ANYBODY could have predicted that Dido Harding would be wrong on Covid-19 mutation. Here are some of the funniest responses

Useless: Tory money pit and expertise vacuum Dido Harding.

Brace yourself because this is a doozy: Dido Harding, the wife of the Tory anti-corruption minister who was corruptly appointed to head the government’s Covid-19 test and trace organisation has just explained exactly why she should never have been allowed anywhere near it.

In front of a Commons select committee, she said, “Nobody could have predicted that the virus would mutate.”

This is a fact that is taught to seven-year-old children:

Doctors and scientists have been tracking Covid-19 variations since last spring – before Harding was appointed to run Test and Trace:

Her comment has created a torrent of hilarity:

This one is particularly pertinent:

And of course there is only one conclusion to be drawn:

She won’t because she doesn’t have to. No Tory ministers have been harmed by her stupidity.

Although, considering their own mentality, would they even understand it if they were?

But you and I need to know that imbeciles like this are responsible for our Covid-19 response and that is why the UK is the laughing stock of the world.

6 thoughts on “ANYBODY could have predicted that Dido Harding would be wrong on Covid-19 mutation. Here are some of the funniest responses

  1. 6033624

    I’m genuinely not sure which is worse; is she stupid enough not to know this? Or, is she lying but stupid enough to believe that we will accept this is something we couldn’t have predicted?

    Either way it insults the intelligence of the entire country. If even I know this, not being a scientific person, then it must be a widely known fact. She is truly ‘an idiot’s idiot’

  2. nivekd

    Anybody could have predicted that Fido would fall at the first fence. Nobody could have predicted that she would continue the chase and fall at every subsequent fence. Will she have to be put down? Stewards’ Enquiry!

  3. Hecuba

    Fascist tory ministers believe the same as Dido Harding – ‘we didn’t know coronavirus mutates!’ In fact little fascist dick johnson has said the same thing – he’s claimed ‘we didn’t know the virus would mutate!’ But then none of the crooked, corrupt and callous stupid fascist tories know any basic science or anything else for that matter!

    I correct myself – all the fascist tories know is how to steal our public money and then claim ‘wah we did everything we could so not our problem guv that we are a bunch of corrupt crooks!

  4. Zippi

    She actually said that? She actually said that? we were told, back in March, how stable this virus was and that it wouldn’t mutate as frequently as other coronaviruses, which enabled scientists to keep tabs on it. how is she the only person, seemingly in the world, not to know? To quote Peter Hichens, did she have to pass a stupidity exam in order to acquire her position? What are her qualifications, exactly?
    Did she really say that? Seriously?

  5. sandra jutzet

    we should have given the money to a seven year old child instead,maybe the death rate might not been as high .I think the tories have done more damage with the virus ,then the virus itself

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