‘British Jews’ documentary triggers death of a cherished anti-Corbyn LIE

All smiles for the camera: The participants in the BBC documentary We Are British Jews.

It seems it was too much to ask that We Are British Jews could be a balanced documentary, but at least it has helped kill the vicious lie that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a friend of terrorists.

The BBC promised us that the programme broadcast on BBC2 at 9pm (BST) yesterday (September 4) would document the genuine life experiences, attitudes and reactions of eight Jewish citizens of the UK at this time.

To This Writer’s jaundiced eye and ear, it seemed dangerously one-sided – against Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party, at a time when it is fighting off a manufactured “anti-Semitism” crisis.

You see, during the documentary, someone raised the claim that the Labour leader was a friend of people in the terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah.

I was live-tweeting on Twitter at the time, so I broadcast the fact that the claim wasn’t true – and bedlam ensued.

I had to clarify this, as I had intended to say that it was a myth that these people were his friends. He was using diplomatic – some say Parliamentary – language, and rightly so – you don’t get what you want from somebody by insulting them, after all.

You can draw your own conclusions about the people who responded from their words:

Important point, there: The claim was that Mr Corbyn only spoke with terrorists from Hamas and Hezbollah but the fact was that he had spoken with the Israelis as well.

Did this revelation lead to more rational discussion? No.

This one shows the attitude of these people – even when a claim has been disproved, they keep pushing it. Because if you repeat a lie often enough, people start believing it again?

How about this?

He didn’t need to be in government to get peace. All he needed to do was try to bring people together.



Isn’t this a false equivalence? Mr Corbyn applauded the Good Friday Agreement which he supported to the hilt. But it is will known that he disagreed with Tony Blair on a huge number of issues over the nine years of Blair government that followed, so it is no wonder he did not share a platform with that gentleman in 2016. These issues are different.

And by the way (apologies for the profanity in this one):


Let’s get back to the abuse:


Oh really?

So it turns out that one peace negotiated by Mr Corbyn, “like the Good Friday Agreement”, was the Good Friday Agreement.

Mr Corbyn acted as a go-between – exactly as I had suggested – on behalf of the Labour government of the time, and sorted out details that made the Northern Irish peace process possible.

He did it by visiting just one side of the conflict – and you can be sure he used diplomatic language.

And I would not have been able to bring this to you without the help of all the haters whose words appear above – and many more who didn’t make the edit.

The conclusion is clear:

Jeremy Corbyn is not a friend of terrorism. He is a friend of peace. Ask yourself why anybody would want to deny that and you’ll be able to think of your own name for his critics.

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22 thoughts on “‘British Jews’ documentary triggers death of a cherished anti-Corbyn LIE

      1. Marie Gatfield

        Hello Mike, One simple quote to stop them spouting nonsense, when they claim that talking to warring factions to bring peace is a bad thing: If you want to bring peace, you don’t talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies. Mother Teresa,

  1. MerryMichaelW

    Here,Mike – a word to the wise – or your rather strange friends on twitter: it was not Tony Blair, but Mo Mowlam who finished off the work started by Thatcher, yes, that Thatcher, and carried on by John Major. And who was one of her able deputies, talking directly to the man? Why, one Mr. Jeremy Corbyn. Why? He has supreme negotiating skills.

    Tony Blair was here the dignified signatory, rather than the active participant.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Are you referring to those people as my friends in the same way Jeremy Corbyn was referring to terrorists as his?

  2. Barry Davies

    Maybe you could use the way the conciliation works between unions and management when they are in separate rooms as an example of what he was doing.

  3. Growing Flame

    Didn’t Julius Caesar ,apparently, address the crowds by calling them “Friends, Romans, countrymen!” when he had no reason to expect them to really be his friends. (He was later murdered!) It is what politicians say to attract attention. Every day in Parliament, MPs will refer to “My friend opposite” when they are about to be hyper-critical of an opposing MP! It’s a rhetorical device not signifying any real friendship. It just means that the politician wishes to draw the other into debate about matters of importance. Which is what Jeremy Corbyn has been doing when trying to bring different sides together to talk peace.

    As for him always siding with the “terrorists” , he realises that, as Moshe Dayan said, “You don’t make peace by talking to your friends, you make peace by talking to your enemies.” For too long, western politicians have thought that peace would come to the Middle East by supporting the Zionist cause and excluding the Palestinians from the process. But, as we learned in the north of Ireland, just dismissing one side as “terrorists” gets us nowhere. In the end, both sides have to be involved. That is what Corbyn has been working for.

    1. Neilth

      It was Mark Anthony addressing the crowd he goes on ‘I come to bury Caesar not to praise him’ the point of the speech was a political attack on Caesars assassins whom Anthony repeatedly calls ‘honourable men’ in an ironic criticism. Actually to be completely pedantic it was one W Shakespeare who coined the phrases as he wrote the play and put the words in the characters mouths.

      1. Growing Flame

        I stand corrected about Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. We “did” Shakespeare at school but my memory is vague. Still, my actual point still stands.

  4. John.

    The only thing to take from this is that it’s quite clear who the wilful ignorance and hatred emanates from.

    The Zionists are so indoctrinated and invested in their own abomination, lies and supremacist fantasies that there is little wonder anything truthful is immediately classified as an attack and grave threat.

    As for the comment aluding to JC ever saying anything about the abomination that isn’t hate inspired, that sums up the Zionist paradigm.

    What can anyone say about a supremacist cult invention, a lunatic state run by colonial imposters, engaged in a murderous US sponsored expansion project that seeks the theft of others land and resources and the forced displacement of those already there, that isn’t going to be perceived as hate by those odious creeps who support that vicious ongoing crime.

    Just because Zionists say it’s hatred doesn’t make it so, it’s simply the unadulterated truth and it’s that truth the Zionist cult don’t want heard and seek to silence, simply because they are the monsters, murderers, thieves, terrorists, criminals and above all the apologists for a lunatic supremacist state out of control, that disregards all established forms of international behaviour and law.

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with attacking ‘jews’, or at least it wouldn’t if the Zionists didn’t seek to always make it so. Many jews oppose the Zionist cult and their cherished invention for obvious reasons.

  5. hugosmum70

    am i right ? did jeremy corbyn get a Peace Prize this year? admitted not THE NOBEL ONE. Nevertheless you dont get a peace prize ,no matter how big or small the interest in it is, without you have fought for peace in one way or another. As for someone trying to say he couldnt negotiate for peace as he was only a back bencher……. Mother Teresa DID get the NOBEL peace prize and she wasnt even an MP. what did she do to get it/how did she get it?what reason was given?… whatever it was.she was still awarded it.

  6. Harry Nandra

    Throughout the history of man, conflicts have always been resolved through dialogue between opposing factions. My view is that anyone who is prepared to sit down round a table and have that dialogue in the pursuit of a peaceful resolution has my backing and can be referred to as friend no matter what faction they belong to, and by inviting representatives from those groups to enter peaceful dialogue in an attempt to start a peace process, Jeremy was following the correct course Jeremy was awarded a prestigious Ghandi international Peace award in 2013 for his tireless work for peace and human rights over many years and was awarded the McBride peace prize in 2017 for the same reason. He gets my vote any day.


    I don’t know if your aware of this statement by Orthodox Jews of the Uk Mike! so here it is;

    Statement by Orthodox Jews of the UK in Response to the Vilification of the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP
    London – 4 September
    Orthodox Jewish congregations in the United Kingdom were shocked to see three so-called “Jewish” newspapers publish a declaration that “Jews are united against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.”
    Former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks took the rhetoric to a new level when he stated in a BBC interview that Jews are already thinking about fleeing Britain in fear of a Corbyn government.
    The three newspapers that carried this declaration are decidedly secular, and have very little to do with the UK’s religious Jewish community, particularly that section of the community which opposes Zionism. It is absurd to see them as representing the views of religious Jewry. Rabbi Sacks, while he may be religiously observant, is not seen as a leader or representative in the traditional Orthodox community, nor is his opinion on Jewish religious matters respected in those circles.
    Traditional Orthodox Jews are grateful to the United Kingdom for its hospitality to the Jews over the past three centuries, and seek only peaceful relations with British politicians, as we are commanded by the prophet Jeremiah (29:7), “Seek the peace of the city to which I have exiled you.”
    Traditional Orthodox Jews have been on very good terms with Mr. Corbyn for several years, and have found him to be extremely friendly and willing to help Jews in any way possible. He is not at all anti-Semitic, as the Zionists wish to paint him. He has criticised certain policies and actions taken by the State of Israel, but he makes a clear-cut distinction between Jews and Israel, and writes clearly that Jews carry no responsibility for Israel’s actions. That is why he has not accepted the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) Definition of Anti-Semitism.
    That definition correctly identifies “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” as an example of anti-Semitism; however the definition’s insistence that “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” should be considered anti-Semitism, itself contributes to the impression that Jews and the State of Israel are one and the same and thereby exacerbates anti-Semitism.
    It is historically clear that the State of Israel has never been universally accepted by the Jewish People, since the Zionist philosophy of building a sovereign home-land for Jews is forbidden according to Jewish law. In addition, the occupation of Palestine and the oppression of its people is in total violation of Judaism. Hence, opposition to Zionism and the state of Israel can in no way be conflated with opposition to Jews and Judaism, or be referred to as anti-Semitism.
    Torah-true Jews will be vocal in support of Mr. Corbyn and show that the pro-Zionist media and organizations do not represent the many thousands of traditional Orthodox Jews of the UK. The State of Israel is not beneficial to the Jewish people, and the Zionists’ main contribution to world Jewry has been to kindle the fire of anti-Semitism under them, precisely through this policy of denouncing every politician that stands in their way, however good he may be to Jews in his country.
    Any questions and requests for elaboration may be directed to Neturei Karta International at [email protected]

  8. Dave Rowlands

    The truth doesn’t exist when a smear campaign is all they have, what’s left? And if you tell a lie…..

  9. Terry

    BBC are refusing to confirm if the Gentleman shouting abuse at Chris Williamson MP, is the Gentleman on their, ‘We are British Jews’ programme !

  10. Zippi

    Of course and as is the form for out Media, all reports of this incident were devoid of context. Why is it that our reporters can’t do just that; report, rather than telling “stories?” Jeremy Corbyn referred to these people as his friends? Verily, he referred to them as “our friends.” Now, he could have been using the Royal Our, or he could have been referring to certain members of these groups with whom he was able to discuss matters. I have friends, genuine friends, who are Tory but does that mean that I support Tory ideology?
    I was going to post a video of Mr. Corbyn’s actual speech, in which is made the reference, followed by a mention of what the purpose of the meeting was, which to to try to bring about peace in the region, something which some clips edit out. Instead, I shall post this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0pop2veUTQ
    It is from 2015 but it says so much about what Mr. Corbyn does and what I believe it the way forward and how I have had to deal with racists for, almost, my entire life.

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