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What a drip: But why is Nigel so glum? The only person harmed by this milkshake attack was his tailor.

Nigel Farage’s complaint about Jo Brand is to be welcomed – he has admitted that he considers himself to be an “unpleasant” character.

The Brexit Party leader spoke up after the comedian jokingly suggested an acid attack would be more appropriate for “unpleasant characters” who had been hit with milkshakes during recent political campaigns.

She immediately followed the line by saying, “That’s just me, sorry, I’m not gonna do it, it’s purely a fantasy, but I think milkshakes are pathetic, I honestly do. Sorry.”

So clearly she didn’t mean it and wasn’t trying to incite anybody into throwing acid over some of our favourity politicians like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson), Mark Meechan (Count Dankula), Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), or indeed Mr Farage.

But Nigel was clearly incensed and leapt into full-hypocrisy mode with this tweet:

It was hypocritical because this is a man who spoke of taking up deadly weapons if he didn’t get the Brexit he wanted:

The clip from BBC Essex is well worth a listen, to put this matter into its proper context.

Heresy host Victoria Coren Mitchell defended Ms Brand:

She made a topical point about another comment in the show:

And she pointed out that certain right-wing websites had stripped Ms Brand’s comment of its context:

So the best that can be said about this storm-in-a-milkshake is that Heresy is back on the radio after a three-year absence and is as thought-provoking as ever. Click on the link above to listen to the first episode and then follow it every Tuesday at 6.30pm on Radio 4.

Source: Farage furious over Jo Brand’s ‘throw battery acid not milkshake’ joke | Culture | The Guardian