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Jeremy Corbyn is supported by significant number of Jews. Unfortunately the Conservatives in the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council would characterise them as the “wrong kind of Jews”.

People have started appearing on the social media, speaking out against the fake ‘anti-Semitism’ crisis created by certain pro-Israel pressure groups and the right-wing UK media. And their voices are important because these people are Jewish.

Here’s a strong example, from Professor Annabelle Sreberny:

Yes indeed – the idea that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite is, quite frankly, idiotic. It has only gained traction because the people pushing it claim to represent the Jewish community.

Except, as you’ve just heard, there is no single Jewish community. There are many. They are currently deep in debate over the issue. But this fact is being obscured by the group that has co-opted the media to its cause; the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Jewish Labour Movement, certain right-wing members of the Labour Party and so on. Members of Jewish Voices for Labour – like the lady in the clip above – are condemned as the “wrong kind of Jew”.

This Writer is currently accused of anti-Semitism by the Labour Party, based on a series of nonsense charges including one that I am depriving Jews of the right to describe their oppression by putting quotation marks around the word “anti-Semitism” when the accusations are found to be false. Have a think about that while you see some of the statements by other Jews on this matter.

Then please consider visiting my JustGiving site and supporting my fundraising campaign to take the matter to court.

Consider this:

And this:

The claim that anti-Semitism is a problem of the social media certainly may have legs. The accusations against me are based on my social media posts – but I have not posted abuse against any Labour or Conservative MPs, and the articles on my website are based either on provable facts or on evidence that I have unearthed myself – evidence that certain so-called “mainstream” interests would like to discredit and bury again, it seems.

That said, I cannot claim that anti-Semitic abuse is not published on the social media, because a certain kind of person – including racists – enjoy using the anonymity provided by social media pseudonyms to send such abuse to prominent people. Personally, I have never used such pseudonyms and have always published under my own name.

There is another aspect to this, which is that members of the “mainstream” groups that have been so loud in condemnation of anti-Semitic abuse may actually be posting it anonymously themselves, in order to stir up public feeling. The only way to find out is to strip the ability to post anonymously away from users – and you’ll notice that the relevant authorities have been obstructive in this respect.

Let’s have another:

I was accused of anti-Semitism while I was standing as a Labour candidate for a local county council seat. My suspension happened on the eve of polling day – the afternoon before. In my opinion it was deliberately timed to stop a Labour candidate from taking a council seat (this kind of manipulation is against the law, but it is extraordinarily difficult to persuade the police to prosecute). So I agree that these accusations are politically-motivated (at least in cases such as mine).

I was secretary of my local Labour Party branch at the time – but obviously had to give up that role after the party suspended my membership. It was subsequently demonstrated that the branch has a small but significant Jewish membership – none of whom have any objections about my treatment of them.

The accusations against me started after I wrote a series of articles on accusations against others that were based on a false premise. These necessitated examination of the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014, a grossly unequal struggle in which many times more Palestinians were killed than Israelis. It seems clear that my accusers wanted to silence someone they perceived as a critic of Israeli policies.

Note also that this Jewish lady makes it clear that she believes the allegations currently being made by the “mainstream” groups to be false. So she, at least, agrees that I am right to describe them as false “anti-Semitism” claims, rather than examples of genuine anti-Semitism.

These are welcome examples of evidence in my favour. Unfortunately, the Labour Party’s charge sheet against me contains the following directive, to find me guilty in spite of the evidence (if necessary), in order to make an example of me:

“There are current and potential Labour voters of all backgrounds who are watching carefully what the Party does with cases like Mr Sivier’s. Taking definitive action in this case would send a clear and unambiguous message to all of them that Mr Sivier and the views he published extensively have absolutely no place in the party.”

But an example of what? Labour mismanagement of a serious issue – being false claims made against good and genuine party members?

That’s what it seems, to me.

It seems, further, that the Labour Party is setting itself up to fail, as long as it continues to pander to the Conservatives in the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, and so on.

They will continue beating the party with the stick of fake “anti-Semitism” accusations, while the general public will desert the party in droves – either because they believe the lies, or in disgust at the party’s pathetically weak response to them.