May is going, Cable is going, and is there going to be another Labour leadership coup?

Tom Watson: On his way out?

We seem to be in another period of apparent change, with leaders being replaced by popular political parties in an attempt to change their image.

The Conservatives finally plucked up the courage to backstab Theresa May on Friday; she’ll be gone by June 7.

Meanwhile, Vince Cable has announced that his own long-trailed departure as leader of the Liberal Democrats will happen on July 23. It seems he has been waiting for a moment when it seemed his party’s fortunes were improving and thinks that it has now arrived.

These are cosmetic changes. Nobody seriously believes that the new leaders of these parties will take them in a different direction. The Conservatives may get a more strongly-Brexiteer leader but their main policies of oppression against the poor will remain the same. The Liberal Democrats will remain an irrelevance.

And then I saw this on Twitter:

That would be very silly – and therefore exactly the sort of tactic the Labour Right is likely to employ. And it won’t get them anywhere because, despite all their whining about Jeremy Corbyn, we all know that their claims about him are not true. Consider Rachael’s tweet, below:


Of far more interest is the possibility that Tom Watson will be replaced as deputy leader after years of trying (and failing) to undermine Mr Corbyn.

Look at the latest news item to feature him – a claim that people who supported remaining in the European Union are abandoning the party. That supports the claim that “Remain” anger could be harnessed as a way of levering Mr Corbyn out, to be replaced by another faceless so-called “Centrist” with policies the same as the Tories and Change UK, no doubt.

It would be far better for Mr Watson to be removed and Labour to retain its current reforming socialist position.

His card has been marked for a considerable amount of time.

5 thoughts on “May is going, Cable is going, and is there going to be another Labour leadership coup?

  1. boromoor

    I voted remain and would again if there were a second referendum but in a choice between remain and havong Jeremy Corbyn as PM, I’ll take JC every time.

  2. Roland Laycock

    If watson take over blair will love it and there will be a mass exodus from the party

  3. Colin Harris

    I voted remain but still think we should honour the result yet I’m also a JEREMY CORBYN supporter JC4PM asap

  4. Florence

    If the “remainers” claimed by TW are leaving the party, then they are obviously in the wrong party to start with. As you say, huge inequality and all that flows from it is still with us, and as a socialist there is no alternative to supporting Labour. If they wish to damage the party then, like the tiggers before them, good riddance. If they want to vote for another party then they should leave before they are expelled. If they leave, at least they can come back (should they see the error of their ways), but if expelled will be barred for 5 years. It will make CLP life a lot easier and organising our election efforts for the inevitable GE much better.

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