Why aren’t Tory voters furious after their party u-turned on free school meals and all their other disastrous policies?

Tearing Britain apart: it’s what Conservative voters supported, so why aren’t they complaining about every policy alteration that prevents it?

This Twitter user makes a very good point:

Mr Maginn is absolutely right.

If you voted Conservative, you voted for a party that would starve your children in the school holidays. Why aren’t you demanding that they stick to their principles?

This got me thinking about all the other ways the Tories have let their voters down over the last few months.

For example, we know that the Tories dismantled all the systems that had been in place to combat a pandemic like Covid-19. Conservative voters supported that.

So, if you’re a Conservative voter, why aren’t you absolutely raging that your demand for the entire nation to be infected, in order to develop “herd immunity” has been rejected? Voting Tory means that’s what you wanted, no matter how many people it killed.

Why aren’t you furious about the lockdown that interfered unforgivably with your ability to make money for yourselves and your family and boost the economy? You voted Tory – that’s what you had a right to expect, even if it meant your entire family caught Covid-19 and died.

Why aren’t you frothing at the mouth about the fact that the Tories were shamed into casting around for PPE (personal protective equipment) for NHS staff dealing with the coronavirus in hospitals? You voted Tory and the Tories decided long ago that this equipment would not be necessary – and we know they have been quietly dismantling the NHS for the last decade; if doctors, nurses and support staff all caught Covid and died, that would achieve the aim very well.

If you voted Conservative, then you supported that party’s Brexit policy that has discouraged foreign workers from coming to the UK – so you must be seething at Tory attempts to entice them back to harvest this year’s fruit crop before it rots. You voted for that crop to rot in the fields! It is unconscionable that the Tories should go against your wishes in trying to save it.

Progressing from there, if you voted Conservative, then you support the underlying racism that supported the “hostile environment” policy, and the Windrush generation deportations. You must be raging against the Black Lives Matter protests that took place across the UK and the calls for statues glorifying slavers and racists to be taken down. Why aren’t you contacting your MP, demanding that charges against the Nazis who rampaged through London on Saturday be dropped on the grounds that they are only good British citizens acting in concord with the policies of the Conservative government and its racist leader Boris Johnson?

Need I go on?

Too often, voters confuse what the Conservatives have done with what they wanted to do.

If Boris Johnson’s government had done everything it wanted, then the United Kingdom would already have been decimated by plague and famine (caused by deliberate starvation as well as failure to bring in the crops) – with worse to follow.

It’s what Conservative voters wanted. Perhaps someone should point that out to them.


  1. Dan Delion June 17, 2020 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    And yet with almost every press conference, Conservatives quote the need for them to obey the policies voted for in their manifesto!
    With U-turn after U-turn after.U-turn, one might feel they have just a little problem achieving any level of competence to do ‘anything right’.
    Have they actually run our of fag packets yet?

  2. kateuk June 17, 2020 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    This makes it sound like Tory voters actually knew what they were voting for. It seems to me that all they were bothered about was Brexit and stopping that awful Corbyn chappie who the BBC dislike so much.

  3. Growing Flame June 17, 2020 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    I like this line of argument because it reveals many of the motives that voters have for supporting whatever Party.
    In reality, it’s usually a vague notion of where the Party’s intentions lie.
    So there were a lot of people who opted for the Tories last time, to secure Brexit, because that more or less, matched their own views. All the rest was just background noise.
    Which is how the Tories get elected and then introduce severe damage to their own supporters.
    Would Thatcher have been elected if she had outlined the true effects of her de-industrialisation policies? Or urged support for selling off Council houses by pointing out that the result would be thousands living on the street and thousands more crowded in with their in-laws.
    Obviously not.
    But it falls to us to enlighten the people.
    Not long before the virus hit us, a neighbour of my daughter was complaining that, with his shoulder operation due at some unclear time, he was struggling to claim any money from the Benefit system. I just pointed out that the people had voted for him to suffer this problem as the Tories were always banging on about scroungers on the dole etc.
    I don’t doubt that he had, personally , voted Tory ,so I didn’t hold back. Of course, his preferred explanation was that “the immigrants” were getting all the Benefits etc.
    So I asked why this could be the case as the Tories had been in power for the last ten years (and for many of the years before that) so how come this might be an explanation now.
    I think I did rather well as the subject changed.
    You don’t have to rage at people , waving an accusatory finger.

    Didn’t that American TV detective, Columbo, have a similar , quizzical style, appearing unaware of events and wanting to be “helped” by the perpetrator to explain the unjustifiable?

  4. Hecuba June 17, 2020 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Indeed the hypocrisy of the fascist tories whining they need foreign workers to come to the UK in order to pick this year’s fruit crops! Fascist tories constantly claimed they would rid little england of all those nasty migrants but turn and turn again fascist tories when they need ‘the nasty migrants’ suddenly they are seeking their help.

    Likewise why should impoverished female and male children be given free meals during the holidays given the fascist tories constantly claim ‘the mother scroungers are responsible for ensuring their children have meals not our fascist tory government!’

    And the fascist tories haven’t yet succeeded in ensuring majority of women and men living in England have contracted coronavirus which violates their mandate! ‘Herd immunity is the only way to deal with this fake pandemic said the fascist tories!

    Gee tory voters – you certainly chose the wrong party – one which turns and turns and turns on its promises!

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