Concern over exploitation as zero-hours contracts skyrocket

More people in the UK are being exploited by employers using zero-hours contracts, it has been revealed.

Is this an example of cruel employers having a last hurrah before a Labour government is elected to put a stop to it?

Labour has vowed to end zero-hours contracts.

The number of British workers on zero-hours contracts has jumped rapidly – rising to near-record levels in the last three months.

New figures showed unemployment had risen by 31,000 to 1.33 million in the last three months, the highest number since 2017.

And the number of workers in zero-hours contracts increased to 896,000 – up 15% from 791,000 a year ago.

It shows a return to the levels last seen in 2016, when concerns grew over people being exploited by uncertain work.

Source: Zero-hours contracts skyrocket to near record levels in new employment figures – Mirror Online

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