Covid-19 – don’t be fooled: 15 million ‘first jabs’ do not mean 15 million people have been vaccinated

The disinformation is strong in the government’s story.

The Tory government has been making a huge song and dance about having vaccinated a quarter of the UK’s population against Covid-19 – even though they haven’t.

They had an opportunity to vaccinate large numbers of the population – but with both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, that would involve giving people two injections, with the second preferably happening after a three-week interval.

That hasn’t happened. Instead – in an attempt to grab headlines by publicising a large number of people getting the vaccine – the Tories ruled that nobody would receive their second jab earlier than 12 weeks after the first.

(That’s nobody apart from super-rich people like Boris Johnson’s father Stanley who could afford to pay for it, of course).

By then, the effects of the first injection are likely to have worn off.

The 15 million people mentioned in the headline are, in fact, unlikely to have any protection at all.

Still, it’s nice that they think they’re protected, isn’t it?

I wonder what will happen if (when?) somebody who’s had the injection then contracts the disease, or even – God forbid! – dies of it.

Who will Johnson try to blame then?

I’m not saying this will definitely happen.

But by ignoring scientific advice – from the manufacturers of these vaccines, for crying out loud! – Johnson and his government have made it much more likely.

Source: Covid: UK vaccinates 15 million people | The Independent

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15 thoughts on “Covid-19 – don’t be fooled: 15 million ‘first jabs’ do not mean 15 million people have been vaccinated

  1. Giritharan Arulampalam

    This is why I come here. I come here for the truth. Under this Tory regime one cannot freely comment on “C” issue. People are cut off.

    1. Rupert Mitchell

      The truth is that you are NOT vaccinated until you have had the second injection of the vaccine and that especially goes for the Pfizer vaccine as Pfizer have continuously stated that the second jab should be given three weeks after the first; NOT three months as pushed by Boris Johnson.

    2. Rupert Mitchell

      The truth is that you are NOT vaccinated until you have had the second injection of the vaccine and that especially goes for the Pfizer vaccine as Pfizer have continuously stated that the second jab should be given three weeks after the first; NOT three months as pushed by Boris Johnson.

  2. Hecuba

    Fascist tories have done excellent work in selling a lie to us stupid peasants! The facts are fascist tories have not succeeded in having 15 million women and men vaccinated! All that has happened is the first injection has been given and after four weeks it becomes useless!!

    The scientists at Pfizer have said over and over and over countless times – in order for the vaccinations to work it is essential two injections are given within four weeks – NOT 12 WEEKS PLUS as claimed by the fascist tories!

    There is no evidence that delaying the second vaccination will not detrimentally impact any protection afforded by the first one which in reality only provides approximately 60-65% and the second injection is the one which ensures real protection!

    One wonders why concerning other vaccinations the provider tells the patient – it is essential you return after 4 weeks in order to have your second vaccination otherwise you will not be protected!

    I didn’t realise the fascist tories are scientists and have decades of working in the field of research concerning vaccinations!!

    I predict when women and men contract the coronavirus – and it is already happening – after having had the first injection – the fascist tories will claim ‘just another isolated incident; the person(s) had underlining health problems; they did not obey the rules;’ and ‘wah we fascist tories did everything we could so we aren’t responsible guv!’

    False sense of security being promoted by the criminal crooked gang of fascist tories under their corrupt leader little fascist dictator dick johnson!

  3. disabledgrandad

    Ahhh Tory scum Lies and deceptions how only giving one dose of vaccine when it takes 2 f’ing around waiting up to 12 weeks for the second WTF when the makers say no more than 6 so this might be all worthless.

    No one knows because all we get is Tory lies and so-called medical experts just shut up and allow these scum to lie and deceive rather than do their dam jobs and call them on their lies! So NO YOU HAVE NOT VACCINATED 15 MILLION you have done half of the job see words matter. Plus never believe Tory lies…

  4. corneleus51

    I cannot understand why people still think of the right wing Politico’s as the “Good Guys!” I am in my late 70’s and, as yet, I have not seen anything from them that is to the benefit of the majority of the everyday people. Why then, do we see the selfish still in power?

  5. Wirral In It Together

    Nobody has been vaccinated. This is experimental gene therapy masquerading as ”vaccinations”. The slightest bit of endeavour will confirm this if you know where to look online. It’s laziness of the highest order to idly share and reshare this government / Big Pharma endorsed quackery without question. Okay, it’s over a year now and this is getting tiresome, but everyone needs to sharpen up, arm yourselves with the facts, but most importantly, get up off your knees.

  6. Grey Swans

    The real test is the island of Ireland, where Eire (southern Ireland) focus is getting the 2 jabs the right weeks apart, to each person vaccinated.

    Ulster, on the other hand, is within the lie that the public have swallowed, that the 1st jab releases us to end lockdown, with opening schools maybe in March and the economy by Easter in April.

    The 1st jab runs out in 21 to 28 days (3 to 4 weeks) depended on the vaccine brand. But the clinical trials are for vaccination to be 2 jabs, for the full efficacy.

    So by the May local elections, the contagion will have soared.

    So you will have Eire with a vaccinated population, and Ulster with Covid19 got beyond vaccines.

    The public in UK being desperate for lockdown to end, as businesses crash and redundancies soar away. None of this would be so dire, if the Tory welfare state was not as fatal as the workhouse system.

    If the private welfare admin firms were all gone, the Jobcentres shut down, the unemployment benefit just the same signing on every 2 weeks and nothing else as in the past, and chronic sick / disability benefits back to Life Awards from the original doctor’s diagnosis.

    Wages were fully furloughed and not only 80 per cent.

    Evictions stopped.

    And the small businesses supported the same as the huge outlay to big firms, just to keep rich shareholders wealthy.

    But then the Tory, Lib Dems and Labour parties would have ceased to exist, to bring any of that about.

  7. Jon Joseph

    Funny that you don’t allow any contrarian posts? The article you have written is so full of inaccuracies that I don’t know quite where to start. Well for 1 — if you exclude people who caught COID in the 1st 2 weeks after Pfizer jab. The efficacy after 3 weeks is closer to 83%.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m not sure what point this person is making. If people catch Covid-19 after having a supposedly immunising vaccine, then it can’t be effective at all.

      1. Jon Joseph

        Well, then you clearly do not understand what 90% effective means (which is c. the best claimed for Pfizer after 2 doses). It means that 1 in 10 people may catch C19 after immunisation – so I don’t understand your comment about “it can’t be effective at all”. The point I am making is simply that it would appear that the Pfizer vaccine is pretty effective after 1 dose, and the latest stats from the ZOE study are indicating pretty good efficacy after 6 weeks (I think about 70% and that allowing for the UK variant – which the original trials were not on).

        The key point is that in terms of the greater good for the greatest number of people, then the strategy being pursued is very likely to be a very sensible one. I’m not a statistician, but I can see that getting 50-60% of the population c. 70% protected is better than getting 25-30% 80-90% protected.

        And just to make it clear — no I do not believe that the 1st jab should be used as a rationale to come out of lockdown early than would be indicated by the general infection rate.

  8. Jon Joseph

    Did you ever consider that the reason Pfizer might be recommending 3 weeks is purely commercial ???

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