Anti-Labour Jewish groups launch fact-free attack on Jeremy Corbyn

Ephraim Mirvis: On the eve of the Labour Party’s “race and faith” manifesto launch, he made a fact-free rant claiming that the party has not done enough about anti-Semitism. It is nonsense.

How mendacious of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to attack the handling of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, just before Jeremy Corbyn launches a new “race and faith” manifesto!

Isn’t it telling that the attack is heavy on emotion but contains no factual evidence?

And doesn’t the contribution of the usual suspects, leaping on the bandwagon, prove that this is a tissue of lies and nonsense, intended to whip up fear among the Jewish community and distrust in the wider electorate?

Mr Mirvis wrote his comments in The Times – a publication This Writer won’t support in any way after its Sunday edition libelled me as a Holocaust denier in 2018. It took me nearly a year to secure a very full apology with the help of newspaper regulator IPSO.

The BBC’s report of his words suggests that they contain absolutely no factual evidence against Mr Corbyn – just a lot of emotive verbiage.

He said anti-Semitism was “a new poison – sanctioned from the very top” of the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn is the man at the very top of the Labour Party, and his record of support for Jewish people is outstanding. Read it for yourself:

Mr Mirvis said Labour’s response to anti-Semitism accusations had been “utterly inadequate” and said it “can no longer claim to be the party of equality and anti-racism”.

He wrote: “The way in which the leadership of the Labour Party has dealt with anti-Jewish racism is incompatible with the British values of which we are so proud – of dignity and respect for all people.

“It has left many decent Labour members and parliamentarians, both Jewish and non-Jewish, ashamed of what has transpired.”

This Writer is here to tell you that those people should be ashamed – of the way innocent Labour members were persecuted by the party’s so-called ‘disputes’ team, simply for supporting Mr Corbyn.

When that organisation hounded me out of the party, it seemed clear that guilt was assumed from the moment of accusation – no evidence was needed.

That’s why, when my case came before Labour’s quasi-judicial NCC, it had to rely on charges that took my words out-of-context, and in some cases out-of-sequence, in order to present a false impression of guilt.

That is the fact of the Labour anti-Semitism witch-hunt – all, in my opinion, carried out to appease people who won’t be satisfied until Mr Corbyn himself is removed from the party leadership.

Many of them support the Conservative Party, it seems. They fear a Labour government.

The mainstream media is having a huge amount of fun recycling all the lies about Labour anti-Semitism that have been voiced since Mr Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015.

The social media have responded with factual information – but, do you know what? It seems that material isn’t getting through to the TV, radio and print news sources!

And in a time of supposed legally-imposed impartiality, too. Shocking.

Let’s redress the balance with some facts:

Tweets 24 to 42 of Red Robin’s thread, below, detail actions taken by Labour to handle accusations of anti-Semitism. While I don’t agree that the actions taken by individuals in the party as part of this were fair – innocent people have been expelled from the party – can anyone say that the party hasn’t done enough, and expect to be believed?

Yes, vote with your conscience.

But first make sure your conscience isn’t being manipulated by liars.

Source: General election 2019: Chief rabbi attacks Labour anti-Semitism record – BBC News

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5 thoughts on “Anti-Labour Jewish groups launch fact-free attack on Jeremy Corbyn

  1. trev

    It’s disgraceful that a so-called ‘Man of God’ can resort to disseminating untruths and falsehoods in this way, obviously contrary to the Ten Commandments about bearing false witness and telling lies. Many people look to Religious leaders for Spiritual and Moral guidance and he has a responsibility to be honest and truthful. Mirvis should retract his statement and apologize or resign his position as he is unfit for the role of Chief Rabbi.

  2. Simon Agonistes

    Excellent stuff Mike. As a Jew I was outraged at the Chief Rabbi’s inarticulate. evidence free and politicized intervention and wrote to him as follows, shaking with anger at the collosal injustice he was propagating:

    ‘Dear Chief Rabbi,

    You have shamed your office today and rendered the Jewish people even more vulnerable to real antisemitism by reinforcing the fake, media-induced antisemitism that you recklessly impute to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

    To interfere politically at this point in an election in a way that could affect the only party that could bring hope and social justice to this country is beyond contempt and renders you unfit for office.

    As a Jew and a Labour Party supporter, I am proud to be part of a venture that I see as a continuity of so many of my Jewish forbears who have fought for social justice here and in Europe.

    You talk about ‘the soul of the nation being at stake’ YET have you not noticed what has happened to that soul over the last nine years where:
    1. The poor have been vilified
    2. The ill have been attacked
    3. The mentally ill have suffered
    4. Inequality has soared.
    5. Greed and financial rapaciousness has flourished
    6. Austerity has been unnecessarily applied after a financial crisis brought about by an out of control finance sector that has benefited the wealthiest.

    Where was YOUR voice about the nation’s soul then? Yet you inveigh against a decent and honest man who, even now, maintains integrity in the face of manifest manipulation, deceit and digital sleight of hand from the Tories.

    You have shamed your office, the justice loving tradition of the Jewish people and laid the grounds for future tensions in the most irresponsible way.

    You seem to lack the acuity of intellect to even spot the most obvious use of this bogus antisemitism as a political weapon. Justin Schlossberg of the Media Reform Coalition called the antisemitism saga ‘a disinformation paradigm’ and made a detailed study of the issue. The great scholar, Norman Finkelstein, likewise, sees this a purely politically motivated attack.

    How dare you, amateurishly intervene in this, betraying the great Jewish scholarly tradition of intellectual and analytical acumen embodied in the Talmud and the exegetics of the Chumash.

    With profound sadness and considerable disgust,

    Simon Cohen

  3. Dave Rowlands

    If it had anything to do with antisemitism they would be attacking the conservative party as well, the only thing these people are interested in is the removal of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour party.

    It’s getting closer to the election, an election that will change the face of the UK for the better, for all the people and not just the few. They are running scared, they are afraid of a Labour government, they are afraid of what they stand to lose, their lies will mean nothing after Labour are in power.

  4. Josie

    There is no way I’m being dragged into this right-wing propaganda about Jeremy being brainwashed! The sad thing is people believe this c… I’ll always support him as I believe in his policies as it’s evident politics is just not working only for the few and not the many. Sad state of affairs such inequality it makes me sick

  5. Rik

    Nice report Mike..
    and a good reply Simon Cohen

    You know every time this anti-Semitism.
    in the Labour pops up I think to myself
    what is this based on? Where’s the proof?. JC.
    in my book is the most kindest psrson
    he goes places.. he joins in & does Not run away
    or hide…..
    Anyways Good luck on the 12th Dec Jeremy. I look forward to the 13th… Thanks

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