Why is the BBC contributing to anti-black racism?

Propaganda: it seems people have moved on from avoiding mainstream fake news providers like the BBC, and are now physically attacking reporters in the street.

Let’s get this right.

In the week that a Downing Street advisor resigned because it had been revealed that he is a white supremacist racist who considers black people to have lower IQs than whites…

… and prime minister Boris Johnson’s spokespeople refused to deny that he holds the same opinions…

… because they can’t; he has already apologised for them…

… the BBC – which is being attacked by the Conservatives – inexplicably advertises for white people to take part in a documentary with the premise that they are the ones facing discrimination:



To say that this is tone-deafness by BBC commissioners would be an insult to understatement.

Meanwhile, the Corporation’s own reporters are being attacked in the streets.


This is what happens when you allow your national purveyor of independent news to be overrun by supporters of a ruling party that is not only racist but, at its heart, fascist.

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  1. kateuk February 20, 2020 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    They will only get racists and bigots replying to an advert like that

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