Matt Hancock’s amateur theatrics mock the commencement of Covid vaccinations

Matt Hancock: this would have been a more honest reaction to a working-class person getting the Covid vaccination.

If you’ve never agreed with Kerry-Anne Mendoza before, you may agree with this:

What an absolute disgrace.

Matt Hancock tried to pretend he was tearing up at the sight of a gentleman named William Shakespeare (no kidding; I think they must have searched him out for the photo opportunity) being among the first to get the new Covid-19 vaccination.

Instead he made it seem that he was laughing at us all.

That’s a dangerous thing for a government minister to do, after presiding over tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to poor preparation and tens of thousands more after giving away billions of pounds to fellow Conservatives who claimed they were running companies that could help but turned out to be liars in expensive suits.

Still, some of us managed to laugh at him…

Meanwhile, 616 more people were reported to have died of the virus yesterday, meaning the death rate has maintained its level of more than 600 per day, despite Hancock’s (claimed) efforts to get it down. His English lockdown achieved nothing.

The total number of cases increased by 12,282 – down slightly from 14,718 cases recorded on Monday.

The total number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus is now 62,033 (according to the new recording system. The actual number of Covid-19-related deaths is much higher).

The total number of people to test positive for the virus in the last seven days has reached 107,158.

And since the pandemic started, there have been 1,750,241 confirmed Covid-19 infections in the UK.

It has now been revealed that London emerged from Boris Johnson’s second lockdown with more Covid-19 cases than when it started, with rates still rising across three quarters of the city’s 32 boroughs in the week to 3 December.

Public Health England data shows that there were 174.1 infections per 100,000 London residents in the seven days to 3 December – up from 154.5 a week earlier.

Analysis by The Independent found this figure to be higher than dozens of areas in Tier 3, including Middlesbrough (170), Manchester (166), Nottingham (152), Leeds (150), Bristol (141) and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (128).

London is in Tier 2.

But that’s as much of an amateur theatrical show as Hancock’s fake tears.

1 thought on “Matt Hancock’s amateur theatrics mock the commencement of Covid vaccinations

  1. Stu

    These crocodile tears, all the clapping and over-hype rather than inspiring me, actually makes me deeply suspicious about the whole American style theatrics.
    It’s a very non-British way to behave and is indicative of US/Aussie influence and a cover up..

    Obvious underplaying the terrible stats doesn’t help matters – the USA is five times our size in population but their stats are proportionally much lower than ours but our right-wing media tell us that they are the ones struggling and out of control – very suspicious !

    I would be more likely to believe an apology from Josef Mengele than all of this rubbish.

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