Boris Johnson’s negligence caused the deaths of 5,500 NHS patients – says doctor.

Negligence: Boris Johnson was booed out of Addenbrookes Hospital when he visited it in the run-up to the general election – by doctors and patients alike.

An NHS hospital doctor has told Boris Johnson that he – and the Conservatives – are responsible for the deaths of around 5,500 patients.

Their negligence meant 5,449 people died because they spent too long waiting on trolleys in NHS hospitals when they should have been admitted to accident and emergency units.

The delays of between six and 11 hours led to the deaths, according to the study by leading NHS doctors Chris Moulton and Cliff Mann.

The deaths were entirely and solely caused by the length of wait and not by the patient’s condition.

The findings are extremely embarrassing for Boris Johnson, who, it is accepted, is winding the NHS down in order to sell off our healthcare to US companies after Brexit.

This has been the Conservative plan since 2010, as identified by Noam Chomsky:

That’s about the size of it. If the service had not been de-funded, then it would work. Nobody would be getting angry about it (because their relatives would not have died for the sake of a few farthings). But then, of course, Boris Johnson would not have an excuse to hand it over to the privateers.

It seems Mr Johnson might reckon he has found a stop-gap answer to get people off his case – by getting nurses to treat patients in corridors rather than in wards.

But the staff carrying out these duties say this shows times are “desperate”. Hospitals are at breaking point due to overwhelming demand and bed shortages.

And Andrew Meyerson, a junior doctor working at Worcestershire Royal hospital, has directly accused Mr Johnson of causing the deaths by negligence.

In an open letter published by The Guardian, he wrote [boldings mine]: “Prime Minister, the NHS is not safe in your hands.

Your negligence and that of your party over the past decade has contributed to the deaths of nearly 5,500 patients, and if you were a junior doctor like me, your licence would now be revoked, and you would be sent to prison.”

He wrote: “You are not fit to lecture us any more about what we need in our NHS hospitals.

You have failed the British people, failed my beloved Worcestershire Royal hospital, and failed our brilliant and hardworking NHS staff nationwide who have been traumatised by your negligence.

“Because the safety of our patients has now been threatened to such a significant degree, I am exercising my right as a whistleblower in clause 29 of my contract to speak out – outside your sanctioned channels – because this has happened too many times in hospitals across the country, and the British public has a right to know exactly who is responsible.”

He wrote: “You and your party have had nearly a decade to leave the health service in a better state than when you found it.

On every objective metric, the Conservative party has failed in that, and we see this in our NHS hospitals every single day.

“England is short of 40,000 nurses and 10,000 doctors, A&E waiting times are the absolute worst in NHS history, our cancer patients are waiting longer than ever to be seen, you have shut down too many district hospitals, you have left us with too few hospital beds, social care is a mess, mental health care is inaccessible, and you have destroyed our capacity to provide a multitude of services in the community to keep people healthy and out of hospital.

“And now nearly 5,500 people have died as a direct result of your policies. This is the legacy of the “one nation” Conservative party.”

He wrote: “Prime Minister, you have failed these patients and your negligence has contributed to their deaths.

He is absolutely right, of course.

And the UK voted Boris Johnson back in, to cause many more thousands of deaths over the next five years.

In the cases of some Tory voters, he’ll cause their own deaths.

Did they think about that at the time?

We had a chance to vote for an improved service, and we turned it down.

Still, the election result does mean that Mr Johnson has had a chance to improve his suntan.

Let’s hope that information warms the hearts of everybody about to lose a relative over the next five years, due to Johnson’s negligence.

Source: As a doctor I have to speak out: Johnson has contributed to thousands of deaths | Andrew Meyerson | Opinion | The Guardian

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7 thoughts on “Boris Johnson’s negligence caused the deaths of 5,500 NHS patients – says doctor.

  1. Graham Hayward

    I don’t like the way these accusations are being levelled against Boris Johnson and the Tories. The Government funds the NHS. The Government is formed by We the people who have voted for them. The NHS is managed by different teams of people who are responsible for the efficiency of the various departments they control. The NHS can be badly effected by the weather, people are living longer and immigration is a nightmare. It’s seems if anything at all goes wrong the media blames it on the Tories. You cannot accuse the Prime Minister of being directly responsible for the deaths of 5,500 people. It’s similar to saying Labour we’re responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths during the Iraq war.It is not nice to see these comments but let’s hope that when management gets these huge increases in finances they will spend it wisely. Some areas have far better results than others.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Firstly, the accusation comes from highly-respected and qualified doctors who are eminently qualified to draw the conclusions they have. If they say Boris Johnson and the Tories are responsible, there can be no question about it.

      Also: what huge increases in finances? The promised rise in funding doesn’t even cover the shortfall over the last nine years of Tory rule.

    2. Neal Henderson

      How many times do you have to walk into a brick wall before you open your eyes and wake up to reality. Maybe some close to you has to die unnecessarily first…. hopefully not.

  2. Stu

    After that Tory Boy rant, I wish to point out that Iain Duncan Smith who CAN be directly attributed to the deaths of thousands has just been rewarded with a Knighthood – what does that say about the Tories ?

  3. hugosmum70

    it beggers belief……… all of it. those in the NHS are stymied.they can only do what the depleted staff force can do with the limited resources available to them. not long ago , i cut my leg badly. i usually deal with such things myself as an ex nurse the more minor ones are usually quite easy to deal with and i BUY MY OWN dressings for such purposes(have you tried getting gauze lately? chemists dont have it. we have to buy non adherent dressings. not the same at all. gauze can be used to clean a wound. mop up blood .those non adherent things wont do either of those things.. on this occasion im talking about ,i couldnt get to the walk in centre,the cut was in a place on my leg where it was difficult for me to see…. i had the neccessary materials to dress it but as i couldnt see it properly, even with a mirror,i didnt know if it needed steri strips . stitching, or just a dressing putting on it. so i called 111 who sent paramedics out……they assessed it said it needed steristrips etc. but they had nothing on the ambulance they could use. i had to ask one to go in my bathroom to the drawers i keep there that has all my dressing things in it and told them what to fetch out. then they dressed it. i had had to wait with a pad of gauze strapped on for 4 hours. yes no doubt there were others in worse shape than me that night it was a saturday after all. after that my dog walkers who come twice a week, my cleaner once a fortnight and my daughter whenever she could come up, re-dressed it for me. what a carry on. that wound has taken from july to now to heal. because im diabetic/elderly and use steroid inhalers for my asthma and COPD.all of which have thinned my skin a lot…not the first time ive had to supply dressings .. once when the dog fell off my bed, he scratched my leg. i had fluid on it at the time, the top inch of the 5 inch scratch was more open and fluid was leaking out. again i couldnt see to it because it was at the side and not being a contortionist i couldnt see it. i rang my daughter (this being early afternoon…she cant get here during the night which was when the last one happened. doesnt drive and we didnt have taxi money n no buses after 6pm) that time though she could and did come up n dressed it. but i rang my drs who sent district nurses up. it actually needed changing that first few days every few hours. cos of the leakage……. once again they had few resources, dressings etc. i supplied my own. on both occasions i was left wondering, what happens if an ambulance/paramedics have to go out to somewhere in the stix where they have none of the things i keep in? if the ambulances dont have anything on hand. thats the situation and you cant blame the NHS. its torys now. doesnt matter who was in previously. its now it matters and they are not giving them anything like enough money to shore the NHS up.

  4. kateuk

    Unfortunately people can’t see what is in front of their eyes. I’ve heard people say they wouldn’t dare privatise the NHS (as if it isn’t mostly privatised already), and today someone said, they can’t charge us, and they can’t make us get health insurance we’ve paid our national insurance and we are entitled to free NHS care – as if this government cares whether we have paid or not. And no, immigration is NOT the problem, that’s just the government’s “divide and conquer” tactics, make us blame anything except the chronic underfunding that they are responsible for. If it had been properly funded we wouldn’t have any of these problems. And on the subject of immigration, the NHS can’t function without a lot of overseas workers.

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