Labour right goes bananas at NEC result – and provides a lesson for the left | The SKWAWKBOX

It seems the reaction of the Labour right and its media allies to the overwhelming victory of the ‘left slate’ in the NEC elections has been an object lesson in how to portray oneself as a sore loser.

It’s worse than pathetic – it’s hilarious. Take a look at the Skwawkbox article:

Monday’s outstanding result for the grassroots-left ‘slate’ of candidates – a clean sweep of all nine positions – in the elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) was a huge boost for the morale and plans of Labour’s huge pro-Corbyn majority and the Labour leadership.

Conversely, it was a massive blow to the Labour right and its media allies, who reacted – with utter predictability – by focusing on the success of Peter Willsman and treating the illicit recording of his outburst during a July NEC meeting as if narratives that it was antisemitic were not false, when the reality showed the opposite.

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8 thoughts on “Labour right goes bananas at NEC result – and provides a lesson for the left | The SKWAWKBOX

  1. Colin Clarke

    It does seem a shame that these right wing labour mps are turned to the right by their apparrent wealth gained from a system that pays them at every turn. True Labour mps put welfare of the people before wealth of themselves.But, in a parliament where personal gain is so easy, there is bound to be some “Easy money” grubbers. Did they really all vote for that 12 grand p.a. pay rise when this current selfish right wing bunch or ravers took power?

  2. Barry Davies

    Maybe they have been taking lessons from those who wrongly voted remain and have been gnashing their teeth stamping their feet and wailing about cliff edges although they are miles in land.

    1. Zippi

      This is way older than that. You are aware that these people have been trying, in earnest, to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn since he was nominated?

  3. Zippi

    Reality? You talk as though people are interested in the truth!
    If the following is anything to go by, MR. Corbyn has t hard road ahead:


    The response of Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North, to the row surrounding Frank Field’s resignation of the Labour whip was typical of Labour moderates:

    “The character assassinations of Frank Field have already begun, but the two issues he raises – antisemitism and the toxic political culture of our Party – must be addressed if we are to prevent this becoming a full-blown existential crisis for the Labour Party.”

    One response to such a statement is to see it as a stern warning to Corbyn and his supporters.

    Another is: “oh, come on.” How many obscene acts does Jeremy Corbyn have to commit, how much online thuggery from his supporters does the country have to tolerate, before “decent” Labour members stop swallowing down their vomit, and get rid of Jeremy Corbyn?

    A few weeks ago, The Word magazine splashed its cover with a photo of Margaret Hodge, a Jewish Labour MP. Her photo was decorated with the headline “The Enemy Within”. This marked the stage, I thought, the descent-into-fully-Goebbelsian-repellance, when the “decent” Labour MPs would act.

    I was wrong, of course. On and on the “moderates” like Wes go, tweeting their disgust at the party they also promote; their revulsion at the man they’re trying to make Prime Minister. As time passes and the moderates do precisely nothing, the more convinced I am that the relevant question isn’t “Why don’t they act?” but: How did the Labour Party come to incubate Corbynism in the first place?

    After all, the idea of a Conservative with mirror-image views to Corbyn being selected as a parliamentary candidate is unimaginable, let alone such a creature becoming Tory leader. Neither Conservative Members of Parliament nor the ordinary party workers would tolerate such extremism. So why did Labour permit someone with Corbyn’s views, confrères, instincts and behaviour ever to hold the Labour whip? Why didn’t they expel him decades ago?

    The answer to that question, I think, explains the psychological paralysis afflicting Labour’s members of Parliament. I said that a Tory-Corbyn is “unimaginable”: but such an assertion wouldn’t be accepted by the mainstream Left, would it? For Labour — not just the Corbynite squealers, but its moderate wing, its Blairites, its Old Labour social democrats — it is an article of faith that all Tories are bad.

    I can’t think of any Tory leader who hasn’t paid homage to the decent and patriotic instincts of moderate Labour: the movement, its voters, its leaders. But neither can I recall a single example of any Labour politician in modern history who did anything but demonise Tories.

    This goes deeper than the rubbish about the NHS that Labour produces at every single election — it’s a deliberate refusal to acknowledge that goodness can exist beyond Labour. This conflation of “Being Labour” with “Being a Good Person” is Labour’s original sin.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters call a Jewish MP “The enemy within”; they’re wrong, of course, as well as disgusting. The real enemy within Labour is its dysfunctional reasoning about the nature of goodness, and its inability to see that voting Labour doesn’t make you a better person than the millions of people who don’t.”



    The Labour NEC election results are in and all nine Corbynista candidates have been elected, including Pete Willsman who even Momentum, Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar, and Matt Zarb-Cousin withdrew support for over his rant about the anti-Semitism crisis being faked by Jewish Trump supporters. Willsman has been accused of behaving inappropriately towards young female activists.

    The nine candidates elected include Momentum Chair Jon Lansman, who reportedly voted for Pete Willsman despite hearing his rant.

    The Labour membership is now more in the pocket of the likes of Chris Williamson than Owen Jones…”

    I do not believe that I have broken any rules but reposting these.

    1. Jogon

      My god, what a rant? Vitriolic, abusive and you miss the obvious reason Corbyn, who you disgustingly describe as a creature, was allowed to be part of labour for so long. Because the allegations against him are bulls**t. I am under no illusion as to the imperfect nature of Corbyn but let’s be bloody real here, This is a man that has spent 35 years working for peace (as unfashionable as this continues to be to war mongering governments like our own, both Tory and New labour) and that means talking to people we may not like or agree with. Just like Blair and many others did as well. But of course that’s different yes? Do the research and take the blinkers off. It is well known that the Israeli state has helped to inflame the so called anti Semitic problem within labour. It is also independently documented that the Conservative party has many more instances of anti Semitic attacks than labour.
      And it doesn’t take a great intellect to see that the very first and most vociferous ‘moderates’ in labour to join in the crusade were the very same that have been constantly undermining and smearing Corbyn since he was elected as leader. Hmm coincidence!?
      As for the conservatives paying respect to the decent moderates, sure some may have but equally they attacked and demonised blair et al. You cherry pick your very loose sweeping ‘facts’ in order to back up your preconceptions.

      1. Zippi

        You miss the point, too; these are not my words. You will notice my introduction then, the rant in inverted commas. They were posted by somebody from another site, hence my saying that I do not believe that I have broken any rules by reposting it.

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