Coronavirus: Government’s lockdown decision ‘deliberately puts disabled people at risk’


Remember: the Conservative government was victimising people with long-term illnesses and disabilities, long before Covid-19 came along.

The crisis just gives them another opportunity to shift such people into the grave.

Researchers from University College London said in a study published in the Lancet that easing the lockdown too soon could lead to thousands of avoidable deaths among people with underlying health conditions such as heart and kidney disease, diabetes and severe obesity.

Three days before Johnson’s speech, disabled activist Ellen Clifford, a member of the national steering group of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)told an online rally held by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity that if the lockdown ended too soon, many more disabled people would lose their lives.

Clifford told the online rally: “If lockdown ends too soon, we will lose many, many more, either through the virus or through over-stretched NHS resources, not being able to respond to the illnesses or pre-existing impairments that disabled people have.”

The grassroots disabled people’s organisation Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL) said it believed that easing the lockdown rules would put disabled and chronically-ill people at further risk.

BRIL questioned how any disabled person could feel safe when, in March, the government said it “was unlikely that people receiving care in a care home or in the community will become infected”, but this week it had been shown that the number of deaths in care homes in England and Wales linked to coronavirus was likely to be more than 22,000.

Source: Coronavirus: Government’s lockdown decision ‘deliberately puts disabled people at risk’ – Disability News Service

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Government’s lockdown decision ‘deliberately puts disabled people at risk’

  1. Simon lee Mountford

    I agree with the comment that you have made, It feel’s like ethnic cleansing but by using stealth.
    We as a group of people are being classified as a burden on society because of the way we are being been portrayed by the Conservative government.
    We have gone back twenty years with the fight for EQUALITY because we are treated very different in both our social life were we have our social lives made for us.
    Its as if you have no BRAIN to think for ourselves, and we are not capable to do anything.
    This is the same towards employment and the certain types of employment, because we are only expected to be able to do certain types of work. this is due to others peoples expectations.
    So this is why organisations either PUBLIC or PRIVATE are so reluctant to offer you employment and the career prospects are very limited, So if you are born with a life long Disability or Difficulty we are treated so much as a LIABILITY rather than an ASSET.
    So we need to become more militant and fight for the Equality that we as a group who have fort so hard to achieve.
    ([email protected]).

  2. Jeffrey Davies

    Aktion T4 Mike might it be only those in the future will tell but denial of benefits for those unfortunate not to fight back or die before they win back is a crime against humanity yet now we have this virus to contend with ontop no doubt they jump with glee has it takes all those useless eaters in the nursing care homes hmm I’m very lucky has I a wife and friends who treat me the same has without doubt I be one inside a nursing home has of my well iblooy forgot my way

  3. Hecuba

    Fascist tories determined to end lock down ASAP because it serves multiple purposes. it will ensure thousands more women and men will die – especially disabled women and men (goody say the fascist tories – they weren’t of any financial value to us!), state educated girls and boys will be forced back to school thereby ensuring the adult female and male slaves return to their masters and increase profits for the fascist tories!

    Huge savings will be made by the mass murder of disabled women and men, women and men in care homes, elderly women and men struggling to survive in lockdown. It’s a win win for the fascist tories!

    But the fascist tories continuing refrain will be ‘not our fault guv – it’s those scientists and/or that convenient scapegoat Matt Hancock!’ And we have our specialist fascist department working overtime demonising and intimidating those female and male journalists who dare to write and publish the facts!

    Remember fascism is all about state censorship, state intimidation and state threats against anyone who challenges the fascist tory regime! The fascist tories have a department which specifically works to try and discredit the facts!

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