Rayner defies EHRC by threatening to suspend ‘thousands’ of Labour members

Angela Rayner (here with her boss Keir Starmer): hypocrites – and very possibly anti-Semites without acknowledging it.

Note to Sienna Rodgers at LabourList: the headline on your report is wrong. It should have read Angela Rayner is a big ol’ hypocrite.

In the article, Rayner states that the findings of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party are not open to debate:

There’s no debating what the EHRC said.

LabourList also reported another statement she made to the Jewish Labour Movement’s conference – insultingly held on the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians – that she and Keir Starmer attended rather than support the Palestine solidarity event:

If I have to suspend thousands and thousands of members, we will do that.

The two comments are mutually exclusive. The report clearly states that

We have concluded that the practice of political interference was unlawful… The Labour Party should… implement clear rules and guidance that prohibit and sanction political interference in the complaints process.

Her threat to suspend thousands – a warning that the leadership is planning to purge the party of anybody who dissents against its dictatorship – is itself political interference in the process, as it is an attempt to suppress complaints by members against the actions of the leadership of which she is a member. Therefore she is not only debating the legitimacy of the EHRC’s finding; she is ignoring it altogether.

Remember that this is all about the attack on Jeremy Corbyn by Keir Starmer, party general secretary David Evans, and others at the very top of the Labour leadership including Rayner herself, despite the fact that she once said this:

She went from that position to saying that the truth is “unacceptable”:

She is a hypocrite. She has revealed her true colours. She cannot be trusted. She should be ejected from her position of power.

This will be hard because the Labour Party leadership has a well-known track record of rejecting any complaints against its own members and friends, no matter how well-justified they may be.

But we have all seen this behaviour and we are talking about it:

And organisations that formerly wanted Rayner’s support and endorsement are now rejecting her. To be honest, I don’t know if the following tweet was connected with what she said on LabourList, but I anticipate that this is the soft footfall that precedes a stampede:

Oh, and by the way, Labour is not completely irredeemable. Members across the UK did come out in support of Palestine, unlike their treacherous leader and deputy leader. Here’s a tweet from Wales:

Let’s remember that Rayner – and her vile boss Starmer – are saying that they are taking all this action against the good members of their own party because of hurt, harm and injury done to Jewish people in the UK.

What about the harm done to Jewish people who agree with the viewpoint Rayner, Starmer and the others are attacking?

That’s right. These Jews feel that Rayner, Starmer and the others are attacking them. And Rayner, Starmer et al treat them as though they don’t even exist.

Isn’t that attitude a little… you know… anti-Semitic?

Finally, Labour’s deplorable leaders need to acknowledge that this confrontation between them and party members arose because the EHRC found that the leadership had been interfering in investigations of anti-Semitism complaints in order to make it seem that there were more anti-Semites in the party than was the case.

A court found only last week that the process of investigating accusations against This Writer – me, Mike Sivier – was perverted in order to produce a false finding against me.

Labour failed to follow its own investigation procedure. It did not adequately inform me of the nature of the allegations against me (in fact, the party changed those claims as it went on, in order to ‘fix’ the result), and a party officer leaked false claims about me – including a lie that I was a Holocaust denier – to The Sunday Times (which subsequently had to publish a lengthy correction).

And I’m not the only one who has suffered this treatment. The EHRC report found that, of the investigations it examined, no fewer than 60 per cent suffered from bias calculated to discriminate against the respondent – against the person accused of anti-Semitism.

Where are the apologies for lying and smearing us? I still receive abusive messages accusing me of anti-Semitism, even now. It may be that I will continue receiving them for the rest of my life. The Labour Party is to blame for that. Where is the contrition? Where is the apology for that?

7 thoughts on “Rayner defies EHRC by threatening to suspend ‘thousands’ of Labour members

  1. gfranklinpercival

    I find Ms Rayner’s ‘I/we’ confusion to be compelling proof of her unfitness to serve us, whether as an MP or anything else.

  2. Lou Nayman

    Good riddance. Corbyn and his comrades get into bed with racist homophobic misogynistic baby-killer Hamas & Hezbollah, then bitch and moan when called to account. Screw them, the Falangists of the left.

    1. Jeffrey Davies

      Lou I must be in another planet your words against a man of principles you believe the crap stammer the spammer and his cohorts call real labour people’s it’s unbelievable I had hoped for better world for my children but with people like you I’m believing that only crap will come out of the joking labour party with stammer the spammer

  3. johnplatinumgoss

    Tony Blair paved the way for the likes of Starmer and Rayner with New Labour (a second establishment party). What opposition is Starmer to the Tories? None whatsoever. What has he had to say about this Coronavirus nonsense? He’s gone along with it.

    We need Old Labour back – the party we had before these thieves stole it from us,

    1. R Mitchell

      Both Rayner and Starmer need to have respect for the right of members to voice their opinions or face being voted out of the party at the first possible opportunity.

  4. Vanda

    Corbyn gave Rayner and Starmer a position on his shadow front bench. This is how they repay him. Politics is indeed a dirty game isn’t it? That these two inveterate liars could lock themselves in a room and conspire to muddy the name of a thoroughly decent man by suspending him is ok with them?

    They know darn well Corbyn is no racist, he’s the most decent man in politics today. His only crime was to speak up for the Palestinian people, something that lot, as MPs, should all be doing. But they won’t, because they’re all petrified of offending Israel and its criminal, racist, apartheid regime which murders women and children.

    Shame on them all. They forget their roots, and the sense of moral righteousness which makes great politicians such as Corbyn. Where is their sympathy towards the Palestinian people, and the atrocities committed daily against them by Israel? They are zionists, and I will have no truck with that.

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