Jewish MPs who whipped up fake ‘anti-Semitism’ claims against Labour want bodyguards for party conference

Luciana Berger: Is the reason she needs a bodyguard the fact that she lied about her leader?

You reap what you sow, I suppose.

And for the fanatics who started the false claims of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour Party, this is either an unintended consequence or a by-product that supports them.

I’m saying that, by raising false and easily-disproved allegations of anti-Semitism, they have actually increased the danger of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish MPs.

Or they have created the fear of such attacks.

Or, at least, they have made it possible for Jewish Labour MPs to claim they fear such attacks.

Remember, Ruth Smeeth claimed she received many thousands of anti-Semitic social media communications in a single day, but she was later proved to have been lying.

It is as well to give these MPs their bodyguards. We have seen one death threat against Jeremy Corbyn on the petition raised against him by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, so it would be wrong to discount the possibility of attempts against Jewish members out-of-hand.

But this is a situation that is at least partly of their own making.

Look at the example cited in the Jewish Chronicle‘s article, below.

Luciana Berger leapt to support a report that twisted Jeremy Corbyn’s words about a small group of Zionists – not Jews, claiming that, as a “proud British Jew” she felt “unwelcome” in the Labour Party.


Mr Corbyn said nothing against Jews. He merely gave a dressing-down to a gang of yobs claiming to represent Zionism, who misrepresented the words of a Palestinian representative for obvious political purposes.

At least we can hope that all concerned now have at least a rudimentary understanding of irony and can appreciate it is ironic that, by supporting fake claims of anti-Semitism, they have whipped up fears of genuine anti-Semitic attacks.

One can understand why anyone who know the facts of the matter would feel frustrated.

So, while it may be necessary for these MPs to have bodyguards, it is also necessary for them to accept their part in creating the need for them…

And to stop lying about their leader.

Jewish MPs will be given bodyguards at next month’s Labour Party Conference as fears around their safety grow amid the antisemitism row that engulfs the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn.

Protection will be offered to those MPs attending who have been victims of abuse from people who claim to support Mr Corbyn on social media.

It comes after Luciana Berger said she felt ‘unwelcome’ in her own party after a video emerged showing Mr Corbyn making seemingly xenophobic comments about ‘Zionists’ of having no sense of English irony.

Source: Jewish MPs will be offered bodyguards at Labour conference – The Jewish Chronicle

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25 thoughts on “Jewish MPs who whipped up fake ‘anti-Semitism’ claims against Labour want bodyguards for party conference

  1. Jeffrey davies

    Hysteria hmmm corbyn got to b fav for some idiot who believes all this crap about anti this and anti that giving these clowns bodyguards well ones showing there could be a danger to them showing that they were right to point out this yep they made their beds now it’s time for them to be deselected whip taking away waved offf with a fanfare yippy

  2. david

    interesting that they specify people who ‘CLAIM’ to support, although many will not notice that. Is it because they fear legal action or are they realising they may have been pushing things a little [ a lot ] too far?

  3. jg

    The cost should come out of there renumeration not the public purse and should not be expenses either

  4. marie

    I think that this may yet be another ruse to demonstrate that they are feeling threatened by the presence of ordinary members of the LP. And then all the media will go into a frenzy and make a song and dance about it, all to discredit the LP and its members. Didn’t they say that JC and members of the LP represented an existential threat to the Jewish community? So they have to show that they need bodyguards to attend something they have always attended with no fear at all. I don’t believe that genuine members of the LP are a risk to anyone, as the LP is inclusive by its very nature.

  5. Vanda Bubear

    It’s ridiculous though, isn’t it?

    Disagree with the Pro-Israel lobby, and you’re either labelled antisemite or being abusive, or both. In other words, you CANNOT disagree with that they say.

    Yet they can say what the hell they want against us (most favoured terms of abuse is calling us ‘Corbynistas’ and alluding to us as cult members), or their democratically elected leader. And they are NEVER bought to account for it – case in point is Hodge and her screaming foul mouthed obscenities at Corbyn whilst actually inside Parliament.

    In other words, tow the Pro-Israel line or be labelled abusive, or antisemitic. And THIS is abuse, and bullying, pure and simple. Yet it’s the choice that ordinary Labour Party members now face. This is nothing short of intimidation and bullying of ordinary, decent party members whose only wish is for a Labour government. They do not wish to be embroiled with faux racism slurs in a party whose record on dealing with racism is there for all to see – antisemitism has significantly REDUCED under Corbyn’s leadership, not increased.

    Unlike these Blairite MPs, ordinary people cannot afford the luxury of another term of tory government. They don’t have excessive salaries and private insurances for Health, Education and welfare. Yet these are Labour MPs who are effectively vetoing any chance we have of getting the Labour Party into government. As soon as Labour goes ahead in the polls another slur comes out against Corbyn – you can set your watch by it, it’s so obvious.

    Corbyn’s social media is so obviously being trawled for anything and everything he’s ever said on there, in case it provides a juicy antisemitism smear in the making. And these MPs jump to join the bandwagon, often writing articles in the right-wing press in support of the vicious and bullying smear campaign.

    It’s about time the party did something about this obvious and constant bullying and antagonism of its own members – I actually left the party about these issues some time ago but joined again when the party instigated disciplinary action against Hodge for her totally unacceptable outburst (I thought things had actually changed). Lo and behold ….

  6. Zippi

    This is what I said wold happen (real anti-Semitism being whipped up) and Kenneth Stern said it, too! Also, I said that it was probably the aim.
    If any of us is angry with £uciana Berger et al and rightly so, we should give them the cold shoulder. Any attempt to reason with them will be seen as an attack so, it’s best just to ignore them. This is classic attention seeking behaviour, anyway. The less attention that they receive, the more foolish they will look.
    “Ruth Smeeth claimed she received many thousands of anti-Semitic social media communications in a single day, but she was later proved to have been lying.” Really? I’ve not seen the proof? Where was it published?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’ve mentioned this in a very recent article so hopefully you’ve got your answer now.

  7. jhs007

    What a load of bulldust! No MP or party member will need any kind of extra protection at conference beyond the security that will be put in place… Those MPs or others who think otherwise have tickets on themselves and an over inflated sense of their own importance.

  8. john thatcher

    All they need is earplugs so they can’t hear the justified criticism of their vile activities.

  9. Jan Brooker

    Anyway, can’t say more. We’re organising a little surprise for them here in Liverpool. Using humour, street theatre and red roses. Loverpool xxx

  10. Alex

    This article neatly explaining why Ms Berger needs a bodyguards. Pro-Corbyn fake-news outlets like this inferring she ought to be fearful of lynching for making accusations that Corbynistas don’t like. There’s a reason people call the Corbyn project fascist, this is but one such example.

  11. Winston Smith

    I am a traditional Labour supporter going back to the early 80s, when I campaigned for Michael Foot. I am horrified at the current brutish, thuggish, cultist racism within the party. It’s horrific.

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