the only reason Ms Hoey was elected is the fact that she was representing the party. She can easily be replaced with somebody who more closely expresses the views of constituents.

I look to local Labour members who elected John Mann, Frank Field and Graham Stringer to follow Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party’s lead.

Kate Hoey was one of four right-wing Labour MPs last week whose decision to vote with the government on a key EU trade bill almost certainly saved Theresa May and propped up a Tory government that is inflicting misery on millions. The move outraged Labour members and supporters who know the UK’s most urgent need is an end to Tory government and policies.

A motion put this evening to Vauxhall CLP (constituency Labour party) expressing no-confidence in Ms Hoey and calling both for the Labour whip to be removed and for her to be barred from selection at the next general election passed unanimously.

Ms Hoey was not present at the meeting, as she is reportedly in Zimbabwe.

Source: Hoey’s CLP unanimously passes no-confidence motion | The SKWAWKBOX

8 thoughts on “Grassroots Labour leads the way again – this time on rebellious MP Kate Hoey

  1. Simon Cohen

    Not sure it is fair to categorise here as ‘right wing’ Mike. I think she was part of the so-called Lexit campaign (Left Exit) because she was concerned that EU Law would limit the potential to nationialise due to EU market and competition laws.

    I certainly wouldn’t classify her as on the Right or Blairite.

  2. Jeffrey davies

    Oh dear I bet she dreary squealing about lefties again but it’s about time these torys were kicked out

  3. Leslie Moore

    you have that wrong, defending the undemocratic labor party, in the largest test of the UK`s populations opinion the UK working class voted in a democratic manner to leave the EU, those three MPs were siding with the democratic will of the people while sections of the Labor party are trying to remain part of the EU in a very anti democratic show of themselves, in fact the MP`s that sided with the Tory plans for brexit has saved the labor party, I do not trust labor to give us the Brexit we voted for in a democratic manner. Lots of the people in the devastated ex-coalfields prefare to side with any party that will give us what we voted for ie Brexit, out of the EU and all its tentacles. We do not trust labour to provide us with Brexit, I`m a ex miner, South Yorks, Doncaster area, Hatfield Main, our village voted over 70% to leave the EU.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, they weren’t siding with the will of the people. Nobody asked the people what form they wanted Brexit to take and this means that everybody who voted Leave wanted something different. It seems highly unlikely that a majority wanted the kind of Brexit that Theresa May is forcing on us.

      The simple fact is that the Conservative Party’s handling of this matter has been a fiasco. You say you don’t trust Labour to provide “the Brexit we voted for” but what exactly is that? Looking at the Tory plan, can you honestly say that it is exactly what you voted for? I think not.

    1. Ian Andrews

      a lot more chance of losing your workers rights after leaving the EU – at least within it they are protected by law after leaving there will be nothing to restrain the Tory menace.

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