Teenage group set homeless man on fire – for fun

The scene of the crime.

This is the flipside of the story published on This Site last weekend, in which a woman set herself alight in a local government housing office.

That story was horrifying enough, as it was about a person who deliberately set herself alight, for reasons that may never be clarified, considering the lack of interest shown by the news media.

This one is equally horrifying, if not more so. It indicates that irresponsible kids have been emboldened to believe they can burn property belonging to someone else, and even flirt with murder, with impunity.

It is possible to suggest that government policy is responsible for the shameful behaviour of this gang of parasites; not only have the Tories encouraged an atmosphere in which the homeless are considered to be less-than-human – while implementing cuts that mean rough sleeping has increased by 169 per cent, but they have also reduced police numbers beyond the point at which preventative law enforcement is feasible.

So we end up with a situation in which many people reading the following story will say to themselves, “Who cares if the police couldn’t do anything? It was only some homeless bum.”

Riiiight. But success at eluding capture means these people will become bolder. What will you do when they walk into your home and start making a mess of it – and you?

A group of teenagers are being sought after by police after a homeless man was set on fire in Northampton.

The 49-year-old rough sleeper, believed to have early onset dementia, was bedded down in a bus shelter when they struck.

Bianca Todd, his niece-in-law, was reportedly driving past the shelter when she noticed a number of people standing near him. She got out of the car and saw flames rising from the bottom of his sleeping bag.

Ms Todd said that another rough sleeper told her the teenagers were responsible, although this has not been confirmed by police.

“I went to go and put it out but he was fast asleep, he didn’t realise he was on fire,” she told the Northampton Chronicle. “If his friend hadn’t have spotted him, he would be dead.”

Source: Homeless man with dementia set on fire ‘by group of teenagers’ in Northampton | The Independent

5 thoughts on “Teenage group set homeless man on fire – for fun

  1. Florence

    The simple headline “homeless with early onset dementia” would be a savage enough indictment of this govt. The way society is now primed to commit murder of those failed already by the state takes us fully to the top of the Allport scale, which sadly has already reached the pinnacle with suicides and self immolation.


    If your kid comes home stinking of fire or fuel do you not notice? I know I never knew where my kids were or who with a lot of the time but they never would have got passed me if were in any way involved in actions like this. I knew ALL their pals..My kidda are 26, 42,45..was different world for the youngest a more gotta have it generation than her brothers was.. but I still knew where she was..most of the time lol 😛 most parents do nor know their kids pals.

  3. John.

    Can there be any more shocking and potent exposure than this, of the state of a country overssen a callous, vindictive and downright nasty political party.

  4. nmac064

    The evil Tories have a lot to answer for. It is they who have created this climate of hostility towards the disadvantaged and the disabled. They are evil.

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