Extension plan for UK membership of EU prompts Jacob Rees-Mogg to make a fool of himself

Jacob Rees-Mogg – what a character!

I think we should call him “Jakes” from now on.  It’s a reference to an outdoor toilet, as he seems keen to flush away his own credibility.

“Jakes” was so incensed, after Donald Tusk put forward the idea of a year-long “flextension” to the UK’s membership of the EU (to be cut short if Theresa May ever manages to negotiate conditions under which the country could leave), that he took to Twitter with what one imagines he thought was a rousing call to arms:


I commented on it myself, and received some illuminating responses:

Of course, Mr Rees-Mogg’s demand is a complete reversal of his position three years ago, when he said the UK had no power in the Euro bloc, and many people have taken issue with his apparent hypocrisy on this.

Worse still (for him) is the fact that he jumped too soon; France has secured support from Spain and Belgium for the UK to leave with no deal on April 12 – or for there to be only a short extension to the UK’s Article 50 period, to avoid precipitating a financial crisis.

In these circumstances, it seems unlikely that the UK will even get the extension until June 30 that Theresa May has requested.

So Mr Rees-Mogg has blown one of his own myths – that the UK is powerless in Europe – for nothing. Nice one, “Jakes”!

6 thoughts on “Extension plan for UK membership of EU prompts Jacob Rees-Mogg to make a fool of himself

  1. Gary Bowman

    I thought the main contention of the leave campaign was along the lines of us having no influence in the EU and weren’t able to make our own laws? Thank you for clearing that up “Honourable” Rees Mogg

  2. Meryl Davids

    Not sure why anyone is surprised that he would say that, although as we all know not one of the 28 “veto’s we have used in the last 46 years has actually had any effect whatsoever.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Do we? Do we know that? Or are you just blowing smoke? I see no evidence is given to support your claim. Please provide it or withdraw your claim.

  3. nmac064

    Highlights what a thoroughly unpleasant and nasty nation wrecker Rees Mogg, the 19th century undertaker’s assistant, is.

  4. Ray

    We should send him back to the 17th centory where he belongs. he he not into the 21st centery.

  5. JohnDee

    Jakes Reel-Smug – anyone else, like me, want to donate to his leadership challenge for the (s)tory party? Har, har, har.

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