Universal Credit: Who do you believe – Theresa May and Esther McVey, or a nine-year-old girl?

Innocent: A nine-year-old girl (not the one in the picture) contacted a charity and begged for work to alleviate the destitution inflicted on her family by the Tories’ Universal Credit policy.

Let’s answer the question in the headline straight away: We believe the girl, obviously. Mrs May and Ms McVey are both habitual liars.

Once again Humanity Torbay is in the news, exposing the Conservative government’s fake “benefit” – Universal Credit – for the charade it really is.

Last time, the charity’s boss, Ellie Waugh, spoke out against the gagging order imposed by Theresa May and her cronies on organisations like hers, threatening to de-fund them if they criticised the imposition of Universal Credit.

This time Ms Waugh highlighted the harm being done to families across the country – by raising the case of a nine-year-old girl who begged to be allowed into employment after her mother died and her father, on Universal Credit, was unable to find work himself.

The Daily Mirror had the story:

“A girl of nine begged for work to feed her family after ­Universal Credit left her jobless dad skint.

“In a heartbreaking phone call, she told how her mum had died and there was barely any food at home.

“She said: “I’ll do anything. I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds.”

“The desperate nine-year-old girl revealed her mum had died, her dad lost his job and they were going hungry as delays in his Universal Credit had plunged them into poverty.

“The phone call exposed the harsh reality of life on the hated Universal Credit, which the stubborn Tories refuse to axe despite the obvious ­hardship it is causing.

“Five weeks ago, the girl’s HGV driver dad was made redundant but is still waiting for his first benefit payment to clear.

“He was raising the three children alone in the Torbay area of Devon after his wife died four years ago. The girl contacted Humanity Torbay, which provides food banks and support for the vulnerable.

“CEO Ellie reassured the brave child she would not have to work. She called her dad, who wants to remain nameless, and promised food and support.”

The Department for Work and Pensions responded with the usual flannel, this time about the extra money promised for UC in the Budget – cash that will do nothing to alleviate the suffering that is built into the way the harsh policy works.

My fear is that some will have heard the story and started salivating at the thought of reimposing child labour. They’ll see it as a cheap alternative – and Tories see no profit in educating the poor.

Condemnation has been widespread:

And the Universal Credit horror stories are starting to come into the light thick and fast now:

A Norfolk woman is on a week-long hunger strike in protest against Universal Credit and the deaths of the homeless.

Universal Credit is being blamed for the huge increase in food bank use in Birmingham – and elsewhere across the UK.

There will be more stories today, tomorrow, and in the future as long as this atrocity of a policy is in force.

Ms Waugh has asked Theresa May and Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey to visit Humanity Torbay and see the human cost for themselves.

They haven’t agreed to attend yet – and what good will come of it if they do?

Ms McVey lied bare-faced to Parliament on Monday and Mrs May has ordered others to lie, to save herself and her government from embarrassment and criticism.

But something has to be done and if these people fear being shamed by the facts, then let’s provide as many as we can.

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6 thoughts on “Universal Credit: Who do you believe – Theresa May and Esther McVey, or a nine-year-old girl?

  1. Justin

    well they can be heartless and as they are going to find out some of us that handle the cases can also be heartless as well, they just have not found that out yet, it is coming though and as the dwp seem to have a love for tribunals, apart of that mindset is there is not enough doing the Barham.


    we need more of this, get them reported a 5 year caution is pretty good struck of would have been better

  2. wildthing666

    Evil McVile has now cut the waiting time to 3 weeks, but what about all those waiting longer than 5 weeks? I would be telling the DWP to pay or go to court and give them just days to pay. 5 weeks is more than enough time to sort out the claim, if they cannot sort it out in 5 weeks then the DWP are understaffed and need more employees. Then again if they cannot sort it out in 5 weeks then they have absolutely no chance in 3 weeks.
    As McVile has cut the time from the original 6 weeks down to 3 weeks this can only prove the original time was nothing more than a con to force claimants either back into any kind of work or poverty, that’s if anyone ever gets a payment after 3 weeks, this can only mean one of two things; The first payment will be in 3 weeks or the claimant will have to wait a further week,plus, for a payment. I just don’t see anything happening in 3 weeks except misery for claimants.

  3. Charles Davidson

    After more than 50 years, I have now become a none voting conservative. That nine year old girl brought me to my senses. Politics we are now all a witness too. A Prime Minister more concerned about her party, than the people she is suppose to be concerned about.

    Time for a demonstration of responsibility, that was once what Conservativism once was. Even China could teach this government how to govern and create a healthy economy.

  4. Michael McNulty

    Is this what the Tories mean by “Work is the best way out of poverty.”? A nine year old girl asking for work just to bring in a little bit of money is a modern atrocity.

    I hope that even though Jeremy Corbyn isn’t saying so yet (it may put him in danger), he intends to hold a Public Enquiry into the Tories’ treatment of our poorest people.

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