Don’t try to justify Theresa May’s tears. She will NEVER deserve our sympathy

Maybe I’m coming late to this particular topic but did the story about Theresa May’s tears disturb you as much as it did me?

The thought that anyone could command the sympathy of the public, simply by turning on the water works, is abhorrent to me.

So when I saw this tweet, it riled me:

To suggest that people are criticising her for behaving like a woman is disingenuous in the extreme – and frankly insulting to people of the female gender.

The point people were making was, well, here’s David Walliams:

Paul Johnson merely expands on the theme:

As does Aaron Bastani:

Here’s a fuller explanation:

And let’s look at some of those other issues:

The lists go on and on:

Someone else was far more creative with that image:

So the reason Mrs May received no sympathy has nothing to do with her behaviour as a woman. It’s actually much more simple:

She doesn’t deserve it.

6 thoughts on “Don’t try to justify Theresa May’s tears. She will NEVER deserve our sympathy

  1. Alas Poor Uric

    Worse, in my view, that the Maybot’s disgusting self-pity is the sight of the senescent Vince Cable-Car going around grinning the ass off himself – with no compunction regarding the deaths of 120,000 and immiseration of many more that he propped up and justifies to this day.

  2. Jeffrey Davies

    Perhaps a hunt now to see weather she had prospered from the contracts given out to companies that benefited her and hubby from the hedge fund he sits on hmmm that would bring tears hmmm

  3. James

    twitter seems to have banished Dry Your Eyes May #MayResigns from The Agitator’s account (unless he’s deleted it himself for some reason); pity!

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