Labour courts celebrities after flag-shagging failure

After last week’s farcical attempt to attract knuckle-scraping nationalists by having flags hanging behind them wherever they go, Labour’s leaders have found another way to distract from the fact that they have no policies distinct from the Tories.

Keir Starmer was instantly denounced as a “flag-shagger” after details of a Labour Party briefing urging representatives to wear suits and be seen with the Union Flag were leaked to the public.

I don’t know the origin of the phrase. I wonder whether it has something to do with politicians who have their wives standing behind them when they make a speech (Donald Trump comes to mind).

Now consider this:

(I know, it’s from The Times, which is not considered a bastion of the left-wing press.)

“Labour tells MPs to woo stars and influencers ahead of local elections” the headline proclaims.

And the picture caption adds: “Labour has previously won endorsements from music and film stars such as the actor Martin Freeman, the singer Dua Lipa and the rapper Stormzy.”

I don’t know what you think, but This Writer can’t see any of the three stars named there being particularly keen for Starmer to shag them – even if only figuratively.

Facebook has been a goldmine of comments on this. For instance: “I’m wondering which celebrities will come forward to endorse Keir Starmer. All the celebs who endorsed Jeremy Corbyn will understandably still feel a bit sore after the PLP turned cannibal on its own members. Robert Webb and Hal Cruttenden (who he?) tore up their membership cards.”

This is true, and it means that Labour would probably have to offer something to any “name” before getting their endorsement.

In other words (and this is from another Facebook comment): “‘We want you to whore out and whore out hard! You saw what Miliband did with Russell Brand? Yeah. That!'”

No political party should ever put itself in a position where it is comparable with a prostitute – selling itself for short-term gain.

Think about it. What message does that send out to the public?

It says Labour is available for hire and will do what it is told. It doesn’t stand for anything and certainly won’t represent the best interests of anybody but Keir Starmer and his cronies.



3 thoughts on “Labour courts celebrities after flag-shagging failure

  1. Jon Lisle-Summers

    Sometimes they drape flags over coffins. In hope, but against experience, perhaps the corpse within is Starmer’s political future. I fear that the actual corpse is the entire Labour Party,

  2. J Edington

    “urging representatives to wear suits and be seen with the Union Flag”

    I have a bit of an eyesight problem, due to a partial hole in a retina. When I first read this the other day, I thought he was attempting to make all his MPs wear union jack suits, like that of Scotland’s only Labour MP, Ian Murray.

  3. Jed Bland

    JUst needs to be credible enough, with people having to tactically vote under FPTP, to keep the field clear for the Tories, No responsibility in opposition. Sit back and enjoy the perks if you wish. No wonder Starmer’s not interested in rocking the boat. He is paid not to
    In 2015 they thought Corbyn was a nice old duffer who wouldnt stir things up. Not going to make the mistake again.

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