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Theresa and the troops: It seems she means to rely on them to keep her in power after she stubbornly forces the worst possible Brexit on us all.

Theresa May’s Brexit policy seems designed to ruin both the prime minister and her party. Can anybody understand the reasons?

She is demanding that MPs – and the country as a whole – accept her rubbish “deal” with the European Union because time is running out and the only alternative she is prepared to accept is “no deal”, forcing us to apply to the World Trade Organisation for permission to use its – basic – rules.

But Marcus, below, makes a very pertinent point:

I think we may conclude that Mrs May really does want to remove the UK from the EU before this country becomes subject to new EU-wide laws on tax evasion; she wants to ensure that the very rich can’t be forced to contribute to the wealth of the nation; she wants to ensure that there is no money for social policies that help ordinary people. That seems the only reason for sticking to this deadline when it is clear that more time is needed.

We also know that she is deliberately running down the clock, making “no deal” more likely. This may be because she is unduly influenced by the hard-right European Research Group headed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, which would prefer such an outcome. It would explain Mr Rees-Mogg’s about-turn from demanding her resignation to supporting her. But Marcus (again) points out that this will have a serious effect on her party’s electoral chances:

Good question.

Put these elements together and it may be easier to understand why Mrs May is planning to deploy 3,500 soldiers onto the streets of the UK in the event of a “no-deal” Brexit. Martial law would preserve her government – sorry, dictatorship – against the civil unrest that her policies seem certain to provoke.

These are dangerous times.

We have a national leader who knows she is on borrowed time – but we have seen that she is desperate to cling on to power for its own sake.

And we have a Parliament whose members seem determined to keep her in government – not because it is good for the country as a whole but in order to allow her to do as much harm as possible.

And I haven’t even mentioned the compliant Tory news media that are trying to keep you tranquillised and complacent, quietly accepting it as Mrs May pushes you into personal debt and strips away the rights that have been built up over the centuries to protect you from people like her.

I’m surprised every MP in Westminster isn’t being bombarded by demands from an electorate insisting that they do everything they can to prevent either of the results that Mrs May favours.

She says she is acting in the national interest, but it is clear that she is only interested in herself.

What are you waiting for? You need to talk to your MP.