Tory chairman humiliated over ’empty-chair’ interview – AND his attempt at an excuse

Humiliating: Kay Burley of Sky News interviews an empty chair while Tory chairman James Cleverly cowers 15ft away.

James Cleverly, the Conservative Party’s chairman, had been due to appear on Sky News to explain to presenter Kay Burley what was going wrong with the Tory election campaign yesterday morning (November 6).

But he chickened out at the last minute and Ms Burley ended up interviewing an empty chair while he stood 15 feet away:

I’m told Ms Burley may face investigation over the interview – although I’m not entirely sure why.

Mr Cleverly and his defenders have tried to explain away his apparent cowardice by claiming he was carrying out a Talk Radio interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer – but adverts by the radio station at the time show that he was not scheduled to appear until half an hour after the Burley interview.

This Writer has stated many times that the Conservatives aren’t clever enough for the social media age.

They still think they can lie to us and we won’t find out.

Those days are long gone and Mr Cleverly has been exposed. He is untrustworthy and the people of his constituency – Braintree – should dump him.

2 thoughts on “Tory chairman humiliated over ’empty-chair’ interview – AND his attempt at an excuse

  1. Julia

    Oh wow. It has come to something when we have to rely on Sky for some serious interviewing – albeit an empty chair! This woman is a total asset to Sky and should be promoted rather than disciplined! Compare to the ‘BBC’ – that late lamented ‘impartial’ institution.

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