Tories cave in to Rashford’s school meals campaign with scheme for holidays

Marcus Rashford: his campaign has won. But would it have succeeded if a member of the pubic had been making the call?

This is a victory – but you must remember that Boris Johnson wanted your children to starve.

It is only the fact that this was a public relations disaster that has changed his mind. If Marcus Rashford had not launched a popular campaign, the Tories would have withdrawn the cash and given it to their fat corporate friends instead.

Remember that while you read that 1.3 million children will now benefit from funding that Johnson had previously claimed was not available. What about the other 1.7 million? Will they still go hungry?

Almost 1.3 million school children in England – accounting for 15.4% of state-educated pupils – were eligible for and claiming free school meals according to the latest available data.

That’s interesting. It was three million in the stories about Mr Rashford’s campaign before he won.

He tweeted:

It is indeed.

England in 2020 is a place where the government deliberately tries to harm its citizens…

… and where it only gives anything back in fear of harmful publicity from a campaign by a highly-visible public figure. If Joe Bloggs from a small village had run this campaign, your children would be skin and bone by September.

Source: Marcus Rashford: School scheme extended after footballer’s campaign – BBC News


  1. Hecuba June 16, 2020 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    What about the other 1.7 million disadvantaged girls and boys dictator boris???? Don’t think we are fooled by your stupid propaganda. You were forced to give in because a high profile male footballer held you to account!

    Still never mind dictator boris will find another of ‘clawing back the pittance he has given (so it appears but believe it when it happens) to impoverished mothers and their children!’

    Democracy no longer exists because little england is now a dictatorship under the fascist tories!

  2. Growing Flame June 16, 2020 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    This shows how edgy the government is, despite its 80 seat majority.
    It promised so much, but intended to do so little. Now it is wriggling around trying to be popular but also trying to satisfy its far-right supporters.
    Over Brexit, it insists that a “No deal” outcome is acceptable and they will not grant an extension for negotiations. But, at the same time, they will not enforce any Customs changes for 6 months after the end of this 12 month negotiating period. In other words, they ARE going to extend the period in which Britain trades with the EU on equal terms.

    One conclusion we could reach is that Parliamentary elections do not determine political decisions or events. They just give us a snap-shot of public opinion and an indication of government intentions. Nothing more!

    If the 2019 election decided everything, Rashford’s campaign will have gone nowhere and a real “No deal” would be the expected result of Brexit negotiations.
    Neither is true.
    Dare I say it, but it is class struggle that determines events, not Parliamentary elections, even ones that give a Party an 80 seat majority.

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