Covid-19: Boris Johnson is happy if 50,000 of you die every year. He likes money more

Boris Johnson reckons the cost of saving up to 50,000 lives a year from Covid-19 is too high, according to leaked information from Downing Street.

It seems he would rather put you all back to work, slaving to keep the economy generating money for him and his Tory Party donors while the bodies pile high – remember what he (allegedly) said last autumn?

And if you die – so what? You’re not him so he doesn’t care.

Apparently the threshold at which he’ll start to consider re-imposing measures to restrict the spread of the virus is 50,000 lives a year. That’s more than 1,000 a week or around 137 every day.

The Prime Minister is minded to implement another lockdown or new restrictions only if the figure of annual deaths looks like it’s going to go above 50,000. That means deaths from Covid of 137 a day, or just under 1,000 a week.

It’s the equivalent of three or four major aeroplane crashes every week – but they would make news headlines and these deaths probably won’t.

And here’s a funny thing. 137 deaths per day? We’re already very close to that – and the schools in England haven’t reopened for the autumn term yet.

Ah, but it seems the level of deaths would have to be sustained for two or three weeks…

“A sustained rate of death of around a 1,000 a week for two or three weeks will, though, lead to discussion on restrictions being reimposed. Unfortunately, prime ministers have to weigh up the cost of saving lives to the impact on the economy. No one wants to talk about that’s how it works.”

… and at the moment the media are all far too busy pointing our attention towards disasters in other countries to bother reminding us of the disaster that Boris Johnson is planning to inflict on us right here in the UK.

This Writer reckons we’ll hit Johnson’s threshold for new restrictions by the third or fourth week in September.

But I’m willing to bet he’ll do nothing about it, even then.

I’ll be happy to be mistaken. But I don’t think I am.

4 thoughts on “Covid-19: Boris Johnson is happy if 50,000 of you die every year. He likes money more

  1. Roger Gough

    Let those that want to work, work. Those that don’t want to, put your mask on, wash hands 10 times a day and don’t go out. Get your groceries delivered. When the virus has cleared from the earth, as the pandemic did in the early 20s – it was only killing people for 21 months – feel free to come and join us.

  2. Hecuba

    The number of women and men continuing to die each day from coronavirus continues to increase dramatically but little fascist dictator duck johnson doesn’t care! The pandemic continues to surge and wait until middle of September because I predict the number of deaths will be huge due to re-opening of schools and universities!

    But hey little fascist dictator duck johnson doesn’t care – all the money being saved by these poor women and men dying will be stolen by the fascist tories and used to increase their bloated wealth!

    Remember the fascist tory dictatorship is only concerned with increasing their wealth – they don’t believe government exists to protect and ensure the health and well being of us peasants – no this dictatorship is only concerned with having limitless money to give to their fascist greedy crooked bros!

  3. teessidevoice

    People with your attitude Gough, make me physically sick. I hope someone who has lost a loved one from Covid comes across you and gives you the rollicking of your arrogant lifetime.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Friendly reminder: commenters here should address the issues raised, not make personal comments about other commenters. If you have a problem with another person’s comment, answer what they said, rather than attacking them. Put simply: play the ball, not the other person.

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