#BristolRiot – after police retract serious injury claims, will Ian Austin please give back his peerage? [WARNING: VIDEO OF EXTREME POLICE VIOLENCE]

Bristol riot: there seem to be a huge number of images showing the police attacking members of the public – and none at all of police being on the receiving end. Just why were they on the streets with their batons, their dogs and their horses?

Isn’t it curious that, days after making a big song and dance about police suffering broken bones and a punctured lung at the Bristol riot (that they may have caused), the claims were retracted days later?

Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Andy Marsh admitted in a press conference that no officer of his had suffered a punctured lung.

And the force’s publicity department admitted that neither of the officers taken to hospital actually turned out to have broken bones.

The damage had been done, though – the public outraged at this apparent thuggery by people who had congregated in Bristol to protest against police mistreatment of women.

How will the police take back this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or – especially – this?

And, having consideration of all the above, shouldn’t Lord Ian Austin reconsider his position in public life, hand back his peerage, and go home to spend more time with his prejudices?

Just look at the state of this:

Austin, formerly a Labour MP, was ennobled by Boris Johnson to sit as a non-affiliated peer after he quit the party as led by Jeremy Corbyn, claiming that it had a “culture of extremism, anti-Semitism and intolerance”.

Strange. He seems to be both extreme and intolerant. If Labour under Corbyn really had been like that, he should have fitted right in.

Current evidence shows the police inflicting extreme violence on people – many of whom were sitting down and/or offering no resistance, while suffering very few injuries themselves (and how many were self-inflicted or accidental?).

Austin has indicated that he supports this brand of extreme violent activity against people who are defenceless.

That is unacceptable in a public representative.

Ah, but we live in an unaccountable dictatorship, don’t we? He’ll ignore all his critics and continue with his offensive ways.

Source: Police retract claims that officers suffered broken bones at Bristol protest

5 thoughts on “#BristolRiot – after police retract serious injury claims, will Ian Austin please give back his peerage? [WARNING: VIDEO OF EXTREME POLICE VIOLENCE]

  1. disabledgrandad

    A vile display of thuggery to protect the Tory scum and to send a message don’t try and complain about us!

    The police can do what they like they then lie and deceive with the help of the MSM to gaslight us into believing they’re the injured party in the face of extreme violence from protestors…?

    Total BS! So when the police are appealing for help remember the images of them baton charging protestors, using horses and dogs etc then ask do you really wish to assist them?

  2. Stu

    What springs to mind is “The battle of the beanfield” incident in 1985 during Thatcher’s years (The Levellers do a good song about it) as well as during the miners strikes
    We thought that we had put incidents like this behind us but nearly 40 years later……

  3. Hecuba

    So Manchester police boy thugs have now joined their Somerset and Avon boy police thugs by inflicting systemic male violence on peaceful protestors!!

    Still waiting for the boy police chief of Somerset and Avon to be charged with lying because he falsely claimed 40 of his boy police thugs had been injured!!! Police boys are supposed to be ethical and trustworthy but obviously that has disappeared under the fascist tory dictatorship!

    Also boy police thugs using the sides of their shields to deliberately inflict severe injuries on peaceful protestors is illegal but the boys know fascist tories will protect them and ensure they aren’t charged with male violence!

    Guardian late as usual ‘to the party’ because Avon & Somerset police boy thugs had inflicted their male violence on peaceful protestors over a week ago!


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t think it’s right for you to say 40 Avon & Somerset policemen weren’t injured. The question is how those injuries happened. The Chief Constable was certainly wrong to say that anybody had broken bones or very serious injuries and he had to retract and apologise.

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