Tory back to work plan may endanger millions of people with disabilities

Bearing in mind that two-thirds of all the people who died of Covid-19 had disabilities, I reckon they know what they’re talking about when they say Boris Johnson’s latest plan puts them in danger.

But then, killing people with disabilities was the plan, wasn’t it?

So shielding – where people with serious illnesses or disabilities are given extra help to stay isolated from the rest of the population – is going to end on August 1, meaning many more of these people may be exposed to the virus.

And with their illnesses, exposure may be fatal.

Scope’s James Taylor explains it in the BBC news piece:

“Millions of disabled people at greater risk of coronavirus feel their fears are not being taken into account.

“Disabled people must be able to have flexibility about returning to their workplace.”

He criticised the government’s advice that decisions about going back to workplaces should be made my employers, saying it will “create inconsistency”.

He added that it also “does little to reassure those disabled people who fear being forced to choose between protecting their health and paying the bills”.

A Scope survey of 1,115 people with a disability or other health condition found half of those that responded feel anxious about shielding being paused.

Of those surveyed, 67 per cent think the government’s plans for easing lockdown did not take their needs into consideration, while 59 per cent said they are concerned about feeling forgotten by the government.

Moreover, 41 per cent think life will be worse for disabled people after the pandemic.

That’s if they survive the pandemic, of course!

It seems – despite a few mealy-mouthed words of comfort, the Tory government is still trying to eliminate the so-called “useless eaters”.

Source: Back to work advice ‘alarm bells’ for disabled people – BBC News

2 thoughts on “Tory back to work plan may endanger millions of people with disabilities

  1. Alice Scarlett

    This Government avoids all responsibility. Their record on disability rights is appalling. Human rights even. There is no support for individuals with a disability because they judge everything on the basis of economics and productivity
    If we believed that all persons had the blueprint of a creator God and therefore were valued and believed because of that all would be safer

  2. Tamarac Rehab

    This is so horrible. People with disabilities are at high risk, but when making any decisions on easing quarantine, the government does not think about it. Now everyone will take to the streets who are not lazy, without masks and will feel calm, but what then should people with disabilities do? Sitting at home in captivity is not an option. The government does not pay enough attention to people with increased needs.

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