Sickening hypocrisy: Johnson’s tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

The late Captain Sir Tom Moore: a better man than Boris Johnson.

I didn’t take part in the national hysteria over Captain Tom Moore’s NHS fundraising, extraordinary though it was.

The health service had been put in an impossible position by the Conservative government of the day, and it seemed to me that this act of criminal negligence (it has cost more than 100,000 lives so far, no matter how you fiddle the numbers) was being compounded by unusual cruelty in forcing a 99-year-old man to do laps of his garden in order to make up the shortfall.

And what has been done with the £33 million that he raised, by the way? Does anybody know?

The event as a whole seemed to be nothing but a distraction from the abominable mess that Boris Johnson and his forerunners had created.

It strikes me as a tragic irony that Captain Sir Tom Moore should now have passed away having contracted the disease against which he had raised so much money to protect people.

And then Boris Johnson, the incompetent poser whose deliberate inaction put this centenarian ex-serviceman to so much more trouble for his country, had the nerve to record a video paying tribute to him.

If the prime monkey had admitted that it was due to his own failures that Captain Sir Tom had been put to so much trouble; if he had agreed that his government had been forced to rely on a solitary member of the social group most threatened by the pandemic because of his short-sighted selfishness, then he might have vindicated himself, if only slightly.

But he didn’t. He tried to use a great man’s death for his own gain.

That isn’t a tribute.

It’s an insult.

Source: Captain Sir Tom Moore: ‘National inspiration’ dies with Covid-19 – BBC News

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  1. Hecuba February 4, 2021 at 10:21 am - Reply

    Little fascist dictator dick johnson is not only a hypocrite – he is also a crook and fraudster! Why he hasn’t been charged with embezzling our public funds I don’t know – except I do – he is a fake prime minister and hence he is as he himself said ‘I can do whatever I wish whenever I wish!’

    Fascist dick johnson having the audacity to clap for the late Captain Sir Tom is an insult to all us peasants! How dare he stand outside his residence with a smug face and clap! Fascist dick johnson and his male fascist tory cronies are responsible for over 100,200 women and men dying from the coronavirus and he continues to deny his accountability!

    Captain Sir Tom shouldn’t have been forced to walk all those miles in an attempt to fund the NHS and yes I want to know where all that money has gone. Into the pockets of greedy fascist tories no doubt who in turn have handed this money over to their private corporate medical companies! We peasants will see nothing of this money!

    Furthermore Captain Sir Tom contracted the coronavirus after he had been given the first vaccination which means just giving one vaccination jab to us peasants does not prevent us contracting the coronavirus but the fascist tories have censored this fact! Sky news reported this fact and then the report was swiftly edited to remove this statement! Still think we aren’t being ruled by fascists?

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