Vox Political scrapbook: June 7

The Metropolitan Police has joined the government in losing public confidence after reacting with violence during a peaceful anti-racism protest:



Would that be Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick?

The Covid-19 infection rate in the UK is rising:

And the (official) death toll has passed 40,000:

Labour has no moral high ground on the race issue:

Labour is a cesspit if one of the party’s MPs can be shamed into deleting a link to a perfectly reasonable article:

And the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary has responded to his detractors:

Vigilantism has arisen in the US:

Who can blame them, considering the state of their police?

But protest is not about to die down:

US President Trump has done an about-face on George Floyd:

But we all know what he is, anyway:

By the way, that stuff he has been taking to keep Covid-19 at bay? It doesn’t work:

More government claims:

But hasn’t the government already lowered its standards? There’s a new petition to stop the importing of chlorinated chicken:

More claims about the government:

And Dominic Cummings is still hated and ridiculed:


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