Why is Corbyn apologising after an AUSCHWITZ SURVIVOR condemned Israel EIGHT YEARS AGO?

Perhaps this makes matters clearer: It turns out Hajo Meyer is the person who said an anti-Semite was no longer a person who hated Jews but a person who is hated by Jews. No wonder the Campaign Against Antisemitism is keen to besmirch his memory.

Of all the accusations by the fake “anti-Semitism” accusers, this has to be the lowest yet. Why has Jeremy Corbyn apologised?

It seems Mr Corbyn has been accused of anti-Semitism because he appeared at an event in 2010 when Hajo Meyer, a Jewish Holocaust victim who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, repeatedly compared the behaviour of the Israeli government in Gaza to that of Nazi Germany.

It’s just This Writer’s opinion but, as a person who has witnessed the crimes of the Nazis first-hand, he should know!

To show how ridiculous the accusation is: The implication by the Campaign Against Antisemitism is that Mr Meyer was an anti-Semite. These people are accusing a Holocaust victim of anti-Semitism – or they would, if he hadn’t died in 2014.

The fact that this has been dredged up now raises a couple of questions.

Firstly, did the Campaign Against Antisemitism conduct any research into the feelings of the wider community of British Jews before making its claim? This is an event that happened eight years ago, so there has been plenty of time.

Why was no accusation made in 2010? It seems that would have been the appropriate time. Why has no objection been made until now? Is it because it is politically expedient to do so now?

The CAA has referred the party to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which has exhibited little interest, saying it will consider what action is needed – “if any”.

The CAA’s letter to the EHRC claims that Labour has created an atmosphere of discrimination against Jewish members and/or associates through years of failure to enforce its own rules. Which rules? Isn’t it strange that they never come out with any actual evidence?

So we find that Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for being present when a Jewish Holocaust survivor passed an opinion that he was perfectly entitled to hold – at an event eight years ago, to which (to the best of our knowledge) the wider Jewish community in the UK does not object.

He should not have done so. In fact, he should have told his accusers to clear off – in no uncertain terms. Until he actually does this, he will never be free of them.

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for speaking at an event where the actions of Israel in Gaza were compared to the Nazis.

The Labour leader acknowledged he had appeared with people “whose views I completely reject” when he hosted a Holocaust Memorial Day event in 2010, while he was a backbench MP. He apologised for the “concerns and anxiety” it had caused.

The main talk at the event, called Never Again for Anyone – Auschwitz to Gaza, was given by Hajo Meyer, a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. He repeatedly compared Israeli action in Gaza to the mass killing of Jewish people in the Holocaust.

Corbyn said: “The main speaker at this Holocaust Memorial Day meeting was a Jewish Auschwitz survivor. Views were expressed at the meeting which I do not accept or condone.

“In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have on occasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject. I apologise for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused.”

Source: Corbyn apologises over event where Israel was compared to Nazis | Politics | The Guardian

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10 thoughts on “Why is Corbyn apologising after an AUSCHWITZ SURVIVOR condemned Israel EIGHT YEARS AGO?

  1. john thatcher

    Yes,the time for appeasement is over,and yes I deliberately used the word appeasement knowing its history.

  2. Andy Whiteman

    I do not understand why Jeremy Corbyn feels the need to apologise. The CAA is a hard right fanatical bunch of people. Ian Austin and Margaret Hodge are now patrons I hear. Appeasing these people will not work. They have one goal to remove JC and defeat our movement. We have to robustly stand up to these politically motivated people.

  3. Rik

    It’s sickening.. I watched bbc news this morning giving this matter good airtime, they have their claws out for J.C.
    I agree he should not have apologized for nothing he never done, but now it looks as tho he’s guilty & that’s what the msm want people to think.. yes truly sickening..

  4. Simon Cohen

    The accusations of the CAA are utterly scurrilous and irrational. These are people that don’t know their own history. They are devaluing the meaning of anti-semitism and its terrible effects.

    Yet again, Corbyn was with the ‘wrong sort of Jewish Person.’

  5. John.

    The US sponsored criminal cult, murderous colonial imposters, materialistic nationalists, land thieves and hate filled liars are more than keen to besmirch the memory of the dead or the reputation of anyone alive and kicking who seek truth and justice in Palestine.

    Anyone and everyone who tells the truth about the invented abomination and the decades of sickening subterfuge, double dealing and lies peddled as truth by captured, sympathetic mainstream media is a target.

    Eternal victimhood and hateful defamation of all opposition to the crimanal cult’s murderous land theft has become a right of passage for these indoctrinated hysterical creeps.

  6. John.

    Stop apologising for something that hasn’t happened, just stop.

    It only encourages the indoctrinated hysterical creeps and useful idiots doing the criminal cult’s bidding to continue their lies and hate filled attacks.

  7. Zippi

    Jeremy Corbyn is about to hoist himself with his own petard! Why would he say that? WHY? I was so dismayed by what is going on and feeling mightily powerless and fearful for my Jewish friends and all of us ethnic minorities – because I believe that this nonsense will create an atmosphere that is not only hostile to Jews but will embolden racists overall; we already know that Far Right groups are becoming brazen and now Tommy Robinson has been released what now? – that I wrote to Kenneth Stern. I received a reply in which he said that he is following this debate but is not in a position to weigh in.
    What is to be done? Nobody, in the £abour Party, seems to be listening and now we have Willsman and Corbyn capitulating and apologising, which suggests that they have transgressed, all of which is ammunition for the detractors. This has become about far more that the future of the £abour Party, it is about our democracy, free speech, tolerance and the safety of minorities, who are being put at risk by this selfish and irresponsible behaviour.
    Why should anybody hate Jews? Of those who are complaining, who knew that they were Jewish and why should they be attacked above others? What makes Jews in need of special protections? The example of drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis is particularly scary. I have said, before, that to put any people above such criticism is to invite the return of such behaviour. What happened in Nazi Germany was so appalling, so abhorrent that nobody should be allowed to forget it and thus repeat it. If we remove the ability for legitimate criticism of such behaviour, we are saying that 1) these people are not capable of it, which is untrue, for we are ALL capable of it; 2) that we will be complicit, by our silence, when those crimes are visited on others, by these people and 3) somehow, these were the only people who were affected by what happened and are, therefore, uniquely immune, thus should be afforded special dispensation, in this regard, which is utter nonsense! Not only were the Jews not the first to go to Concentration Camps, at the hands of the Germans, they were not alone when those camps were established in Europe. What about the Roma? The homosexuals? The physically infirm? The mentally infirm? to name but a few. Are these peoples and their governments equally immune from such behaviour, such that they are beyond reproach?
    Jeremy Corbyn was front page of the £ondon Evening Standard, accompanied by the headline “Shameful!” I’m inclined to agree. Why would he denounce an Holocaust survivor? Is nobody concerned with the truth? What will happen to our society, if the Party changes its stance on those examples, as set out in the definition? A definition that was never intended for this use!
    Again, I ask, if the allegations are as serious as they are being played in the Media, where are the arrests, the police investigations and the charges? Hate Speech, on the grounds of race and religion are both crimes, in this country so, where are the complaints to the police? If there are no complaints, why not? Hate Speech of this nature is serious and making such a noise about it without using the force of the £aw undermines the efforts that have been made to offer peoples protections. So much harm is being done and it goes way beyond the £abour Party and Jews.

  8. rotzeichen

    If I were being attacked on an issue such as anti Semitism, on the unprecedented scale as he is, when he is clearly not an anti Semite, is that to challenge the absurd claims only gives oxygen to more claims that he is denial.

    At present these absurd claims are in fact being recognised for what they are, clearly there are people that would want to believe these distorted claims, even knowing that they are false, but there is a large amount of people that understand, even on face value, that a person such as Jeremy that has spent his whole life campaign against Racism and Fascism could not conceivably be anti Semitic.

    It is Jeremy’s own record that is his defence, and the mass media condemn themselves when they exaggerate any claim backed by these unprincipled sources.

    65,000 people have already dumped Radio 4’s today programme in the last year according to media, clearly unimpressed with the coverage of current affairs. People are seeing through the propaganda.

    1. Zippi

      Which is why others are being attacked and Jeremy Corbyn is being put under pressure to expel them and to adopt, wholesale, the I.H.R.A.’s definition of anti-Semitism, now called, in the Media, the “Standard” definition. £IES!

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