Coronavirus: have the Tories told a big lie? Do they expect HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DEATHS?

Did I make that headline big enough for you?

According to Byline Times, the people there have gained access to a Home Office conference call that shows the facts about Tory government policy on the coronavirus: heartless and two-faced.

It seems the government does not expect a vaccine to appear before most of the population has caught the virus – and expects around 264,000 of us to die in the long term.

This is the scientific advice behind the government’s policy on coronavirus; remember that when Dominic Raab or Boris Johnson come out to a press conference and say they’re “following scientific advice”.

So it seems the Tories want to downplay the dangers of going to work. As we’re all going to catch Covid-19 anyway, they want us to get back to servicing their economy.

We already know that Tory policy is to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections – ensure that the rate of infection slows to one that the NHS can manage, after years in which that party, in government, has starved it of investment in favour of giving money to profit-making firms.

But it turns out that a more accurate description is that Tory policy is simply to slow down “the rate at which we get this virus [which] has direct impact on the NHS”.

So sending us home might have more to do with preventing the NHS from having to deal with it – even if it means people die in their homes (or care homes); and it explains why vulnerable people received letters saying they would be denied treatment if they caught the disease.

The whole strategy suggests that the Tories have never shifted from the “herd immunity” nonsense spouted by Boris Johnson in early March; they want us to “take it on the chin” and if we die in a quiet corner as a result, that’s just too bad.

And it seems that, while we wait for a vaccine that may be a long time coming, we will experience several peaks in infections, each increasing the aggregate number of deaths.

These assumptions are supported by a lot of bad science.

First, it was claimed that the coronavirus cannot survive more than 48 hours on hard surfaces and clothing; in fact survive on hard, shiny surfaces like plastic and steel for up to 72 hours, up to four days on glass and paper money, and as much as seven days on the outside of a surgical mask. Suggestions of a shorter lifespan are begging for people to be infected.

It was also suggested that the coronavirus is uniformly spread across the country, and that this is the reason it is not possible to stop it spreading – but without mass community testing it is impossible to make that claim.

Statements in support of people going to work are contradictory in the extreme.

People who go to work while a vulnerable person is at home are said to be protecting that person because they don’t have to leave the house – but then if the worker catches Covid-19 their housemate is likely to die of it.

So a person going out to work must put a vulnerable person in their household at higher risk!

Going to work is justified because it would keep the economy moving – and said to be equivalent in risk to staying at home or shopping, again on the grounds that we are all doomed to get the virus.

“It’s perfectly okay to carry on in your business” is the claim – made only, it seems, to support the economy rather than to support workers’ safety.

In other words, it seems to be Tory policy for people to put themselves at risk of contracting Covid-19, in order to keep money flowing into the hands of the already-rich. If true: despicable.

Source: COVID-19 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Leaked Home Office Call Reveals Government wants Economy to ‘Continue Running’ as ‘We Will All Get’ COVID-19 Anyway – Byline Times

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7 thoughts on “Coronavirus: have the Tories told a big lie? Do they expect HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DEATHS?

  1. hilary772013

    Mike I’m sat here in tears and frightened to death. I’m 69 in poor health I have COPD stage two and just been told I have heart failure, I’m also a stroke survivor & have other serious medical conditions as well, I get PIP enhanced for both mobility & care,
    I’m not considered as high risk by the government as I haven’t had a letter, I’ve worked all my life paid into the system for what? to feel as though my life counts for nothing.
    My husband is a lot younger than me and is still workIng as he works for a medical company that produces FFP3 masks they’re working flat out producing masks for the NHS 150,000 per week but a friend who is a staff nurse at our local hospital haven’t got the PPE so I gave her four of the masks the company gave my husband for me, he asked the manager if they could give some masks to our local hospital & he was told they had already donated 2,000 ,so where are they? what the hell is going on.
    The company has just made 20 million profit in the two months leading up to the COVID-19 crisis, how much profit are they making now?
    I’ve been self isolating for three weeks now, hubby is doing the shopping, so I expect he will get it at some point, if by some miracle he doesn’t, will that mean I will have to self isolate until a vaccine is found which in all probability will take a year?
    I had better get my affairs in order as I don’t expect to survive this.

  2. The Toffee (597)

    Much easier said than done, I know, but hang in there and try & keep it together, darlin’.

    You’re not alone in being scared, Hilary. I’m in me late 40’s, in reasonable health and I’m – shall we say – RATHER, concerned?!

    See, I look after me dad who’s 83, with multiple health problems, his most serious issue is that he had a cancerous tumour removed from his throat last year as well as having a pacemaker fitted (the list doesn’t end there) and by Christ I’m positively bricking it that I catch the bug and pass it in to him. It terrifies me every morning when he goes out for his paper – Even thought it’s about 200 yds down the road. I’d much prefer he didn’t, but as he pleads, it’s the only time he gets out of the house.

    But as scared as I am for people like us Hilary, I’m also extremely pi$$ed off at decent, honest people being treated like commodities by this current shower o’ sh*te lording it over us…But I can tell you one thing that I REALLY believe’s gonna happen in the near future.

    …It’s simply GOT to happen, too.

    Once this has blown over, no more will them toerag bastards take people for a ride; that’s if they themselves want to survive both as a government and perhaps individually.

    It won’t be like the end of the black death, and it won’t be like 1945, but your ordinary working Joe won’t be suffering anywhere’s near the crap they’ve had to put up with over the last 10 (going on 41) years.

    And the toerags will be shitting themselves about just HOW much they’ll be forced to concede..AND. THEY. WILL. BE. FORCED. TO. CONCEDE.

    And when I think about THAT, I realise that that’s more of a probability than me catching the bug.

    I’ve every intention of sticking around around for THAT one, Hilary. Make sure you do too!

    God bless xx

    (Apologies for the language, folks. But reading Hilary’s plight really does make my blood boil at these rodents and their aloofness.)

    1. hilary772013

      Thank You! so much for your reply Toffee, it really lifted my spirits. Please don’t apologise for your language as mine has become atrocious over the last few months swearing at the TV, my hubby jokingly said one day that my mouth had become like a sewer he had never heard as many expletives in one sentence.
      Toffee the company gave me a box of masks, as I’m not going out and don’t intended to for the foreseeable future, I don’t need them all, can I send you a few for you and your father-in-law? They are the best protective masks with the filter on the front just like the ones you see the medical staff in other countries & sometimes here wearing (FFP3).
      Please Please take care & most of all stay safe.
      Thank You!
      God Bless
      Hilary x

  3. Jeffrey Davies

    Do we think Tories tell the truth well we now they lie tell fibs but most of those in government have their sticky fingers one way of the other in companies profiting from this virus yet opening all around country are more beds in sport grounds and hotels extra beds but we’re are they getting all these nurses doctors has we ain’t enough to run our understaffed hospitals and if they expect more to catch it then more will die

  4. Red Star

    Temporary mortuaries are being set up across the North East to help cope with patients who die from coronavirus.

    The Ministry of Defence is setting up short-term “rest areas” for bodies to deal with the potential rises in deaths as the epidemic reaches its peak.

    On Wednesday, ChronicleLive told how two were being created at Sunderland Royal and South Tyneside District Hospital, and on Thursday we showed the first pictures of the lines of white freezer trucks that have been placed at both sites.

    Now, we can confirm they will also be at Gateshead’sQueen Elizabeth Hospital, Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington and at the Army’s Albemarle Barracks, both Northumberland.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yeah, we’ve got a temporary mortuary being set up for us at (or near) the Royal Welsh Showground, just down the road from me near Builth Wells.

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