5 thoughts on “Trouble for pensioners and benefit claimants as DWP prepares to stop paying into Post Office accounts

  1. trev

    Another problem with having Benefits paid into your Bank is that there are not enough ATMs in residential areas. There is an ATM situated inside my local newsagents but it charges £2 for withdrawals. The nearest free ATM to me is situated inside Aldi, about three-quarters of a mile away, other than that it’s a one mile walk into the town centre, all of which is ok but if it’s pouring down and I need some cash that morning then it means walking a couple of miles just so I can pay my landlady for electricity when she calls round every Friday at about 9.00am.


    There’s a limit of £100 for each payment collection you make. You may have to make more than one collection at a time to get the full amount you’re owed.

    1. Sandy

      @ Terry Alderman

      My 85 year old dad has a PO account for both his State Pension and Attendance Allowance. The limit you can draw out at one time is £600 not £100. I’ve regularly had to draw his pension/AA out for him when he’s not up to it, and the max is definitely £600. However, that’s at the counter. I don’t know about the cash machine; that could be £100 max in one day or at a time?
      My bank debit card has a max of £100 at cash machines per day, but unlimited (till money runs out!) for point of sale purchases or going into my bank itself for withdrawals.

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