The BBC’s flimsy excuse for stopping Heidi Allen appearing on TV – but welcoming Nigel Farage

Stranglehold: The signer was actually interpreting a comment in a previous Nigel Farage TV appearance, but it works equally well to describe feelings across the nation at this minority party representative’s residency on the BBC in the run-up to the EU elections. The BBC is meant to be impartial; where are the other minority party representatives?

Apparently the BBC thought it was all right for Nigel Farage to appear on Question Time because other politicians were there to balance out his views.

It is true that, besides Mr Farage, Amber Rudd appeared for the Conservatives, Jonathan Reynolds for Labour and, yes, Anna Soubry for Change UK.

So perhaps it is right for Ms Allen to have been denied the chance to appear on Have I Got News For You. That would have given her minority party two appearances on the major UK TV network in two days – an unfair advantage over Mr Farage’s minority party.

And in fairness, the BBC should now be giving airtime to the Green Party, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, the SNP, the DUP, Sinn Fein and – oh, yes – even the Liberal Democrats, before letting representatives of Labour, the Tories, Change UK or the Brexit Party have another crack of the whip.

Do you think that will happen?

No. Neither do I. So much for BBC impartiality.

And here’s a relevant point:

Mr Farage is set to appear on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday – his second appearance in four days.

With the BBC under investigation for failing to uphold its commitment to impartiality, isn’t it surprising that nobody considered this to be a mistake?

The BBC has pulled an episode of Have I Got News For You because of impartiality fears ahead of the European elections – just 24 hours after it hosted an episode of Question Time featuring the Brexit Party’s leader.

It decided to cancel the airing of the show, presented by Jo Brand and recorded the day before, because it realised it could break impartiality rules because Heidi Allen from Change UK was on the panel.

The show’s production team took to social media to apologise, as viewers turned on BBC One to find a repeat of Would I Lie To You instead.

In the statement it said: “Sorry everyone. The BBC have pulled tonight’s edition of #HIGNFY – no, we didn’t book Danny Baker. We booked Heidi Allen, a member of a party no-one knows the name of (not even the people in it), because the Euro elections, which nobody wants, may or may not be happening. Sorry.”

Source: BBC pulls Have I Got News For You over Heidi Allen appearance – 24 hours after Nigel Farage appears on Question Time | Latest Brexit news and top stories – The New European

2 thoughts on “The BBC’s flimsy excuse for stopping Heidi Allen appearing on TV – but welcoming Nigel Farage

  1. Michael McNulty

    Maybe the Brexit Party is about more than just Brexit, which the elite don’t want and can try to foil later, damn to democracy. Maybe the plan is the EU elections establish the Brexit Party, a contrived antecedent, and then it stands in the general election to take just enough working class seats from Corbyn to stop him becoming PM.

    That would see the Tories replaced not by a left-wing but a right wing government, one with a hard-right mandate. They’d make Farage a Lord if he can pull that off.

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