Luciana Berger SHOULD BE unwelcome in the Labour Party – but not because she is Jewish

Luciana Berger: Spreading lies.

I see pro-Israel troll Luciana Berger has been accusing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of anti-Semitism again – and she is doing so by committing the cardinal sin of deliberately confusing Zionism with Judaism.

She was referring to details released by the Daily Mail of a London conference in 2013 – remember, anti-Corbyn trolls have been reduced to trawling through recent history to find anything they can use against him.

It seems Mr Corbyn referred to an altercation between a group of people self-identifying as Zionists and the Palestinian representative to the UK, Manuel Hassassian, following a speech Mr Hassassian had made in Parliament.

He said yesterday (August 24, 2018) that the Zionist group, for whom English is their first language, had made “deliberate misrepresentations” of what Mr Hassassian, for whom it is not, had said.

In his speech at the 2013 conference, Mr Corbyn, then a backbench MP, went on to claim that the people concerned “clearly have two problems.

“One is they don’t want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don’t understand English irony either.”

The irony being that the people with a firm grasp of English were deliberately misinterpreting statements by someone less well-schooled in it.

There is nothing wrong with that statement.

Indeed, those of us who have suffered Zionist bullying know very well that these people like to “doctor” our comments – they quote us out-of-context, and they quote us selectively in order to change the meaning of our words. Then they accuse us of anti-Semitism.

Another way these people like to accuse others is by deliberately co-mingling the meaning of the words “Zionist” (or “Zionism”), “Jew” and “Israeli”.

These are three different things, but note how Luciana Berger – who happens to be Jewish, pro-Israeli-government and Zionist – tries to pretend they are the same.

Mr Corbyn referred to “Zionists” who listened to Mr Hassassian – not Jews. It is unlikely he knew whether they were Jews or not because there are plenty of Gentile (non-Jewish) Zionists.

But Ms Berger said: “The video released today of the leader of making inexcusable comments – defended by a party spokesman – makes me as a proud British Jew feel unwelcome in my own party. I’ve lived in Britain all my life and I don’t need any lessons in history/irony.”

Here’s the tweet (although I cannot guarantee it will stay available once enough of us have shown that we have seen through her lie):

“As a proud British Jew” she does not have any reason to feel unwelcome.

As a Zionist who supports the perversion of another person’s words because she sees them as hostile to her cause, she does.

Don’t get me wrong: My understanding is that there are Zionists (the term refers to people who want the restoration of the historic Jewish homeland in the Middle East) who want to achieve their aim by peaceful means and do not object to co-habitation with the Palestinian people. Ms Berger is not one of them.

She is an aggressive Zionist who, in her words and deeds, supports the mass-murder of Palestinians by the Israeli government and works hard to attack, undermine and discredit those who act as advocates for peace.

That is the reason she should be unwelcome in the Labour Party – or anywhere else in British politics.

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10 thoughts on “Luciana Berger SHOULD BE unwelcome in the Labour Party – but not because she is Jewish

  1. Vanda Bubear

    Well said. It’s about time someone stood up to this bully of a woman.

    There is no place in the Labour Party for bullies. And she is certainly one. Since she came on the scene I have felt totally unable to voice concerns about the murderous Israeli government and it’s genocidal, apartheid policies, in public, because the likes of her would label those views antisemitic.

    I feel bullied and intimidated by the right-whingers in this party.

    The party needs to take steps to discipline them for the constant attacks against Corbyn, and Berger’s penchant for running to the right-wing press in order to bad-mouth him. She’s written articles in The Times, which vehemently opposes Corbyn and will stop at nothing to make up stories about him, and she also appeared in a Radio Five Live show which featured Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun. Imagine how the people of Liverpool felt about the latter. One can only guess, when they see an MP who is supposed to represent them sharing a media platform with someone from The Sun, a paper which is banned from sale in most parts of Liverpool because of their lies after Hillsborough.

    Berger was in attendance at the same bash as MacKenzie, so no doubt we are allowed to conclude that, by her own skewed logic (she once again slated Corbyn after the wreath-laying slurs and smears, saying his attendance at the graves was enough to prove his complicity), she is in agreement with MacKenzie and all he stands for.

    Or is it the usual, one rule for Corbyn and the ‘Corbynistas’ (another right-wing form of verbal abuse against Corbyn supporters), and another for the Blairite right?

  2. Zippi

    I think that this came up in The Papers, last night, on B.B.C. News, under a headline that suggested that Jeremy Corbyn now had support from the Far Right! Why is that those who accuse and label as anti-Semites people who use the word Zionist, of conflating it with Jew, do the same? We should all know that Christian Zionism has a loooong history and Noam Chomsky will tell you that The U.S.A. have more than plenty of Christian Zionists. Are we really to assume that any mention of Zionists refers only to Jews? Really? I don’t know this woman but I should like to sit down and have a cup of tea with her, to find out what per problem actually is.

    1. Simon Cohen

      Good points Zippi. The fact that these false claims of antisemitism are allowing the far Right to pipe up shows that by belittling the concept of antisemitism, the Right are given oxygen by exploiting the public’s confusion.

      I’ve already contacted IPSO in relation to Guardian articles that refused to disentangle the Zionism= Judaism conflation. This will feed antisemitism and it is that that worries me as a Jew. Luciana Berger lacks intellectual discretion and not only needs lessons in history but needs educating about Judaism as well! She clearly does not understand that there is a cultural war going on within Israel around those orthodox Jews who do not accept a nationalist Jewish State and secular Jews who want to further their secularistic ideology.

      The Times is a filthy rag that is exploiting this for its own nefarious purposes. It first tried to link Corbyn with David Duke of the KKK and now Griffin. They are playing what is sometimes called ‘non-linear warfare’ where the public are deliberately confused by polar opposites being combined.

    2. Jan Brooker

      “I don’t know this woman but I should like to sit down and have a cup of tea with her, to find out what her problem actually is.” If you met her [and didn’t know who she was] you’d never mistake her for a socialist. I’ve been present and seen her do a presentation on the “elevator pitch” ~ if I hadn’t known who she was, I’d have thought her some sort of PR person. After her ‘pitch’ she had to leave, no time for ordinary folk. In the end, her CLP picked her to stand for Labour ~ which shows where they were. Another of the candidates was a local Councillor, and colleague of mine on a child-care charity. A social worker, down to earth, dealing with the effects of poverty in the next borough, Knowlsey BUT the CLP picked Berger as the candidate in a rock-solid Labour seat [it’s easy to see why so many had left the Labour Party in it’s Blairite guise]. Ho, hum ….

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Luciana Berger’s CLP did NOT pick her to stand for Labour – she was parachuted in when the party was still run by Blairites.

  3. Zippi

    Furthermore, would somebody, please, even if Mr. Corbyn was referring to the Jews who were present, tell me exactly what was anti-Semitic in what he said?

  4. phil badiz

    covers up mass murder & religious apartheid by slagging everyone as anti-semites… enough!!

  5. Alan

    I know next to nothing about the theology of Judaism, but on seeing Berger describe herself as a “proud” Jew, I wonder whether it shares with Christianity that pride is a sin.

  6. John.

    If Berger is steeped in Zionist cult fantasies labelled ‘history’ then lessons are exactly what she needs, just not those delivered by the cult she’s been indoctrinated by.

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