Tory vaccinations will provide only LIMITED protection for a SHORT time

Complacent flag-waver: Dominic Raab seems to think that a display of patriotism and an inane half-grin will excuse him for leaving the UK’s population unprotected while lying to them that they’ll be safe against Covid-19.

First we were told everybody would be fully vaccinated. That didn’t last long!

It required people to receive two doses – of either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, three weeks apart.

Then the Tories sniffed a public relations opportunity and decided to go for numbers, so they said they would concentrate on getting the first jab into as many people as possible, meaning the second would have to be delayed until three months later.

Pfizer has already stated that this is likely to make the vaccine ineffective, the first shot long having worn off by then.

Now it seems the Tories are not sure they can even deliver this delayed service:

Cabinet minister Dominic Raab has refused to guarantee that all people who have received a first dose of coronavirus vaccine will get a second jab within 12 weeks.

The foreign secretary was repeatedly pressed in an interview on Sky News to give a firm guarantee that supplies of the vaccines would be sufficient to deliver the second injection within the target time.

But he declined to do so, instead saying: “We absolutely are aiming for that We should be able to deliver it… We’re quietly confident”.

The meaning is clear but for those who need it spelled out, here it is:

Source: Covid vaccine: Raab refuses to guarantee everyone will receive second dose | The Independent

2 thoughts on “Tory vaccinations will provide only LIMITED protection for a SHORT time

  1. david

    and what happens if, as suggested by both sage & alternative sage, we need to have it yearly [ as we do with flu vax]?

  2. Rik

    What else would we expect from this crapp Govt .. its like well I’ve been given a really good job.. but well I don’t know effall about it but.. I’ll do it anyway…

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