Bullies in the Labour Party… are those who lied about Wavertree CLP’s ‘no confidence’ votes on Berger

Luciana Berger: “No confidence” motions against her were about her attempts to undermine the Labour leadership. Why is the Labour leadership trying to defend her?

Labour’s leadership shot itself in the foot yet again at the end of a disastrous week for relations between the executive and rank-and-file members.

Earlier in the week, general secretary Jennie Formby’s refusal to suspend Wes Streeting and investigate his behaviour after he launched a despicable attack on a 70-year-old female member, using faked evidence and publicising her true identity which she keeps hidden, put her in hot water – with members telling her in no uncertain terms that the complaints system was not fit for purpose, prioritising representatives over the people who put them there.

Then Wavertree CLP cancelled two ‘no confidence’ votes about the behaviour of that constituency’s MP, Luciana Berger. The first was withdrawn by its proposer, and the second by the CLP itself after it emerged that the member proposing the motion will be out of the UK on the day planned for the debate. This Writer’s understanding is that both motions referred to the actions of the MP, whose false claims of anti-Semitism within the party have caused deep offence.

Yet some within the party hierarchy have made reference to abuse that the MP receives (Ms Formby), to the fact that she is eight months pregnant (Harriet Harman – and what does that have to do with anything?)…

… and to racism/anti-Semitism within the CLP (Tom Watson – who should know that it has a large Jewish contingent and is chaired by a Jewish person; Wes Streeting (again) – who accused the people of Liverpool of being anti-Semitic en masse in yet another ill-advised tweet;


…and Chuka Umunna).

The attempted bullying by the members named above incensed party members across the UK – many of whom are now threatening to burn their membership cards in protest at what they see as clearly prejudicial behaviour – in favour of MPs who are spreading lies, and against members who are the victims of those lies.

Mr Watson’s comments in particular – as a non-Jew potentially implying the “wrong kind of Jew” argument against Jewish party members – disgraced the Labour Party. Wavertree CLP’s executive has released a statement to “strongly reject the media inaccuracies and the accusations of political bullying, for simply adhering to Party rules and doing our jobs” and asserting that “the suggestion that the CLP Executive is in any way a party to bullying and antisemitism is a false and slanderous accusation”.

And Mr Streeting’s tweet – following Ms Formby’s call for no more “trial by Twitter”, this indicates he believes she was lecturing rank-and-file members, not him – will undoubtedly have led to more calls for his Labour membership to be suspended and an investigation into his behaviour held. See this article for further details.

Ordinary Labour Party members took offence at the glib way so-called leaders of the party tried to pretend that the “no confidence” motion was an attack on Ms Berger as a person, rather than as a representative of the party. Ms Formby came in for particularly strong criticism. See:

Donahue Rogers tweeted: “Gen Sec should not be voicing an opinion about this – especially as you’re asking members to show solidarity with someone who refuses to show support for a Labour government and also refuses to dismiss rumours that she is about to join another party

Here’s the ever-controversial George Galloway – with an opinion that, for once, wasn’t:

It was an error of judgement, especially as it allowed party members to compare support for an MP who consistently undermines her party with the lack of it for the MP who has endured more abuse than all the others put together. As “Audrey” put it: “I didn’t see that many ppl falling over each other publicly to defend Diane when she is abused permanently even by tv journos. Guess some ppl are just not worth standing in solidarity with…Planning to do something about Watson or aren’t the members worthy of solidarity either?”

Albert Trigg also took issue with Ms Formby’s claim that party members should stand in solidarity with Ms Berger: “‘Solidarity’? The same kind of solidarity she shows Corbyn and the membership? She could not even bring herself to say she wanted a Corbyn Government. Abuse is wrong but it works both ways. False accusations of racism from Labour MPs is not on.”

Consider these:

Carla Marx added: “More disappointing responses from our leaders. This isn’t enough from Jennie. The online abuse has nothing to with Wavertree activists – they have a perfect right to hold their MP to account for her signal lack of respect to them and the Party she’s meant to represent.”

Some suggested that the Labour leadership had lost focus and needed to concentrate on the real troublemakers in the party:


Ms Berger has already called for a “no confidence” vote in the Wavertree CLP executive in what can clearly be recognised as a piece of “tit-for-tat” vindictiveness:

Labour’s national leadership has already confirmed that there will be no action taken against Wavertree.

Then came the threats to quit:

Fortunately other members took a more rounded view: “There is a greater need than us,” tweeted Teri_Card007. “The 14 million in poverty, 1.5 million in destitution, 330,000 homeless and the disabled who are dying every month because of Tory policy. We stand together, support each other. Labour is Socialist and there are many of us and they’re the few.”

Here are a few more such opinions:

Perhaps the best reflection of the way Labour members feel came from a former 2017 general election candidate going under the handle @DisIdealist, who wrote: “Where members tend to draw the line, in my experience, is when a representative is seen as both politically unsympathetic and not helping to obtain a Labour government. If an MP ever crosses a line to be seen as actively helping to prevent a Labour government, then members will almost always move against them. If one looks at those Labour MPs who have faced motions of no confidence – and it is a relatively small number – one finds that it is inevitably the case that they not only have serious political differences with the leadership, but they are seen by members as making a Labour government less likely through their public provision of ammunition to the hostile media and the Tories.”

That is the real spirit of Labour. Not the fake-Tory divide-and-rule we’re seeing from the likes of Berger, Harman, Watson, Streeting, Umunna (always the same names, aren’t they?) and (I’m sorry to say) Formby.

But those are just six voices – loud voices, maybe, but not many – among more than half a million. They want to deceive the rest into thinking that their few voices matter more than those of the rest of us – and they hope that their lies will convince people of good conscience to quit the party, so they can have their cosy little club back; never challenging the Tories enough to make a difference, just making sure they take their ministerial salaries home.

To the mass of Labour members: Don’t let them win. Force the issue. Make them defend themselves – and prove that they can’t.

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7 thoughts on “Bullies in the Labour Party… are those who lied about Wavertree CLP’s ‘no confidence’ votes on Berger

  1. VANDA

    I too have had enough of the vicious bullying and intimidation of ordinary party members from the likes of Berger and Streeting. Time to call it a day.

    When a 70+ year old CLP member, and his elderly wife, is hounded in this way by the party executive, it’s beyond disgraceful. And now these two members have been left, abandoned by the party, at the mercy of a hostile media, who have already started to dig into everything they’ve ever done, ever. The leadership should have stood up for these two poor members, as they tried to wrest the CLP from the clutches of racists. Instead they’ve hung them out to dry, choosing instead to support an MP who cannot countenance Corbyn ever being PM, and who I’ve yet to see publically support the party in any way, shape or form.

    The very last straw was listening to Corbyn utter these words about the whole debacle: “These people don’t act on my behalf. What they are doing gives the party itself a bad name”. You guessed it – he was talking about the CLP, not Berger. You know, the CLP that had bravely tried to defend him from these contact racist attacks. Yet he turns his back on them and throws their support in their faces. And now they’ll be subject to yet more online abuse and harassment … I wonder whether the executive will rush to support THEM in their hour of need??

    Disgraceful. I’m out. I said a long time ago that something should be done about these MPS using antisemitism as a political weapon, a way of completely avoiding just criticism.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If members leave, then that makes people like Berger and Streeting stronger. Stay and keep fighting their vile attitudes and claims.

  2. Pat Sheehan

    As Tony Benn said and John McDonnell reminds us “Toughen Up”! The battle is never, ever over: it’s never, ever won: the fight for a voice to be heard above the din of greed goes on for ever! With every self-satisfied rest and momentary pause we see the hard won human rights of past decades just hacked away and trashed as interfering health and safety, profit eating nuisance, ‘hand-outs’ we will not afford and the recurring tory nightmare of ‘red-tape’!

  3. Michael McNulty

    The leadership response is weak and may cost us the next election as the traitors divide the party, leaving the grassroots members to resolve this grubby issue.

    One possibility is to tell the traitors not only will they not campaign for them but they’ll campaign for Independent Labour candidates, after which elected Independents can consider joining Labour. Tell these traitors whatever else happens they’re out.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Campaigning for non-Labour candidates is an easy way to get booted out of the party. Better to deselect offending MPs/candidates or refuse to campaign for them.

  4. Sue Prince

    Excellent piece. I asked Wes Streeting for an apology regarding his tweet about Liverpool. He replied that he hasn’t implied that the people of Liverpool or myself as a Scouser were antisemitic but did intimate that I was an idiot. The sheer contempt this man has towards people is disgraceful.

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