Tory tone-policing: THEY should modify THEIR tone before talking down about racism to people of colour

Proud of herself: Helen Whately thought it was really clever of her to belittle a Parliamentary colleague because they happened to be a person of colour who didn’t go to a public school like her.

These Tory MPs really are up themselves, aren’t they?

They seem to think that their 80+ seat majority in Parliament means they can patronise the plebs on the opposite benches.

Stupidly, they think this includes tone-policing people of colour about racism.

Take a look at the video here and the comments attached:

(How sad that it was left to a minority political organisation – the Breakthrough Party – to stand up for Labour MPs who were being attacked for not being white public school alumni.)

Most recent offender was Tory talk droid Helen Whately, whose performances indicate that she is programmed with all her responses before being wheeled out to regurgitate them in public at the House of Commons or on TV.

This would explain her failure to announce the NHS three per cent pay deal (she wasn’t programmed to mention it) but not her treatment of Dr Rosena Allin-Khan when that MP challenged her:

People are angry:

It’s entirely possible that the Muslims who have become dispossessed – after Keir Starmer turned Labour into a haven for Islamophobes – will now think again before traipsing across to the Tories.

And not just Muslims:

Here’s the thing, though: being offended won’t achieve anything. People need to take action. So I have a proposal:

Pre-emptive strikes.

It’s too late for the current session but when Parliament returns in the autumn, every Opposition MP (of whichever party) should append their questions or speeches with the words: “The minister is reminded to moderate [his/her] tone to ensure that it is acceptable.

They should all do this, all the time – especially during Prime Minister’s Questions.

And they should only relent when a government spokesperson stands up, apologises for the behaviour of ministers like Whately, and promises that they will not try to belittle their Parliamentary colleagues in such a childish way again.

It won’t happen and I don’t know why. Presumably Opposition MPs are masochists?

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  1. Zippi July 23, 2021 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    This argument makes my head ache. The narrative is being carried by people who are not affected by it and I’m rather sick of us, when explaining what our life is like, being told that we’re wrong. Sadly, everybody’s focusing on the wrong things, as usual. If you want to kill a snake, cut off its head!

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