Yes, 2020 may be tough under the Tories – so the rest of us will have to be CLEVER

Jeremy Corbyn (here helping the homeless at Christmas): he wants Labour’s 10 million supporters to form a “resistance” against Boris Johnson. But British people are notoriously apathetic in the face of right-wing oppression. Can you be bothered?

Jeremy Corbyn is right to warn that the New Year will be difficult for struggling families who are being abandoned by the Tories now they’ve got the election win they wanted.

But it need not be as hard as Boris Johnson wants it to be; we just have to use our brains, co-operate, and turn their plans against them.

And I’m sorry to say that we also need to be aware of Tory fifth-columnists who’ll be trying to undermine the left-wing resistance from within.

Putting to one side the rhetoric about “tough times” and “resistance” against Boris Johnson, we should consider the hard issues that we all face.

Mr Corbyn mentions the climate crisis. Boris Johnson will do nothing about this as the deal he wants with the USA depends upon him refusing to accept that it exists.

So people here will have to find their own answers.

These will involve rejecting fossil fuel-powered solutions that are presented to us and turning to greener answers – that we may have to find, and fund, ourselves. This will be “tough”, as Mr Corbyn says.

But not impossible, if we all work together. We may be able to enlist international help, too.

We cannot expect the systems of government to work for us in the immediate future, so we have to use other means, within the Tory system, to get what we want.

Instead of accepting a role as victims, we need to behave like victors – seize opportunities to get what we want and reject unwanted demands that the Tories foist upon us.

An obvious example is the plan to push chlorine-washed, diseased American meat on us as part of a trade deal with the USA.

Boris Johnson can put it in front of us but we don’t have to eat it; we can simply say, “Where was this sourced? Was it chlorine-washed? No thanks. I’d like healthy food.”

Do it long enough, and in solidarity with enough other people, and they’ll have to give up. It will be an economic necessity.

And that’s how it will have to work for the next few years.

You can be a part of that movement, or you can roll over and be Johnson’s plaything for the rest of forever – which won’t be very long if the climate change predictions are accurate – or you can make a difference.

It’s 2020 – time for a sharper vision. What will yours be?

Source: Jeremy Corbyn admits 2020 ‘will be tough’ in New Year’s message after Labour’s election defeat | inews

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10 thoughts on “Yes, 2020 may be tough under the Tories – so the rest of us will have to be CLEVER

  1. kevin strong

    There is only one way that we can beat the Tories and that is by having people representing us that have centrist views. I have said on Mr Corbyn’s Facebook on many an occasion having a socialist agenda is toxic and would keep us out of power. Damn it I was proved correct. You all grabbed the result of 2015 as Mr Corbyn winning out. He didnt. It was May and her manifesto that increased our vote. So Michael Foot gave us Thatcherism for years Mr Corbyn may have given us Johnsonian ideals for the same period. Unless we get another Mr Blair. We would then trounce the Tories. Think Mr Blair three elections Three wins Mr Corbyn two elections two losses. At least they were both consistent. anyway have a safe and contented New Year you do work hard for our party.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You are so wrong it beggars belief.

      The socialist agenda isn’t toxic – the Tory press is, though. Also (in the 2019 election) the centrist determination to push another referendum. I liked the idea of another referendum, personally, but that’s because I’m interested in getting things done right, and most people were just interested in being told that a particular thing would get done (they’re mistaken, by the way).

      Tony Blair was a disaster for the Labour movement because he was almost as right-wing as the Conservatives and caused brutal harm to a lot of people.

      And by the way: Think Mr Blair 2005: 9.5 million votes. Mr Brown 2010: 8.6 million votes. Mr Miliband 2015: 9.3 million votes. Centrism hasn’t broken 10 million votes since 2001.

      Mr Corbyn 2017: 12.8 million votes. Mr Corbyn 2019: 10.2 million votes. That’s including the 2019 election, notice.

      Centrism will be electoral poison. It will alienate Corbynists without attracting anyone away from the LDs, SNP or Tories. Grow up, please.

  2. Justin

    agree with a lot of this, after seeing that documentary on bleached chicken the packaging will be subject to scrutiny before buy, slightest hint of it will involve going on a blacklist and that won’t the chicken, it will involve anything packed by that company and may involve the store selling the stuff, that documentary showed cross contamination, food poisoining etc, it can go on boris and his tory mates plates, it wont be on mine

  3. Nick Manning-James

    After Johnson’s election result – My solution is this! Leave people digest what they have voted for, let chaos reign and disaster happen. For this is the democratic will of the people. When things get really bad and the british public finally wake up take a leaf out of the French book. The Republic’s citizens will not readily accept and welcome crap and are prepared to take action against it!
    I thought government policy indirectly using ‘euthanasia’ to rid this country of the ‘disadvantaged’ and the destruction of public services (the name just a few acts of wanton vandalism) would be enough to make the worm turn, but Brexit has muddied the water so to speak.
    Johnson beware ‘Get Brexit Done’ and the fallout will be your undoing, when the shit hits the fan (don’t expect the loathsome toad to stick around) and the CONservative party will own Brexit becoming a victim of its own dubious ‘success’. On a positive note the tory win could work in Labour’s long term interests – the tories will get a very long rope to hang themselves with.
    My regret is that the electorate rejected a radical manifesto that potentially would have made a positive difference in so many ordinary people’s lives.
    Johnson may be the PM – he is a proven liar and as far as I am concerned pure scum. He may have an eighty seat majority and look to be in an unassailable position at present but a week in politics is a long time let alone five years!

  4. hugosmum70

    but would the poor be able to afford to reject this crap as one person above it.? if its the cheapest meat on the market and its all they can afford will they still not buy it? doesnt bother me.i’m not a meat lover tbh. ill just take iron n vitamin pills(if i can get hold of them) to ofset the lack of vitamins, if i dont eat it but kids especially need meat protein for healthy bones n bodies as they grow.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s why we have to be clever and make sure there are alternatives available.

      I’m not saying it will be easy.

      I’m just saying it’s the way to win.

  5. hugosmum70

    well all i can say is….. if we are to become a nation of label readers,., for Gods sake make them readable. so much of the info we NEED to be able to read is illegible.. type so tiny you can barely read it even with a magnifying glass. (thats been a pet peeve of mine for years.)..and stop putting big pictures of what the items SUPPOSED to look like ,which quite often looks nothing like. and use that space
    to put more info so we know what we are eating or thinking about eating . we can then make a more educated decision on whether to eat it or not.

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